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  1. Banned for banning for banning.
  2. what effect would this have on the other planets in the solar system?
  3. Yes, or maybe after 42 parts explode. You can also press f3 to see how much G-force you may have got if it is above 15 G.
  4. There should be magnetic langing legs, so we can have magnetic landing sites. Just make sure the rockets can point directions other than north if the magnets are on.
  5. Possibly we could have resizeable landing legs to get exactly the right size and maybe variants for different styles.
  6. imaging a MK1 parachute with a adapter to 5m below it.. yeah, this is a good idea, with curved adapters. i support, but the one. i mentioned earlier would be a little useless(but funny).
  7. why don’t we magically have it’s temperature at 0.0000000000000000001 kelvin? what would happen then???
  8. that was my inspiration for this. hehehehe let’s make the ball absolute zero somehow.
  9. Let’s say a ball 10 meters in diameter with an indestructible 5 m diameter core, was to hit the earth at 15,000,000,000,000,000 times the speed of light, somehow, right on the empire state building. I think there would be a very loud bang, a column of smoke, and a very big crater where new york used to be. and a lot of very hot plasma where there used to be breathable air, but i did no research for that answer, I was wondering what you think?
  10. yep! This would be great! A silver one, and maybe a black one, and a nice completely white one to top it off! I can’t agree more!
  11. yesssss!!! Fairings hate decouplers! They hate any part above them if it bulges more than a few micrometers. They also hate it when you have a fairing! They literally clip with themselves! my 100% support for all three posts!
  12. dude i did this at 13 G. i got past dres in a an hour and a half of high physics warp(6 kerbal hours), i kept going til lightspeed. it took ages but my kerbals had g limits off so they were fine. i also turned ignore max temperature on.
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