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  1. have started a modded KSP series in KSRSS 2.5x. It will be focussed on colonisation and later hopefully going interstellar. I am looking for feedback of any kind but mostly on my voiceover since i am not native english. i have voiceover on the early episodes and not on later ones. Let me know what you prefer in the youtube comments, thread relies or in a dm. Also feedback on other aspects would be nice. I have posted the first video, the most recent video and the playlist here and will be posting all other videos i make! first video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKsdXO9kNfs latest video at time of making the post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-wB6oyGJOg playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKsdXO9kNfs&list=PLf4L4MG92InnAv79kO8i3LbBALMfCSRsf
  2. https://imgur.com/rIFMHoS does a tiny lego VAB i made a while ago count as "art"?
  3. I want to learn how to make planet pack. Does anyone know of any good tutorials? The best i could find is this post but it is quite old. Is this still accurate?:
  4. https://imgur.com/OGnCMor i wanted to continue, but for some reason time has gone back to 2h 57m, which is just after the Newton 6 failiure. also the tech node survivability has not been unlocked, even though Newton 6 and later crafts used those parts. what should i do now?
  5. i havent had much time to play but i will have fall vacation next week so hopefully i can make some more progress
  6. also does anyone know why my engine is still the old model? i play in 1.12. is it one of the mods?
  7. is going to Iota about the same delta v as going to the Mun? also is there a delta v map for this planet pack or am i allowed to install the transfer window planner mod?
  8. i dont care a lot about the tutorials, but the explosions rool really neat!
  9. is it normal that science experiments are called like kerbin space low and not geal space low?
  10. interesting, i thought that mod only changed the tech tree and didnt add any actual parts. does it add anything else or is that the only thing? and am i allowed to use the board computer from KER?
  11. hythothetical scenario. i dont know if it will come to that but better to make sure beforehand: i launch a probe to Iota flyby/impact or something. i then launch a flyby probe to Ceti before soft landing on Iota. I am still allowed to do that for science but in order to complete first Ceti flyby i have to first complete Iota landing and then i have to launch another Ceti flyby mission? does anyone know where this "tiny basic fin" comes from (not the normal basic fin from stock, but a smaller version of it). i have all the mods in the required list + KER + all the visual mods but nothing else
  12. @jimmymcgoochiehave you seen that i submitted my flag a few posts back?
  13. yeah but where do i find the kerbalism science mod for 1.12.2? same for probes before crew
  14. the last version of kerbalism science only config i can find is for 1.9.9. do you have a version for 1.12.2 somewhere?
  15. so im only allowed to have 2 missions to complete objectives at the same time? it isnt in the rules so you should add it
  16. i dont see a rule saying that i am only allowed to have 2 active missions at the same time, only that a single mission can not complete more than 2 objectives. also here is my flag: https://imgur.com/Nysamo2
  17. could there be some kind of build time rule or mod? i understand playing on science mode instead of career because of grind but i feel like that takes away much of the strategy of a "space race" as you can have unlimited parts and max upgrades from the start.
  18. i am experimenting with doing ISRU on a big scale. i have made a test craft containing 3 convert o tron 250, 2 engineer kerbals and everything else required to make ISRU work like ore and radiators. each converter supposedly takes 30 ec/sec. and the big solar panels are supposed to generate 24.4 ec/sec. i assume this is at kerbin with the panels pointed perfectly at the sun. so i would assume that 8 of the big panels should be more than enough to power 3 converters. the panels point directly at the sun. but it still drains the electric charge faster than it generates it when using it. why is that?
  19. i want to play but school starts soon again and im going to a new school so that will take a lot of my time, especcially if i want to make youtube videos about it. so i dont think i will join unless you are okay with me only making really slow progress?
  20. is there a version of this for 1.10.1? the download only goes back to 1.11 and so does CKAN
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