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  1. I have a contract to run orbital surveys of EVE. This is gonig to be part of my first flyby/orbital mission to EVE. The contracts say I have to be over 95,400 meters. My question is how high can I be? I figure I have to be in EVE SOI but is that the upper limit? The reason I ask is that to get the surveys done I half to be in an inclined orbit. The bigger higher the orbit the less an INC change costs. I can get into a polar orbit with no issues but to get back to a reasonable inclination to return to Kerbin is expensive. My guess is that I have to be at at least 58 degrees to get to
  2. Well, I just discovered, the hard way, that Kramax is incompatible with my version (the latest build) of KSP. It junked my interface and I had to reload.
  3. thanks - I just happen to be a really, realy poor pilot.
  4. Ok - I cannot find where you set Pitch on MechJeb Aircraft Auto Pilot. The entries I see are... Altitude Hold Vertical Speed Hold Heading Hold Roll Mode There are alos PIDs but I have no clue about those.
  5. I am trying to get some information on a couple of MechJeb functions but all the information and tutorials are from 2014 through 2016. I did find something more current but it is only in French. I am running MechJeb 2.12.0 wiht KSP There are two things I am trying to figure out. Landing on a planet with an atmosphere - I want to land on EVE. I am running with EVE and Scatter so I can not see the surface. I have a lander that uses two sets of Inflatable heat shields, one Retrograde and one Prograde. I need both for stability and I drop them afte the parachutes open a
  6. I understand the broadband resource scanner but I am week on the narrow Bad scanner. I understand that the broad band generates a low resolution map of the entire planet that can be access in the tracking station and the map mode of vessels. I know that the narrow band will only map areas directly below the probe. In its polar orbit it will cover the entire planet over time. Does it build a resource map of the surface that is saved so I can reference it later to decide good landing/mining locations? Or can you only access information on the surface it is currently moving over?
  7. Ok - I am looking at surface activities on EVE. I am using the latest Build on KSP, Breaking Ground, and Making History. I am running with the MechJe, Scatter, and EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements mods. I am using only Stock Parts and I really do not want top start adding modded parts. This leave me with an issue. I cannot see the ground to pick a landing site. Is there a way with resource scanners to be able to map the surface so I can avoind landing in the oceans? Can the Kerbnet help with that. Also is it possible to use MechJeb to pick a landing point on Eve and help with l
  8. I cannot get the wheels to stick anywhere on the rover. It does ask me to drive it to a navigation point so I do have to have the wheels have to be on. If I cannot get it tonight I will cheat to complete and I will dump the wheel I have next to the buggy so if I come back to the area I can try again with out having to lug the parts to the Mun,
  9. I did not use a jack - but I got a kerbal to push the rover on its side. I will keep fiddling with the placement. If I just cant it to work I will use a cheat to fullfill the contract.
  10. Could the issue be the Level of my Engineer? He is level 2. I was under the impression that there was no Level restriction for EVA construction. But he has to be level 3 to "repair" wheels.
  11. No, it is not a repair. "Finish construction of a rover on the surface of The Mun - Dinkelstein Kerman's Construction Emporium". This buggy (Unfinished The Mun Buggy CJ-NWW) is the only buggy on the Mun that is unfinished. If you look at the buggy it is missing three wheels. I have renamed every Unfinished/Broken vessel I have fixed by taking out Unfinished/Broken out of the name. As a side note, I have noticed if I mishandle the wheel it has a tendency to explode. If I try to place it in the wrong spot it can knock over the buggy - and explode.
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