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  1. Unfortunately, several of these features seem to be what the KSP 2 team is working on. I'm totally up for new planets though, that sounds great! Maybe something akin to the hidden planet that dev wanted to add so long ago? Submarines sound great too, though things like buoyancy updates I think should be released as a normal update. I've always wanted a purpose for laythe subs, perhaps caves and stuff? :O
  2. A Full 30+ min cinematic, with special effects and stuff. A full 3 months in the making.
  3. It all started out as a normal (albeit quite modded) mother-ship-style mission to Eeloo, the rocky hard planet at the far reaches of the Kerbin system. My ship was a large, inefficient but cool cryogenic fuel ship (no pun intended), and after a few gravity assists, I had my intercept. But in my joy and happiness from the mission ending out so well, I failed to notice that my intercept had in fact brought my precious ship's Periapsis several thousand meters above the ice-cold surface. As typical to any KSP player, overzealous time warp is often the end to many missions- but they just rev
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