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  1. Have faith in the devs, I'd say. they've shown us all sorts of splendiferous and extravagant engines, technology, game mechanics, and content through the dev diaries, show and tell videos, and out her eon the forums. I'd say they won't oversimplify stuff. Let's just remain optimistic.
  2. Psst, guys, i think you're missing something. A picture released by the devs at the announcement of KSP2. That first question and answer there states that "old" gen consoles will recieve it on launch, and if I know anything about what console generations do (which I don't), they can do compatibility to allow old games to play on new consoles-- like backwards compatible Xbox One games that were originally on Xbox 360 (though I don't know if Playstation consoles do this). And even if not, I'm 100% sure that support for new gen consoles will either be on release or within a year of
  3. I love this mod! Definitely essential for me now. I have only one recommendation, and that is smaller and/or shorter versions of pistons. However, nothing can deny how useful this mod is for Breaking Ground users!
  4. I've been looking for mods that add longer and more interesting cargo bays and service bays for the normal stock sizes, but I cannot find anything matching my preferences. Do you guys know of any good part mods that add more service and cargo bays for 1.11.x?
  5. I really like this idea! Thank you for introducing me to it. May I alter my original post with your idea added?
  6. EDIT: Section III added Section I at least partially confirmed by Nate Simpson (thank you for confirming this for us, it means a lot to me!)
  7. I dunno. I feel mass drivers are more realistic because KSP1 already has rover wheels and robotic servos, which can be used in that kind of stuff, and maglev... just feels off. There's no real easy way to out it but mass drivers have more appeal, and I'd assume only one would really be needed Edit: forgot to ping who I was replying to. @shdwlrd now they can reply if they like
  8. I've been so excited about colonies for such a long time, so I wanted to go spend a decent chunk of time talking about them and the possibilities I see for them. Please note most of this is speculation and what I'd prefer ideally, and I'll probably mention whenever something is confirmed. I. Core Function of a Base/Colony (EDIT: Most parts of this section have been confirmed to be in KSP2 after I wrote this-- thank you, Nate Simpson!) For most of us, when we think of a base or colony in KSP2 we think of the ridiculously precariously positioned orange glass domes atop large met
  9. They've announced and demonstrated WAY better explosion graphics. Check out the dev logs, they're EPIC! as for terrain deformation, perhaps temporary smoldering ejecta type particles, but I don't personally think permanent terrain damage or deformation is the way to go
  10. A: Interesting idea. I say "probably not", because maglev stuff definitely seems very futuresque, and perhaps too advanced of an idea for Kerbals. With the addition of C, they'd also become obsolete, so I voted "not necessary". B: if the physics range is large enough, and parts can become sturdy enough, you literally can't prevent this type of thing from existing. People will build it even without specialized parts. It's a very Kerbal thing anyways, so I'd definitely say yes. C: Very Kerbal, very useful. Yet again with a high enough physics range and a decent enough automation system
  11. Perhaps for very very very late game, but I'm still very unsure about it at all. I'd love to see other groun-based launch assisting devices that can be built into colonies, like a runway that's actually a rail that hurls a rocket at an angle. Space elevators, while cool, eliminate the fun and Kerbally part of every mission that is getting off the ground. I only want Kerbally solutions to that problem, like the rail launcher I described-- space elevators seem almost too sensible and boring for KSP
  12. I'd love some sort of simple in-game editor, but it's not really that hard to make them and insert them externally. What I find hardest is scaling them properly, so what I vote for is some way to have flag resolutions universally supported instead of using the incredibly obscure and low resolution they require internally in KSP1.
  13. LittleBitMore


    I did indeed mean E6. My original move was to E5, but I went back on me decision while writing the post. Sorry abut that. Your assumption was indeed correct. Bishop to B4. Check.
  14. Banned for missing profile picture.
  15. Depends on if the game engine is actually a combustion engine in disguise. Generally it isn't so it's unlikely you'll find one unless it's running a car game. What is Mystery Goo, really?
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