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  1. I just installed the newest patches to move to I am having an issue with the new built in Alarm Clock. I used the addon KAC to create an alarm for the next Kerbin to Eve transfer windows. My current game time is Year 5, Day 89. It shows the next window as Year 5, Day 204 - 00:00:00 (114d, 4h, 7m). In the Transfer Window Planner addon it shows in insertion dV as 1435m/s I then used the new Built in alarm to create the same window alarm. It shows Year 6, Day 209 - 00:00:00 (1y, 120d,1h 3m). In the Transfer Window Planner addon it shows in insertion dV as 5153m/s. According to the TWP addon there is now good window at this time. Also I am getting inconsistent results with the new Maneuver planner. I tell it to calculate a new maneuver for a ship in Kerbin orbit to go to Eve. Sometimes I get as low dV manuver that never gets out of Kerbin SOI. Right after that when I redo it I do get a transfer to Eve for 129d (which is close to the first timing above) and a dV of 551.3m/s which is much lower than the above maneuvers. Is there something I could be doing wrong or is the Alarm clock and new maneuver planer unreliable? Thanks in advance
  2. Actually, I found that moving back the Thuds so the center of mass is behind the center of mass fixes the issue. I have to be careful on how the center of mass changes as the fuel tanks empty and/or the Ore storage fills.
  3. I have a contract to land a Class A asteroid on Kerbin. From what I can tell it does need to be attached to my grabber pod to get credit. I minded out all of the resources to lighten the rock. I have gotten it into a 100KM orbit. I have tried stopping the orbit relative to the surface and just dropping into the atmosphere. I also tried a standard reentry with the PE at 40KM. I also tried as shallow a reentry as I could get ( started with a 60KM PE and it made a few orbits dropping the PE and AP a little at a time. In all three cases the speed of the rock never dropped to the point of even trying ot deploy the radial Mk2-R Parachutes. In every case I do not get down to 1000m/s until I get to an altitude of 1000m which means every thing goes splat. I have looked online but I have not found any help that does me any good. Can any one give me ideas to park the rock on the ground in one piece with the attached pod(and Jebediah) intact. I have noticed something odd. When I first attach to the rock I show a total mass of 11.318t for the reentry pod and the rock (all engines dropped). But when I break it down the Rock shows a mass of 8.59148t and the reentry pod/grabber is 2.727t... BUT... When I have mined out the rock it show as a total mass of 10.518t which is more than the total mass before mining. The rock shows a mass of 0.51549t and the re-entry pod has a mass of 1.927t. The retrieved ore was carried off by a different ship so it is not included. The only difference between the two different times I measured mass was the first was done BEFORE the asteroid was mined and the second was after the mining was completed and the ore hauled off. In both cases the orbit was the same at 37Mn. Before mining the vessel mass and Rock mass adds up correctly. But after mining the rock the sum of the two parts is 2.44249t but the total mass shows 10.518t. Where did the extra 8.07551t come from? Just prior to de-orbit at an orbit of 100Km the numbers are total mass of 11.318t with the reentry pod being 2.727t and the rock is still 0.51549t. The total mass went up a bit in the closer orbit but the difference between the sum of the parts and the listed total mass is still 8.07551t which is the same difference at the higher orbit. Is this the reason I cannot get the rock down? The game thinks that the total mass is too high? I have thought about attaching bigger parachutes but I never slow down enough to be able to safely deploy. Thanks in advance
  4. Not sure if the is the corrected forum for this. I am running (windows Player x64) KSP with MechJeb2- I am having an issue with MechJeb controlling Mk-55 "Thud" engines. I have a Asteroid miner/grabber that pulls asteroids behind it so the engines cannot be in the back. I placed 4 Thuds on the top sides of 4 sets of fuel tanks that surround the the Apollo Style Pod. I use a heavy booster that can get the "Tug" into orbit without using the Thuds but once there I drop the Standard engines leaving the Thuds as my sole propulsion (except some RCS thrusters). Maneuvering is slow but otherwise works fine. If I manually control the Thuds I have no issues with control. But if I use MechJeb, when it tries to run the Thuds they "Sputter" with short blasts of thrusts - almost like a real slow machine gun. It seems that MechJeb is trying to use them as RCS thrusters to control orientation instead of just pushing the Tug. They are unusable in MechJeb. I also noted that when I was designing the lift boosters and I was using MechJeb Assent Assist that the Thuds were kicking in as the last stage during boost the thuds would fire continuously but the Tug would start to Roll and could not be controlled. If I launch manually, or disengaged MechJeb beore the Thud stage fired, the Thuds they worked find in the last stage of launch - except for not having enough power to get the PE into orbit. Is there an issue with MechJeb and the Thuds? Thanks in advance
  5. I also find it strange that I can push rocks and gravel (ore) through a heat shield but I cannot push fluid (fuel and Ox) thought the same shield. Oh well, Kerbals are strange.
  6. Ok - I found the issue - DUH! You can not crossfeed through a heatshield. The first time I did this I most have missread the results. I went into the Difficulty settings and disabled "follow crossfeed" settings and noe it works. But that leave s big question. If you cannot crossfeed through a heat shield, how did the tanks receive fuel through the heat shield when I was converting ore to fuel? To me it seems both should follow the same rules.
  7. I am having an really weird issue with transferring fuel. I am on a Windows system (if I hit the MOD key I get a windows diag box) Windows Player x64 1.11.1 Making HIstory 1.11.1 Breaking ground 1.6.1 I have an orbital station I use to convert Ore to fuel. I also have a Drilling Lander. I user\ the lander to harvest ore on Gilly. I then get into orbit and dock with the Station. At that point I can transfer the ore from holding tanks on the Lander to holding tanks on the Station. I then used a Convert-o-tron 250 on the station to produce fuel. When I produced Monopropellant if filled the tanks on both the Lander and Station. I then switched over to [Lf+Ox] and ran until I ran out of Ore. The process put fuel in tanks on both the Lander and Station. I.E. cross feeds worked. None of my tanks were full so I wanted to top of the Lander tanks to make another run. At that point I was able to Click on and Pin one of the tanks on the Station and the Click and Pin one of the tanks on the Lander. I got the In/Out buttons on both of the tanks and I hit IN on the lander tank and the fuel filled the Lander Tank from the Station Tank. So far no problem. But idiot me had failed to "shutdown" the Lander engine and I accidently hit the Shift key which fired up the Lander engine. That put the whole station start spinning and screwed with orbit. The lucky thing was that I had a save from right after docking and loaded the save, shut down the engine and then I repeated the fuel production I listed above. The issue is that now I cannot move fuel from the tanks on the Station from the Lander or back in the other direction. If I open multiple tanks on the Station OR the Lander I can transfer fuel. If I open the Tanks on one I get the In/Out buttons but if I open a tank on the other part the IN/OUT buttons disappear. When I produced the monopropellant the second time it again filled both the Station and Lander Tanks. Also producing the Lf+Ox also put fuel in tanks in both the Lander and Station (none of the tanks were filled completely). It is possible that did not get fuel transferred the first time as I thought I did. I got a little excited when I accidently started the engine and I loaded the save without taking good look at what I had. I have exited the game and reloaded but no change. Double checked the cross feed settings on all parts between the tanks and all are enabled (also fuel moved to ALL tanks when I converted the ore) All tanks have a flow priority of (-10) but I have played with the priority and nothing changed/ I did activate the engines on both the Lander and Station - No change. Is there a Hot key Combo that can screw with the Fuel transfer? What on earth am I doing wrong - any ideas?
  8. Thanks - I do tend to slap a relay on every thing I launch for contract. I do guess I will start weeding them out.
  9. I am running career game. I have put up resource scanners and other such Probes/Satellites. I am also collecting a huge number of "Contract" probes and relays. My orbits are starting to look like a junk drawer that needs cleaning out. Other than keeping some to form a Communications Network is there any reason to keep contract probes/relays/satellites around once they have met contract conditions? Thanks in advance
  10. I have a contract to run orbital surveys of EVE. This is gonig to be part of my first flyby/orbital mission to EVE. The contracts say I have to be over 95,400 meters. My question is how high can I be? I figure I have to be in EVE SOI but is that the upper limit? The reason I ask is that to get the surveys done I half to be in an inclined orbit. The bigger higher the orbit the less an INC change costs. I can get into a polar orbit with no issues but to get back to a reasonable inclination to return to Kerbin is expensive. My guess is that I have to be at at least 58 degrees to get to all the sites.
  11. Well, I just discovered, the hard way, that Kramax is incompatible with my version (the latest build) of KSP. It junked my interface and I had to reload.
  12. thanks - I just happen to be a really, realy poor pilot.
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