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  1. Went to Dres, Duna, and Ike for the first time. I sent an exploration rover, and a two satellite communication network to both Dres, and Duna, Ike received a communication rover on the Duna facing side. Ike Communications Rover Duna Rover Dres Rover (Dres itself isn't really shown)
  2. In Modded 1.7.3 I created my first mining station, I decided to put it on Minmus. I also wanted to try out KAS so I intended to use the JS-1 connectors. I set up the refinery, mining rover, and surface-to-orbit fuel transporter on Minmus near my research station. Only to realize I had forgotten to bring pipes, I will probably send a lander with pipes on it. It may or may not be able to work.
  3. On my first interplanetary mission, I tried to send a probe and relay satellite to Duna, both on the same rocket. Upon arrival at Duna, I ditched the relay early since I put it in between two stages, and I had forgotten about transferring fuel between stages. So the relay left Duna's sphere of influence to orbit Kerbol, even if the relay was in Duna's orbit it was too weak to communicate with Kerbin. The probe however, got into a very elliptic Dunian orbit, but sadly lost connection due to the weak relay. I called the mission a failure and went to focus on something else, I later saw that the probe got ejected from Duna, due to Ike. I now give every relay probe its own rocket, and many dishes.
  4. In modded KSP 1.7.3 I sent a mother-ship like probe to Eve, it carried 6 tiny probes. This was my first successful interplanetary mission, (besides the two relay satellites that arrived thirty days before the mother-ship arrived). If you would like to view the images on Imgur then click here. Mother-ship Assembly and Eve Arrival Probe Descent The Probe Landing Sites Some Pics of the Mother-Ship Visual Mods Shown: Stock Visual Enhancements , Stock Visual Terrain, and Reentry Particle Effects. Parts Mods Shown: PicoPorts, and RLA Reborn
  5. Dear @Vanamonde, I can assure you that I am in-fact, not a robot. Thank you for your inquiry, and may you have a good day.
  6. I see, well thanks for the explanation @James Kerman!
  7. Hello, I've played KSP for a few years now, only now getting to traveling to other planets. Anyways I've noticed that a few posts are labelled as "totm dec 2019" what does this mean?