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  1. I think I need to now. Probably gonna loose some kerbals in the doing
  2. If you wanna play KSP, buy KSP 1. Your not gonna wast any money. Alot of things to do in the game. Campaign missions and custom ones.There is also alot of addons/tweaks to fine tune the game for you. Probably more then a year untill KSP2 comes out. Happy space sailing!
  3. Isnt Eve purple ish? Correct me if im wrong but.. Thanks! Here is a picture of the green sky from my homeplace (Source:
  4. Thanks. Lucky you! I recommend playing the The Long Dark to prepare you for the cold lol. Just grab some medicine, sleeping bag and a rifle. Plenty of wood, water and fish Thanks. 10 months winter and the rest is spring/fall. Alot of tea and hot coco. Cheers!
  5. After months away from KSP I was happy to get back into it. Startet a new career. Did some research missions on Kerbin and also got a rocket in orbit before landing it back with some fresh research. Before I quit I started building the rocket that is gonna carry Jeb to the mun. Nice to be back. Love the game.
  6. Hey all, Not new to KSP, but new to the forum. Name is Raymond, 27 years old and I live where it is freezing cold and the sky is green. Have a nice week everyone, Cosmicray