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  1. I am aware of the rules I made. You found a loophole an exploited it. I know some challenge moderators want players to find loopholes. I am not looking for loopholes, I’m looking for efficiency. I am not upset with you or anyone, I’m just refining the language to keep everyone within the spirit of the challenge.
  2. Proving that bigger is better I put 30 units of fuel in a 59,094kg airplane and hucked it over to the island. #2 score is 0.00050.
  3. Congratulations everyone for your entries today! Due to the close race, please include 5 decimal places in #2 scores. Congratulations to @OHara for holding the current top score in both leaderboards. Let's try to match min with a jet, if more people start entering prop planes and widening the gap, I'll create another leaderboard for them. I am surprised by this efficiency. Good work. @swjr-swis, great run and great plane. Unfortunately, it does not qualify for #2 because of dropping its landing gear. @camacju, I like the "outside the box" thinking but your kerbal does not rem
  4. I have found jets to always been more efficient than props in KSP. I'd be interested to see someone prove me wrong. Also, I am glad you went for a heavy plane. Theoretically the most efficient plane for leaderboard 2 should be enormous. Now, I get to try again...
  5. Alright, For some competition, I did a run. It uses 2.2 units of fuel and weighs 1546kg. That's a leaderboeard 2 score of 0.0014.
  6. Alrighty @camacju; As you know, your first submission is disqualified due to the Command Chair. Your second entry is great. It earns 5.4 on the first leaderboard. Remember Scoring rule 1. All fuel you take with you counts. It earns 0.0048 on the second leaderboard.
  7. Sure. If they unbalance the score then I'll give them their own leaderboard.
  8. I enjoyed @Klapaucius's Inefficient Airplane Challenge but it made me feel dirty. So I've turned it upside down. Get from the runway to the Island airfield burning as little fuel as possible. There will be two leaderboards. 1. Overall Fuel Used. 2. Fuel Used / Take Off Mass. Scoring 1. Any fuel you take with you will count as used. So only take what you need. 2. Give me a shot of your ship in the SPH or on the runway stopped with a view of the fuel on board. 3. For Leaderboard 2, I also need its mass to be in the shot. The Rules: 1. You
  9. Alright, alright, alright. No more shannannagans, just a good (crap) old fashioned prop job. No chutes, no high alpha, no silly drag. That big ass turbo shaft eats fuel. She's a big poodle that didn't want to get off the couch, but at the end of the day, she got there. She weighs 20,495kg and used 2,000 units (10,000 kg) of fuel.
  10. @Klapaucius resources. For the second run, I used 840 units, Its the two 400 unit fuel tanks plus the 40 in the static intake. On the issue of VTOL/AOA. I'm unsure of the best way to define what you want. All airplanes are going to have an angle of attack while flying. Mine is just stupid high. On the issue of VTOL... I mean... It does not have the ability to Take Off or Land Vertically... so... In defining the spirit of the challenge. You could have a rule regarding the maximum angle of thrust relative to the horizon. It seems a little forced but it would keep people from doi
  11. I bet it's possible to beat my score by around 50% with non-drunk optimization. Also, I bet the multi engine class could get silly.
  12. @QF9E You are correct, my math was wrong...as usual. @Klapaucius, you can do the math on that first effort if you want. Personally, I'd rather just submit a new run rather than do math... @Starman4308, when doing my new run I went out of my way to not take any of your tips. The gauntlet is hereby thrown down; beat me, I will congratulate you. All, I am stuck in a hotel room for a few days. I am both drunk and bored. #pilotlife.
  13. Alright, I took a quick run at this. I just put the Panther on wet mode and gave a plane enough drag to barely fly. There might be a much better solution to this... It weighs 22530 at take off and burns 9,778 units of fuel on its flight. So that score is 2.30.
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