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  1. There are 2 very different types of rotors\fans in KSP (and mods). First are like any other engines - just applying force to vessel, and those work fine with TCA. Second ones are actually wings mounted on a motor and require aerodynamic force simulation to work, TCA can't control them because they're not really engines and TCA can't "predict" how their thrust depend on throttle. P.S.: There are also "normal engines" that have a very big lag on how thrust respond to throttle - TCA (and other autopilots afaik) can have some problems driving those.
  2. I use KSTS too, but this mod was like... even easier way to get fuel to stations. But issues I mentioned above greatly reduce "easiness". That's totally understandable. This is just the case there they must be stated. But there's no hurry of course. Off-topic:
  3. I can confirm it functions as intended now, but it have issues that I believe need to be fixed... 1) Delivery time in days is a nonsense. We're in space program where launches are precisely timed to reach desired orbit\target and less-than-second-long orbital burns used. But now we call Davon Industries and lonely voice says: "Your delivery will be there in around 3 days or so. Our pilot should sober up to that time...". 2) As an addition to #1 there must be an option to "warp to delivery". This is the only mod I know that puts on a long timer without such option. 3) ~2.5k LFO per delivery is nothing. Refuelling as little as 100k LFO takes too many turns. And with additional trouble from #1 and #2 I'd better use my own fuel hauler! However, thank you @linuxgurugamer for staying with us and keeping all this mods alive. Your contribution is invaluable!
  4. BDArmory uses it's own subcategory system. Hope it will be supported, printing guns and ammo on site is a must-have!
  5. Does nothing at least in sandbox mode in 1.12.1 Just a fuel tank with a docking port. Looks like it have a dependency not included or mentioned anywhere... Installing "latest" ModuleAnimateGenericEffects v 0.1.2 does not satisfy for dependency. Where do I get V1.1.0 ?
  6. @jediKatana, out of this list I use at least: MechJeb2, Near Future Construction & KSP Recall. Can't say TCA works perfectly with all my mods, strange things happen very often, like NullReff when TCA tries to activate very simple single mode turboprop engine, or uncontrollably gaining altitude on reaching waypoint... But it at least starts and drives vehicles. Also, it seems new version ( of KSP Recall is out with some "broken sanity checks" fixed.
  7. Starts and works in 1.12.1 along with 100+ other mods (but no BDB). Must be specific BDB problem.
  8. QuickExit - Downloaded from spacedock just now, archive contains version QuickGoTo - Downloaded from spacedock just now, archive contains version
  9. Wings make it really complicated... I wonder if wingless pure turbofan VTOL will be more fuel-effective than a wingless ballistic rocket...
  10. Shouldn't ballistic flight be more fuel (and speed) effective in atmospheric environments, than hovering to target? Why do we still use ICBMs, not hover-nukes?
  11. Using slider to control engines in-flight is not that useful IMO. There must be at least some keyboard throttle control there...
  12. Maybe add manoeuvring capabilities to manual mode? At least if I put them in 2 different groups, so TCA can set 2 'manual thrusts' individually...
  13. I have a craft with 4 altitude control engines and 2 that must be used for both turning and horizontal thrust:How do I setup this in TCA? If I set them to manual TCA uses them for hspeed correctly but no turning. if I set them to maneuver - they tend to do nothing at all...
  14. But in my case payload explodes in orbit, where gravity shouldn't be the problem (at east it shouldn't push debris towards payload).
  15. Since I had a very similar problem with spawning heavy objects using Extraplanetary Launchpads, it's quite possible. Wonder if Kerbal Joint Reinforcement mod can fix it by reinforcing vessels... upd: I've tried increasing box-fairing's size a bit and it doesn't work.
  16. This time with explosions. Bottom part of payload (inflatable 10m heatshield) collides with mothership, while hangar interface shows all green...
  17. Now I tried non-box fairing hangar and it disassembles my colony pod (17x10x10 meters, 100+parts, almost 300 tonnes, 33 kerbal space...) on deploy, without explosions but to almost elemental pieces. Stock fairings launch it ok, but slow. Will try box-fairing next... Also, how do I put kerbals inside payload before deploying?
  18. 8 solid boosters, each with 2 control surfaces, 4 separation boosters, a nosecone, some structural plate to offset, a radial decoupler and a launch support gives 88 parts for last stage only... Add at least 16 struts to hold that stack together. And to get 300+ tonnes to serious orbit I still have to use TweakScale'd boosters there.
  19. Why can't single fairing-hangar hold and launch simultaneously more than one vessel? Launching multiple satellites using resonant orbits is a common task, but using stack adapters and stock fairings can be very laggy... Like 3x 90parts satellites and a 3 stage launcher gives me ~500 parts (not to mention it becomes already laggy when you put 3x 90parts satellites on a tri-coupler in editor). Fairing-hangars could be a great solution to it, but taking a separate fairing for each satellite gives too much overhead in both weight & size!
  20. It launches payload with additional speed, that's great for separating from motership but can be too much if you're tying to put engine-less probe exactly 500km above Minmus. Haven't tried it though... Maybe it's not so bad. Must be some other mod that "patches all command parts" breaks it...
  21. Have someone used Buffalo Recycler Arm recently? I've tried it but to no avail. It just pokes fuel tank I've dropped with a stick... Maybe I'm doing it wrong?
  22. I've tried the box-fairing hangar and... 1. It creates multiple real debris when deploying, unlike stock fairings. Just to bother player to kill them all from tracking station every time? Or it has some hidden purpose, like attaching a probe-core to every side... 2. The force that pushes that debris is enough to make them leave Kerbin's SOI if you deploy at Minmus orbit. 3. Some force is still applied to both mothership and payload so their orbits change a bit on deploy. That bit can be significant at low gravity (eg. Minmus). 4. The control-part that remain at motherhip can't hibernate and shows a detach option that does nothing. Also the option to remove fairing from staging does nothing in both editor and in flight. 5. Despite all of the above it is still a great option to deliver some sensitive payloads. Like a scan-sat probe that have no spare side for decoupler and too many little sensors and antennas for partcount.
  23. A very simple carrier. 2500 tonnes, 170 parts. Nothing to look at...
  24. Where are at least KAS & OSE Workshop mods that do manipulate KIS items... So there must be some sort of interface to do so. It may be undocumented, but since it's open-source (and there are at least 2 open-source examples already using it) - nothing is impossible, just a matter of some unpaid work. Add a boolean to hangar object properties that describes if it is now used for construction, and as such cannot be used for storage, and a check for it and for a condition there you try to start construction in a hangar that is already used for storage... The only thing that I don't see clearly is how to capture an event of "starting construction" from another mod and to reject that action based on a custom check ("sorry, this hangar have no space for construction" exception) or just set hangar_busy_flag mentioned above to true. (I'm still thinking of a compatible way to make hangars work with different construction mods. Nothing is impossible.) UPD: If there is a way to add\remove modules to part "on the fly" than it is as simple as this: On a gui button - check if hangar is empty, add EL launcpad to it. On a second button - remove EL launchpad from part if there is no construction ongoing. And for storage purposes the flag is already there - if there is EL launchpad you can't store ships. KISS way to support ELP.
  25. Well (as I already said), I'm using USI industrial chains to build Specialized Parts and Material Kits from a longer set of intermediate resources that are refined from a longer set of mineable resources. And than using SP & MKT to build things via ELP... But now I consider adding Global Construction to my set of 95+ mods to see what it breaks, because you got me interested! I know, in detail. For 6+ years I've been working with CNC-machines as an engineer. G-code, firmware, finding mechanical backlash, because mechanic dude says everything runs smooth and it doesn't... It was a fun time in his own way, but now i'm back in IT. Returning to the topic, that is what construction mods simulate - assembling final crafts from a set of Rocket\Specialized\Whatever parts and your great Hangars look like just the right place...
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