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  1. Maybe I wasn't clear about my expression, but the main idea I want to convey is common with yours. Turning backward while keeping radar toward hostile area is kind of guarantee for evacuation.
  2. moar realistic aerodynamic with flux simulation that can give effect to vortex between wings, and stalling of wing tips...?
  3. So, what's the major advantage of tail radar?
  4. Aiming enemy from tail can lengthen the time for guiding missiles and increase accuracy of them while evacuating from the danger zone.
  5. It's a good article from which I can learn the development of air-combat strategy, Thanks! My comprehension is: A missile platform enhancing range and accuracy of missiles is the role fighters should play, is that it?
  6. That strategy is impressive! Guiding by other vessel seems to have been implemented, but I am not sure. I also focus more on fire & run instead of close range combat, but I was reminded by a reply that fighter do need to be considered with a dogfight situation: Otherwise I even think of some kind of design with no carried missile but crammed full of radars and sensors...just for guiding missiles fired from base afar. And maybe only one is still enough...?
  7. As you said, the role of fighter maybe replaced by drones, since they can do maneuvers with very high Gs. But AWACS is centralized, once splashed by BVR missiles, the node of radar and datalink fall apart, compare to this, a squardron made of 4 F-35 seems more robust than a single AWACS...? I forgot the heat caused by high speed air-flux, thx for your mention! :-)
  8. "(º Д º*) LOL VTOL is good, but it is optional for those 4 tasks as well...I think? The major shape of Yak-141 resemble MiG-31/25 which is a well-known manned rocket...I dont think it will have a good aerodynamic maneuverability...
  9. Your reply is informative and helpful! Thank you! Now I know the difference between F-35/22 and MiG-31/25... Err...maybe I was not clear about the question, AWACS is good but I want a F-35 acutally...
  10. As I know, the tasks below are common parts of modern air-combat: 1.BVR 2.Stealthy 3.Situation awareness 4.ECM As a KSP player, these are all relative designs I can come up with: 1.Supersonic cruise -> small section area derivative & ramjet engine & high specific impulse 2.Low RCS and IR characteristic -> Polygonal surface and thermal control (cuz the algorithm used by BDA do not consider the influence of IR shelter for IR missile) But for 3rd (Lighter vessel for more weight of radars and electrical supplies?) and 4th points, I haven't figured out any useful designs... Anyone have good ideas about vessel designs for these tasks?
  11. Sure! and now I fully experience what you've told me, besides, it does have something in common with reality, the theory behind designs makes me more content than any other sandbox game! and recently I found a new (Yeah, it's just new for me) design that might help the task mentioned in this thread, the basic idea is using wings as structural parts to make aircraft lighter and generate more lift, the detail can be seen in this thread:
  12. Yes, you are right, and I tried to adjust the level by adding weight to the tail (wings are too forward already): and I made this VTOL aircraft with small area of central wings, and too much additional weight for balancing torque makes aircraft heavier than expectation, I suddenly came up with a hypothesis: maybe the weight of VTOL engine made CoM too forward, so I remove the VTOL parts and rebuild a aircraft with only central wings, and here is the result: ...since the CoM cause by engines, fueltanks and air-intakes are moved backward, the CoL could be easy to set with a large area of central wings behind the pod.
  13. bad...sorry 1. I've seen a plane in KerbalX which has wings as its body structure (while my previous crafts have barrel-like MK1 inline parts as their body structures) 2. This design has 2 major advantages compared to MK1 body structures as far as I concerned: 2.1. Reduce the weight of the aircraft. 2.2. Increase the total lift on the aircraft 3. However, since available positions for those wings are mostly behind the CoM, which cause too much lift behind the CoM, and thus aircraft become too stable to be steered. 4. My question is: How to utilize wings as the body of aircraft and reduce total torque of lift in the mean time?
  14. One day, I was browsing KerbalX for learning experience from others' masterpieces, and I found this: Advantages of that aircraft considered by me has been submitted as a comment, the most interesting part is the wings-for-structure design, which reduces weight and increase lift, that is really a one-shot-double-kill, when I try to replicate this design on my own craft, I found it hard to balance the torque, cuz the major part of wings-for-structure is behind the CoM, and additional wings cause too much stabilizing torque and thus do harm to its maneuverability. I haven't decide to give up this design, I am thinking about a way to make CoM almost overlapping CoL and using wings-for-structure in the mean time. Any guy have ideas? I'd really appreciate it if you could give some practical solution to meet both needs.
  15. ...and finally made it via flaps and large area of wings, it weights 7.3t, which cause the small load of wings and high TWR to make it stable and controllable at a speed about 80-90m/s I used PilotAssistant to help controlling the speed so I can focus on steering. I only add 1 pair of small flaps, maybe I can replace some more fixed wings with flaps...?