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  1. I really want to use the micro lunex, but it has a kraken drive effect and I can't figure out why . If I can't figure out why it happens I will just use a normal lunex. Does anyone have any idea why it can have a kraken drive effect?
  2. a crazy lunex also needs a crazy rover... Here are a few images you can choose from for duna lunex 2. I hope there is something you can use but it was pretty difficult as this mission does not use a "traditional" lunex craft. I do plan on using a normal lunex with the lunex 3 so maybe I can make some generic pictures when doing that one if you decide not to use any of these.
  3. In the start menu, you can see the Mun. But is it possible to see Minmus? (even if it is just a few pixels and you need to wait a while before it shows up)
  4. Attempt to make the smallest lunex craft: It is totally following the rules! Also, I decided to install some visual, informatical, and camera mods.
  5. Something went wrong during recording and I don't have the part of the video when I do my Duna capture burn and the satellite deployment. Is it ok if the video doesn't include those parts? I do have footage of the satellite getting into its final orbit.
  6. This is starting to turn from a collaborative station into collaborative Jool colonization
  7. seperate stations and surface bases won't be counted towards the 3 module limit?
  8. So you wanted images... One of these could do the job for the Ike mission? I made them while testing.
  9. I dont think so, I even think they are slightly too easy so I am adding my own challenge to them... the base for the third misstion will be able to house at least 100 kerbals... Also school has started again so I have much less time and I have also spent all my KSP time the last week building a millennium falcon with interior. But that one is done now so I am returning to the challenge now.
  10. I will try to make some good looking pictures while doing the missions.
  11. Those big fuel tanks are from making history right? I only have breaking ground.
  12. Lunex 4: When do more missions come? I will just be building a Millennium Falcon in the meantime...
  13. @zanie420 Did you really just put a space shuttle on top of a rocket...?