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  1. Okay, I got it done in 23:23 with reverts/saves. I got lazy so I didn’t edit the video just sped it up to 10x .
  2. Might be fun to have two leaderboards. One for no revert/save and one with. If you added that I’d give this another go and try to get down around 30 minutes.
  3. Yeah, I tried that. The time is about 30 seconds faster and fuel burn is slightly higher. It pretty much evens out. The Whiplash can lift a bit more off the pad without needing Ox.
  4. I made a jet powered cruise missile that seats two. It is extremely efficient but not particularly fast. I forgot to take an engineer so I made the second landing without chutes. I did use them for the first landing so I didn't earn the Musk badge. That said, I did make it both ways and got crazy close to the Sniper award. Fuel cost/seat is 192. Launch cost/seat is 8,895.
  5. @Pds314 You are seeing the same issues I saw. I had close attempts with lower tech and fewer setup flights but they were unstable and unreliable.
  6. Sure, but it'll disqualify you from the sniper award.
  7. I can't leave @camacju all by himself on the leaderboard so I threw together a run with a ship I already had. It isn't optimized yet but it got the job done in 11:14 with 7 pod seats. Launch cost divided by 7 is 16,354. Fuel cost per seat is 839.
  8. I agree with all of this, though I think pure rockets may be faster. I'll make the changes. I'm also going to make it acceptable to fly the course in reverse so it is easier for people who are better at spotting KSC.
  9. Starship Intraplanetary Transport System You nerds will remember a few years ago when SpaceX announced a plan to huck a hundred customers across the world in half an hour. They said they would do it with a fully reusable VTOL ship. They haven’t done it yet: Can you? Your ship will have seats, launch vertically from KSP, and land vertically at the Desert Airfield. The ship is fully reusable, so what goes up must come down, intact. It is also acceptable to run the course in reverse. Precision will be difficult to measure, so let’s just say the Desert Airf
  10. Alright, I did it in exactly an hour. Should have been 50 minutes but I got lost in the dark so Jeb had to take a hike.
  11. Perfect. My plans for the weekend just cancelled so I plan to give this a shot. Do one yourself so I have some competition! (please)
  12. I've never been there before and I never use coordinates. What is the best way for me to find the right spot?
  13. I don't think SLS's biggest problem is it's complete lack of reusability. While that is a huge problem; remember, those SRBs were reused during the shuttle era at a cost higher than building them new. The RS-25s from the shuttle were also reused, but at horrifying refurbishment cost. I think SLS's biggest problem is the old Cost+ model which has incentivized Boeing (et al) to make it as expensive and time consuming as possible. However, even if it had been completed on time and on budget, it still would only have been a valid option for a short period of time (if at all) because of that anemia
  14. Or just forget to load most of the fuel and derp the thrust down on your engines.
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