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  1. Any idea why deploy direction on some prop blades have switched directions with the update? I've had to go in and fix just about all of my multi-rotor and pusher designs.
  2. Haven't had much spare time lately but I finally had a chance to put this together. https://kerbalx.com/Tim_AZ/X-RV
  3. I frequently use the Mk II Lander Can in rover configuration for rotor craft builds. The biggest drawback to this is the limited number of crew you can put in it. I'd love to see a version with an additional 2 or 4 jump seats for moving Kerbals around.
  4. I finally reached a point where I can call this thing done. This is version 10 and I spent an insane amount of time trying to get the performance in game as close the the real aircraft as possible. https://kerbalx.com/Tim_AZ/O-2A-Skymaster
  5. Took a little bit of a break but just finished this up this morning. https://kerbalx.com/Tim_AZ/Ultralight
  6. I've done my last couple of videos in DaVinci Resolve and really like it. I use OBS to capture game footage then drop it into DaVinci. I run pure stock with DLC in the game so I can't really recommend any mods but from those that I'm aware of camera tools would probably be useful.
  7. This is the first time I've done a video like this. Normally they are just highlight reels of stuff I've built but this has at least a bit of a story to it. Please let me know if you'd like to see more. Thanks.
  8. Today's KSP project. This is the first time I've made a video like this. Please let me know what you think here or in the video comments. Thanks. The craft file is below. https://kerbalx.com/Tim_AZ/KH-43
  9. I recorded some video of mine as well. Luckily it survived the load in bounce. I forgot that I had disabled the motors the last time I tried to use it so they are off for the first part of the video. I think that actually helps highlight the problem.
  10. I've got one on the mun doing this as well. I've pretty much written it off. To make matters worse it is in a perpetual slide at about .9 m/s which makes it very difficult to switch out or return to the tracking station etc.
  11. What I've been doing for the last couple of days. https://kerbalx.com/Tim_AZ/X-29-2
  12. Spent quite a bit of the day working on my Kerbal Kaman HH-43. I had written this project off on the first try but then I realized that I needed to turn pitch/roll/yaw off on the rotor blades. After that it flies pretty well and has a nearly identical top speed as the real one.
  13. https://kerbalx.com/Tim_AZ/Science-Rover-I
  14. Bill and Bob finally made it to the base of the Western Canyon and deployed their sensors. Next stop the Highlands.
  15. DaVinci Resolve. I've only scratched the surface but from install to publishing that video was about 4 hours. This is an area I'm not having much luck with. I've built a few hexapods but can't seem to get them walking correctly. Seems to be more of a problem with how the legs interact with the terrain than anything.
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