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  1. The only fix i found is to reinstall FAR which isnt the one fix i was looking for
  2. Oh, thank you for informing me. i don't know why the missile just doesnt slow down when near it's target. i mean it's still going at like 1.500 m/s when it is near the target
  3. I was about to say the exact same thing but you have the same problem as me. let me know if you find any fixes
  4. Hey so i have a problem the CN DF-17 is fine and all but it seems to crash a couple of km next to the target. Here are the settings, i don't know if it will help
  5. For anyone wondering this still works magically in 1.11.2. i don't know how but also the torpedoes does "seem" to be working
  6. Hello. I just wanna ask. do you intend to add new bombs? well anyhow thanks for reviving this
  7. what? i have the extended hangar but i have a ship that 1.1 km wide! so i cant reach it
  8. Is There anyway the hangar could be Bigger?
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