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  1. minerbat


    if ksp 1 fuels go into confirmed, then solid fuel should be in there. and maybe intake air too
  2. stalactites are the hanging ones right? oh boy...
  3. this will look so cool! a rogue gas planet with moons. there is no light here! the planet would have flashes of lightning on it, just visual but very cool in the dark. these would be it's moons: 1. a small moon which orbits extremely close to the planet. like EXTREMELY close. it would have lava lakes, which look very cool in the dark. the terrain is also exremely hilly with no flat region anywhere on the moon, making constructing a base or even just landing a major challenge. 2. a larger moon a little bit farther out than the lava moon but still very close. the tidal forces from the
  4. yeah, i will do bob kerman if there aren't too many lines of text
  5. i could do Bob. i loke bob the most. but only if it isn't too much work, how much lines of text do you have for bob? also i have a big dutch accent but that shouldn't matter if it gets reversed anyway.
  6. i don't know if it's intentional, but heimwee in dutch means homesickness
  7. hey! Shorts are a new feature on Youtube and there is a Short of this now:
  8. i will start a youtube series directly, not even going to look at it first so it is my genuent reaction
  9. granted. it becomes 60 degrees FOREVER... oh and im talking about degrees celsius (140 degrees fahrenheit) i wish everyone used degrees celsius so that i didn't get confused when i hear someone talking about 80 degrees without saying the unit
  10. granted. turns out it eats electronic components from the perseverance rover, and uses them to poop out tiny spaceships to come to earth to eat all electronics i wish live was found on venus
  11. nope. it's me. i wish that i could see good and didn't have to wear glasses anymore
  12. I just figured out that i used the wrong rocket in my video . it should have been an atlas V 541 but in my video is an 441 (which doesn't even exist)
  13. granted, it runs everything without any lag. but when you do so, it produces so much heat that it heats whatever room it's in to 100000000000000000 degrees celsius i wish for an infinite box with LEGO
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