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  1. The parts are not appearing in my 1.4.5 GPP save-- is this a known issue? Is it incompatible with 1.4.5?
  2. So I'm assuming GPP is the mod that's making my loading screen icons watercolor-ified? If so, how do you make that specific special effect? And if not, do you know what mod does it?
  3. Its exhaust does not get scaled up. Either that or RealPlume plumes dont get scaled up. I'm pretty sure it stays the same with both.
  4. I re-reversed multiple of them not too long ago, and none of them made sense. Were there any other effects used on the sounds?
  5. I've looked over the bug page and the details on it. I'll try this with installing each of the troublesome mods individually. Thanks for the insight! Edit: KAS is still not installing, no matter how many times I spam retry. I'll instead install it manually.
  6. I'm experiencing difficulties with CKAN. Every few mods it tosses me a 403 (Forbidden). This goes on random mods of my 1.4.5 install (it did MechJeb2 once, is doing KAS multiple times, has done the GPP Textures once). It makes installation long and painful for those things that need installing via a backup site, and for those that don't have a backup, it cancels the installation. I'm gonna install those things manually. I just wanted to let you know these mods were being difficult in 1.4.5 installs.
  7. I... have... an awesome autumn leaves background? I suppose, as I run from the zombies, my footsteps will have colorful leafy crunches to them.
  8. I don't know what manner in which you guys are discussing how mods will work, but I'm thinking my ideal method of handling mods in servers (depending on how KSP2 modding works in single player) is that only a certain amount of mods are allowed by each server. All are required for accurate multiplayer. I hope CKAN or something similar is built in to KSP2 for automatic server modlist matching.
  9. Say, how do you get these audio clips from Apollo sounds? What effects do you add on? I need to know so I can create more that sound less Kerbal and more human (for a game I'm making).
  10. I'm sure they're gonna have KSP2 pay the same way as KSP does now. From a monetary standpoint it will either be pay once and play the game with the option to get DLC, or pay once period. I am sure of this.
  11. Kerbal Attachment System and Kerbal Inventory System. I once built a big rocket on the Runway with a KAS crane and KIS welding tools. It's amazing and you really should try it. Planet packs also do wonders, as mentioned many times before. If you're not into changing from stock too much, try JNSQ-- perfectly suited for stock parts with higher difficulty.