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  1. Okay, I made a new plane and took another run at the building landings with saves. I chose to define a rooftop based on it's "level" because of @Klapaucius's definition concerning the two levels of the VAB. Basically, I needed more buildings so if it's a different level roof, I counted it as a different building... Let me know if there is some other way to get a lot of points... I landed 16 times and took off 15. I plan to add more landings but I lost track of which ones I hit and needed to stop. 93 points, I think. Here ya go!
  2. @jimmymcgoochie- First, Good job. Second, I'd love to see some video of that thing flying. I'd like to know its stall speed and how you got it out of a few of those spots. Can we haz video? If not, can we haz craft file?
  3. Alright, alright, alright, alright, I'll do it. I saved while on each rooftop so I could crash a lot and still do it all in 1 flight. My count is 41 points with this 10T bird. Also, I made a special effort to "Take a bow," as mentioned in the rules.
  4. Yeah, count me out on that. It would bee too grindy to have to start over after each crash and I don't want to go up to 1000m to save. I'll just focus on being the biggest.
  5. @Klapaucius, do the landings on several buildings all have to be done in the same flight, or can I crash a lot between each one?
  6. Boom, I had a few drinks and decided to throw down the gauntlet! 426 Tons @Klapaucius, You're welcome.
  7. Mmmmm, I've been playing MS Flight Sim for the past few weeks, but this challenge brought me out of retirement!. Here is a 100T airplane completing the challenge, twice. I don't see any reason that 500T is out of the question.
  8. So, clearly a Mun landing in early career mode is possible. Thanks to @king of nowhere for showing us how to do it within the limits that @Popestar laid out. Because this challenge seems to have come from a genuine interest in the concept of early career mode Mun landings I want to show Popestar how I got there on the 3rd launch of my career mode speed run. I upgraded buildings after my second launch so it disqualifies me from this challenge.
  9. Great job on 7 orbits! Where did you land on that last orbit? Yes, now that you have proven that ship, you can add a mothership to get it to orbit and count the 7 orbits that we already know it can do. Just show that it is full of fuel after separation.
  10. Your plan is solid as long as you enter the atmosphere at below about 2000m/s (if i recall off hand), unless you are able to create lift. A high drag/low weight craft will make it through. If you follow that line of reasoning, you eventually end up with my spaceplance. I use drag to slow down before entering the thick part of the atmosphere, but if you aren't going to use lift to compensate then your weight will need to be low.
  11. Alright then, this isn't going to be pretty...
  12. Okay, so this is actually pretty easy. It did take me several tries to hit the runway but I suppose that isn't required anyway. Really, you just need a stable airplane with big wheels to handle not flaring. I know there are also more complicated ways to accomplish the same thing. Perhaps we could have a scoring system to accommodate the harder stuff (like making it heavy).
  13. @Pds314 When you say "aircraft" do you mean airplane (or spaceplace)? Because a traditional pod w/ chute does this all the time.
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