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  1. Fortunately, there are mods that add RGB lights and LED strips for all your Rover and/or station tuning needs.
  2. Question: How do I upscale the 2.5m 6-way connector with tweakscale? I saw the 1.875 version upscaled in the gallery for the 2.0 release. So it must be possible. Tweakscale refuses to let me do it, though. Any advice? Or rather, is there some setup required for it to work? I know TweakScale disables scaling on parts where it thinks it'll break.
  3. @Nertea I have a question about the extendo-tubes. How long are they, in meters? I can just try and measure it with a bunch of tanks in different radial sizes as a makeshift ruler, but I figured you might have some exact value flying around. Reason being I want to build a custom centrifuge by essentially rotating a piece with motors and extendo-tubes acting as arms that connect to the endpieces. Since I 5 RPM is as slow as the motors'll go, I need to use a specific length to get my precious g's. Only if you've got time, of course.
  4. It helps a lot, that's what I wanted to know. Thanks! Edit: Specifically this helps me a lot when deciding which parts to use for building RL rockets: Saturn 5 --> 10 meter diameter. 10 * 0.625 = 6.25m, adjusted to 5m diameter. If I wanted to make a Falcon 9 replica, I'd use either the 2.5 or 1.875 size parts (since The F9 has a diameter of 3.6m * 0.625 sits right in the middle between 1.875 and 2.5).
  5. I've looked through posts here on the forum, on Reddit, looked at how several mods interpret the issue... What does radial size actually mean? I know that a curved panel of radial size big (2.5 m) is going to fit snugly around a 2.5 m fuselage. But does that mean the RADIUS is 2.5 meters or the DIAMETER? I know KSP size doesn't directly translate to RL size, but taking the Cupola as an example, it fits 2.5 m closest. In that case, it's diameter. But the Saturn V 1st stage had a diameter of 10m, while the KSP version has 5. Am I missing something here or is there just no "canon"?
  6. Thanks for bringing that mod to my attention. A hole has been filled in my heart. First thing Imma do at home is build a pretty new space station plus launch vehicle with aaall those pretty parts.
  7. ...you cannot fathom the catharsis. Thanks, awesome mod. And the integrated paraports are just...mwah. Chefs kiss.
  8. And once again, @Nertea delivers as he always does. Sooner or later. You've outdone yourself once again. I was positively throbbing when I saw those new parts. It's a shame they don't work fully with TAC-LS yet, but that's just a cherry on top for people who need immershun. Thanks, man. Really. I actually had given up on seeing those parts anytime soon, and then he even adds 1.875 parts - my favorite size! Just right and absolutely gorgeous. Love the more rounded, domed aesthetic you're going with for the medium 5-way connector as opposed to making them flat. The Medium station core is perfection, papa kiss. In fact, I believe the 1.875m station pieces may be my favourite out of all of them. It's just...mmh...just right.
  9. Oh. I meant in real life. May have been a bit unclear, sorry.
  10. Thanks, that's all I wanted to know! So it is possible to use airbrakes for maneuvering during descent, just not with the KSP airbrakes?
  11. Not specifically on those rockets, but yes. Of course the airbrakes would have to hug the hull much more snugly so that they cause little to no air resistance. They could serve as simple airbrakes when it's absolutely necessary by fully extending them, but first and foremost to direct airflow away from the hull to steer during reentry. This would of course create small turbulances behind the brakes and is probably a very non-optimal way to do this, but I just have to know if it would at least be feasible.
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