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  1. @Spaceman.Spiff A friend, and typically a good one at that. Which engine , stock or DLC, do you think is the most popular amongst most KSP fans?
  2. Quick feature suggestion, if time permits: the ability to control the distance at which rovers stop near targets with the Rover Autopilot. The reaosn why I'm using the Rover Autopilot is to make a simple AI for my battling robot. My main issue is, is that it always stops at 50m away from the decoy car target instead of ramming into it with its budget buzzsaw. This could be fixed with providing a box where you can type in how far away you want it to stop (in my case I'd want 0). This would also fix an issue that may occur if a rover encounters a base with a radius larger than 50 meters.
  3. I think a while back i discovered my culprit was somehow accidentally installing the wrong version. I think CKAN's to blame, but I can't remember, i fixed this a while back.
  4. I remember there being a RSS addon that adds some asteroids like Bennu, some comets like Halley's Comet, some dwarf planets like Sedna, MANY dwarf moons like Amalthea (of Jupiter), and other similar fitting bodies. However, I can't find any mods that fit this description that are still functional to this day. Does anyone know if any mods like this exist anymore? I want to make sure that my late-game era of my 1.10.1 RP-1 save will be interesting.
  5. nah, it's pretty dead, sorry mate. I had life happen, as well as a computer wipe at some point, so it's been both forgotten and probably vaporized in the wipe
  6. I have a ridiculously heavy modded 1.11 save, and my computer can handle it just fine with some memory to spare. I just grabbed Galaxies Unbound, so that I may go interstellar, but I'd obviously need BetterTimeWarpContinued added in to help it along without waiting real actual years. So I install it with CKAN (as I have for every other mod, excluding Gravities Unbound itself), and... it crashes once KSP finishes the normal loading process. Right when the main menu is about to appear, it crashes. I've done some tests, and this only happens when BetterTimeWarpContinued is installed. Uninstalling it lets KSP run just fine and dandy. If you guys let me know which log files are relevant, I'll upload them somewhere and link them here. I've already done this with the "KSP.log" (even though it doesn't seem to say anything definitive) file in the game folder: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xuBjhpyGo4xqsPgw8DI4IBP5_Y48rIxZ/view?usp=sharing Gamedata folder screenshot: Any ideas as to why BetterTimeWarp is causing this error? EDIT: Here are some more logs I found. Player.log in the Squad LocalLow appdata: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NFb98sdEMWDDQd6qgRULDKatE5tq_rrx/view?usp=sharing error.log in the temp crash folder: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TkCoi_sL0A2RnmmzzAe5yKPojUf0NDn7/view?usp=sharing
  7. This mod is visually stunning! I'm loading up KSP with it installed now, and I can't wait to play with it
  8. I like the idea going around about doing something more subtle than a memorial structure (like a biome name or loading screen tip), as well as the idea of a single memorial, memorializing all who died, or simply all astronauts in general. What I don't like, however, is the fact that we're arguing over this. I'd really, REALLY prefer if we keep things simple, civilized, and without mudslinging or harsh words. With that out of the way, I'm gonna elaborate on my opinion. Michael Collins, although really neat, probably deserves this kind of thing only roughly as much as Buzz Aldrin, any other Apollo members, those who died in Apollo 1, the shuttle disasters, or other spacecraft failures, or even the Apollo 13 crew. I'm not dissing Michael Collins, I'm only saying we're focusing on him because he died recently, which makes me think the bias is a little stacked up against the others. I'm not against a physical structure memorial, but it may fit better with KSP2's theme if it was something less on the nose and a bit more subtle-- like an unidentified object which turns out to be that Apollo-esque command pod, or a biome name (like Degrasse Sea), a menu or loading easter egg, or putting a poster in a broken building at the space center. That's my opinion, but I'd like to reiterate that, in my opinion, we should all keep calm and realize we're arguing over whether or not to put a statue on the Mun in a game about flinging green guys into space. It's not as big of a deal as we're all making it out to be, in my opinion.
  9. Since the last chapter, I have installed the Far Future mod, Interstellar Extended, and Galazies Unbound: A Stellar Oddysey. Nothing seems to be malfunctioning.
  10. Chapter 3: Armstrong Ok so here's where I decide to push this mission report a bit deeper into the story side. Now there's a new mission that they must complete, with a set time to complete it. I'll probably make Chapter 4 tomorrow, but for now, what should I name the space program? I still lack name ideas. (I'm going to note that the "orbital decay" does not exist and purely is there for story purposes.)
  11. Chapter 2: Orbits Also, before you go, please suggest names for the space program! I don't have any ideas yet, and I thought it would be fun to ask you guys.
  12. Since the previous chapter, I've removed Kerbalism, added nearly every USI mod, and added a ton of contract mods. Next chapter should be out today or tomorrow
  13. I'll be removing Kerbalism in favor of another mod that utilizes life support. The strange science mechanics, radiation mechanics, and part failures seem too alien for me to continue using them
  14. Hello! This will be a heavily modded mission report, written in a story-esque manner, much akin to other mission reports stylized as fanfiction-esque sagas. The main goal is to discover the secrets of the universe (which even I, the author, don't know, so be sure to not spoil any story behind Beyond Home.) Be sure to notify me when I've forgotten about this. I'm very, VERY good at forgetting about things, so you can always comment "MOAR" at any time to remind me Everyone's played the early game, and nobody enjoys it the 87th time around (even with mods), so I'll be starting off with 150 science points to help myself go into orbit faster. Yes, I know this is technically cheating, but I doubt any experienced players enjoy the early game. I'll be doing nothing else cheaty unless it's needed for technical reasons. Modlist: Without further ado, let's begin! Chapter 1: New Beginnings Sorry this one's a little shorter than I wanted, I simply didn't have enough time. I'll surely have enough time in later chapters to launch several craft per chapter.
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