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  1. I welcome thee. Don't lithobrake too hard!
  2. Hello beautiful people, I'm Chakkoty and I like space, science and building big, bad rockets. I've posted before in a couple topics and thought it's time for an official introduction. Mostly play modded for beauty, immershun and Nertea's godly parts.
  3. I haven't used spaceplanes a lot, but I find them to be more practical for getting payload into orbit efficiently (or at least out of the atmosphere, where it can circularize with efficient vacuum-optimized engines like the Wolfhound). However, I am very impatient and I like big booms. So, for anyything other than orbital delivery, I'll probably use rockets. It's easier to build a bigger rocket for a heavier payload than to reinvent the wheel with a new spaceplane whenever your current design can't handle the increased payload mass. In the long term, though, I'll probably go for something of a mix between starship concepts and spaceshuttle: vertical, booster-assisted takeoff, gliding during reentry and then a vertical landing. Big F...alcon? Rocket with more wings.
  4. I might give it a shot when I'm back home. On Sunday -.-
  5. @Mars-Bound Hokie Now that is a badass looking spaceplane. How much DeltaV you got in there?
  6. I've been wondering who prefers which - they both have their fields of expertise, but when it comes to stuff both spaceplanes and rockets do well, what do you prefer and why?
  7. I want to mention Near Future Technologies (and any mod from Nertea, pretty much) as well, just because I enjoy them so much. I build my space stations and deep space vessels out of pretty much 90 % Nertea parts. The only stock part I can't live without is the Wolfhound. It's just that good.
  8. I imagine the ST members who read forum posts must be quite amused by now. It's like trying to find out Elon Musk's username since he's known to lurk on Reddit. It could be everyone. It could be me. But then again, would I tell you if I knew? Would I hint at it just to play with your feelings? Does this make me suspicious or does it give me an alibi? How do you interpret such postings without knowing how Star Theory members write? It's a dangerous game you play.
  9. Chakkoty


    I believe it would be very fun to discover other forms of life - as in completely different chemical makeup. Hydrocarbon-based microorganisms on a Titan-equivalent, for example. Or simple organisms (think space plankton) feeding off of radiation or electric charge in the upper atmosphere of a gas giant - can be either water based or ammonia based, like in Elite:Dangerous. And don't restrict it to a planet's flora being restricted to chlorophyll-using plants, either. Have purple plants, adapted to the high-radiation environment of an Earth-like world orbiting an F-type or M-type star! Imagine plants that don't perform photosynthesis, but use radiation instead. How awesome would that be? Tidally locked planets with a thin ring of habitable surface, cloaked in eternal twilight! Paging @Galileo - any thoughts? They do expect you to outdo them by week two, after all.
  10. Done! Works like a charm, as always. o7 It's 3 parts liquid methane and 1 part liquid oxygen - 1.875 units per volume LqdMethane, 0.625 units per volume Oxidizer. Since KSP doesn't really deal with volume, I use whatever values I can get from the files. COULD boot up the game and look it up, but where's the fun in that? The LFOX tank type has a tankMass = 0.000625 and LMOx has a tankMass = 0.000490377. It's already the combined "density" of methane and oxidizer, so I just need to calculate the multiplier: 0.000490377 / 0.000625 = 0.7846032 So I just multiply the LFOX fuel mass of any applicable tank (Rockomax Jumbo-64 has 36 tons full, 4 tons dry, so 32 tons of LFOX) with that: 32.0 t * 0.7846032 = 25,1073024‬ t of LMOX. Theoretically. Also, using the formula you gave me for calculating the ffuel flow of (electric) engines, the 25-1 BE-4 equivalent (2600 kN thrust, 328 Isp surface level) uses approximately 808 kg of fuel per second, or 202 units. So the Jumbo-64 tank would last for approximately 31 seconds at full throttle. Same values if U use 6400 units of fuel and the 202 units per second. So they are more fuel-hungry (or rather, have less fuel mass per volume) than LFOX, but have a better TWR with fuel density taken into account. ...I just really like doing the math. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. I want to use the NF Launch Vehicles engines with the Methalox patch (for dat Immershun) and I was wondering if anyone has the fuel values for Liquid Methane & Oxidizer tanks. Can I just use my regular lift vessels? I checked the .cfg files (again) and since the Methalox patch increases Isp as well, I should TECHNICALLY kinda get the same Delta-V, right? EDIT: @Nertea @Streetwind So if LFOX has 1 unit per volume (LF and OX having the same density in the game for simplicity I suppose) and MOX has 2.5 units per volume, does that mean it occupies 2.5 times the volume as LFOX? So for the 1800 LFOX fuel tank it would have...calculation noises...720 units instead of 1800 and would need a tank that holds...more calculation noises...29,500 units for the same mass? Did I get my math right?
  12. Unity Station! Just on the launchpad for showoff purposes until I assembled it in Orbit Edit: I just realized the lower solar panel rings have 8 instead of 4 each. Talk about overengineering.
  13. I seem to have developed a very stressful immune response to rendezvous and docking. MechJeb helps. When MechJeb failed, i just sort of sat there amidst the floating parts of my (planned) orbitally assembled interplanetary vessel, cursing at MechJeb before realizing I put the Konstruction! welding port on THE WRONG WAY. So I had to get everything into orbit again after saving the crew from the now useless habitation module - except my rescue vehicle had no room for them. I thought "okay, I can still salvage this!" and sent Jeb to EVA, attempting to manually transfer him to the rescue vehicle. Due to my non-existent EVA skills and knowledge of how to control Kerbals in space, he drifted off into space, smiling all the while so i wouldn't be sad. I refused to let it end like that and Thanos-snapped the safe out of existence. Another time, I had to #SafeBobKerman from another failed crew module. Val went to get him and they safely returned to Kerbin. I really need to stop resetting the Kerbal universe.
  14. Sandbox until i figured out how I want to play. I tried career mode, but it felt so limiting that i just gave up soon after. I'll be perfecting my mod list and pilot skills and then start a science playthrough - building big science vessels without any actual use for them feels kind if hollow...
  15. I'm going to need two bolters for THIS heresy.