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  1. I believe it's just a special image file. You can open it and export it with GIMP
  2. I'm having trouble with using the SoundtrackEditor. I've loaded it up properly with its core dependencies, as well as Kopernicus and a test planet. I plan to turn the test planet into a full-fledged planet pack with its own soundtrack, but when I load up KSP, SoundtrackEditor is not accessible in any of the toolbars, or in the settings. I used CKAN for the dependencies, and manual installation for this mod and Kopernicus. I can provide KSP.log or ModuleManager.log if needed, depending on which you prefer. Any likely causes or solutions? EDIT: Odd, i think it works now. Sorry to bother you.
  3. pleasedon'tclosein4secondspleasedon'tclosein4seconds
  4. I'm addicted to unfoldy bits and I would be very sad if robotics were not stock, and 5 meter parts (at the very least, with full Making History at the most) should really be stock if huge base setup kits and engines are to be a thing.
  5. @somnambulist Thank you very much! I'll look into these tomorrow and see what I can do.
  6. If I miss a World First record contract, will it return? Example: A contract from the World First people tells me to fly by Eve, but I am time warping to Duna and I miss it. Will the contract come back in the future at random?
  7. Private Division: terminates contract for KSP2, dissolves Star Theory, and delays KSP2 for another year and a half The KSP community:
  8. I've seen a few mods around that can replace the music KSP uses in the circumstances and situations KSP plays it in. For example, replacing a music that plays in space, or a music that plays in the VAB. This is fine and all, but what I think would be more fun is a mod that has several more situations for different music. For example, instead of just "space" and "menu" and "vab", it could have several opportunities for several unique tracks for several situations. Imagine music for Tylo, Bop, Duna, Moho, Minmus, Kerbin, etc. I'm hoping for this mod so I may return to attempting to make music, and perhaps creating fitting music for KSP's planets. The information said here is enough, but I'll ramble further in this spoiler (to conserve space). If you want to see what I'm imagining, or clarification on what I want, then go into it and see.
  9. I don't know if I can. I'm in one of those phases in which I'm not super interested in KSP (it goes back and forth), and in addition I only just recently discovered there's an easier way to use satellite dishes than to spam the unfoldy dish on all spacecraft. I'd do terribly with the communications.
  10. I'm unable to find the link atm due to phone and forum hating eachother, but I made a large thread and poll stating why RSS is a bad idea in every situation for KSP2, including this one. EDIT: found it.
  11. I would love to see "Skratch" in KSP2. A VPL capable of amazingly large things (like Scratch), but tailored to be able to also read and edit values of a ship (depending on if it can be read or edited, like the throttle of an engine or the altimeter). kOS has a close place in my heart but it's a written language, which I'm not the best at memorizing. I wouldn't be upset if it was just Scratch with a few extra KSP-themed blocks, but it would also be cool to see one tailored to fit the theme and color scheme of KSP2's UI and stuff.
  12. What I think should be done is, instead of changing Minmus or removing biomes, doing the same activity over a new biome of the same planet you've done before yields less science than doing a new activity over a new biome of a new planet. First experiment per situation should always yield most science, the rest should yield less. Those done in the same biome in the same situation on the same planet with the same experiment should yield next to nothing, and those done in the same situation in a DIFFERENT biome with the same planet and experiment should yield not full, but not nothing. Example: you perform Random Experiment, which is, for the sake of this example, always biome dependant. It is done in low orbit over the Mun's Highlands. You get max science. You do it again, over the Highlands, and you get less science. So you wait until you're over the Mun's Midlands and do it again for a moderate amount of science. You land in the Mun's Highlands, and get full science for doing the experiment again. You perform it again, and you get next to nothing. You biome hop to the next biome, and you get considerably less but a still moderate amount of science. Do it again in a third biome and you get even less. This should solve the science farming problem in my opinion. Maybe science should be given less for doing the same experiment just in a different biome than what I've shown as an example. I'm not sure about all the details, as it's just a suggestion.
  13. Nope. Plenty of impactors though. TUBM has played Minecraft before. Edit: unedited edit