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  1. And now for an event that's more distant from Kerbol than the Eve anomaly is; I think this is the largest planetary base I've ever landed in KSP, so no wonder Valentina is smiling:
  2. My engineers have discovered that Vector engines and some other parts are *waaaay* more durable than expected. Or that their world is a simulation with some really weird glitches. The hint? Observe the photo of the remains of the first *ascent* stage of my latest Eve lander. The pilot - scientist, really - is now safely in orbit, awaiting a transfer window back home, and the currently unkerbaled science station I've left on the surface works just fine, but I've discovered some weird debris nearby and checked. The stage fell more a kilometer under Eve gravity with no parachute and this muc
  3. I was *almost* sure I had... But I was *still* kinda worried I should have noticed how old the thread was.
  4. Not enough fog, not enough explosions, no loss of video signal, overall realism 1/10
  5. Subassemblies. Okay, I've used the function, but it was like half a dozen times total during all my time playing KSP.
  6. Don't know, wasn't playing KSP five years ago and that transfer window to Duna is only the second one in my current save so I have no idea what she was doing before my space program began either. I simply noticed the thread when I was kinda grumpy about not having anything meaningful to do until that transfer window and I *didn't* notice posting here constitutes courting necromancy.
  7. I feel like the recovery factor is mostly there to give players an excuse to try to land somewhere near-ish the KSC. As mentioned here before, it is often a more efficient use of players' time to not recover boosters and just launch more missions. Recovery transponder fitting always seemed like a pointless option to me, because players who are likely to recover a lot of craft are also likely able to land them close to KSC. I'll admit I have landed boosters too, both full SSTOs and designs that employ throwaway SRB kickers. But that's mostly to see if I can or for roleplay purposes,
  8. Mine is getting ready for a Duna mission, or hanging out at the Astronaut Komplex, sometimes murmuring about the next planned mission likely being a boring one and other times complaining about being stuck dirtside while waiting for the next transfer window. Yep, I'm willing to let the Magnificient Four fly boring missions too. But there's already a kerballed research station around Duna, with an ISRU SSTO for trips to the surface and back docked to that station, so even if the large-ish colony module she's planning to land runs into some trouble, she should be ready to punch out and wait
  9. Yes, you have a point about transfer windows no longer being relevant. However, thansfer times might still be, unless the tech can do away with some extra gees. And even then, even straight-line Kerbin-Jool transfer might take many hours and, in addition to this not being commute-friendly, the system will consume way more energy per trip than a Kerbin-Duna trip would.
  10. My guess is he didn't, and that's why Dres is where it is. Okay, I've been there a few times. I think I've visited in pretty much any career I've spent some time on. It was mostly because it is a freak*ng planet, so it makes no sense to ingore it "story-wise", but those visits are kinda boring and feel pointless. It has no atmosphere and is further out than Duna or Gilly, so very little mid-game appeal. Easier to get to than Eeloo or Moho, so little sense of accomplishment. No Easter eggs to speak of, so no reason for such visits either. Orbit way more inclined than Duna and Jool, so tra
  11. Picked up a rescue contract, got a hold of the target capsule, had to save and exit. Came back to play a few days later, forgot I didn't transfer the rescuee, deorbitted the wreckage, pushed the rescue vessel back into orbit, switched vessels. Didn't even notice I'm missing a kerbal and was surprised to see a dead one listed in my kerbonaut center some time later.
  12. What you should be able to do is download the 1.7.3 version and the patches from 1.7.3 to 1.8 and from 1.8 to 1.8.1, at leat I've been able to do that IIRC some two weeks ago.
  13. To be honest, the craft does have some issues. The jet-assisted car in one of the garrages keels over in water, the VTOL in the other garrage handles like cr*p and doesn't have much range, the fairings which used to be around the larger cars broke one of the solar panels during the landing... But I likely won't have time to redesign it and fly the mission again before the end of the month, so I'm happy with it working as it does.
  14. Finally landed the Laythe base I've built after watching Stratzenblitz's video on Arrakeen City:
  15. Besides serious stuff like getting the science data from my Duna lab that gave me enough science to be able to set up a patents licensing strategy that would convert all my future science into funds? I was goofing around with an open-top minijet. And be honest here - how many of you here have never had a plane climb *up* towards the KSC runway?
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