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  1. that was my inspiration for this. hehehehe let’s make the ball absolute zero somehow.
  2. Let’s say a ball 10 meters in diameter with an indestructible 5 m diameter core, was to hit the earth at 15,000,000,000,000,000 times the speed of light, somehow, right on the empire state building. I think there would be a very loud bang, a column of smoke, and a very big crater where new york used to be. and a lot of very hot plasma where there used to be breathable air, but i did no research for that answer, I was wondering what you think?
  3. yep! This would be great! A silver one, and maybe a black one, and a nice completely white one to top it off! I can’t agree more!
  4. yesssss!!! Fairings hate decouplers! They hate any part above them if it bulges more than a few micrometers. They also hate it when you have a fairing! They literally clip with themselves! my 100% support for all three posts!
  5. dude i did this at 13 G. i got past dres in a an hour and a half of high physics warp(6 kerbal hours), i kept going til lightspeed. it took ages but my kerbals had g limits off so they were fine. i also turned ignore max temperature on.
  6. i cant screenshot on this device so I’ll try tomorrow. you can recreate the kraken eisily by make a ship 99% boosters, and steering it for a bit. the sometimes it will work and sometimes not.
  7. 8 steps- probe core on top. clydesdale srb underneath 6 clydes radially around it. 12 clydsdale’s radially around that. continue until vab is full. launch hold down A to bombard nuke disintegrate smash completely and utterly destroy the ksc. wait for various krakens to attack.
  8. I found this new weird kraken a while a go, but because of christmas i had no time to report it here. basically sometimes it happens when you launch a ship with over 100 parts, and if 99% of those parts are the largest SRB. This is not the kraken, but yes, it falls apart in the air. But then after the space center is in ashes(probably), and it has been going for a bit, lots of things happen. 1, the ship becomes invisible. 2, you can no longer zoom. 3, it puts you inside the middle of your ship. 4, the orbit line in map view dissapears. then your fuel will run out as normal, you will leave the atmosphere. it wont let you quicksave because it says you are moving over the surface. you cannot leave without it saying are you sure because cannot save. but you are in space, on map view if you mouse over your icon, it is in space but says splashed down, but the numbers are changing too fast to read. in space you sometimes appear to randomly speed up or change direction. then after longer than usual you reenter the atmosphere, and you get destroyed either in reentry or crashing on the surface. after you die it goes back to normal. once while i was in space my altitude randomly became negative and apparently i died from splashing down hard. is this because ksp thinks you are in lots of places at once? i think it is funny, but annoying because you have to wait to crash. can this be fixed?
  9. The mun or kerbin wham challenge! today i was playing around with using infinite fuel to smash myself hard into kerbin, but found tha the atmosphere slowed me down way too much, i still blew to bits though. So then I moved on to the mun, no atmosphere, now slowdown! but my orbit was too low so I crashed too early. so now i challenge the community to do the same, but harder! i might also try the harder version later. on sandbox, btw. rules: 1. no cheats, but autostrut is ok. 2, can use making history or breaking ground parts, 3. try to get the highest crash speed, like maybe 10000 mps. 4, you have to use kerbals in your ship, lander cans or command pods. 5. no using kraken to your advantage. i look forward to seeing your crshes on the mun or kerbin. oh whoops wrong section, how do i change it to challenge or mission ideas?