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  1. Nope, it works perfectly in pure stock Both the restock test and the stock test are in 1.11.2
  2. There appears to be a bug with the Restock engine plate that appears when there is a surface attached part between the engine plate and the root part. When that is the case the nodes get completely messed up on the engine plate and this happens: The same issue still happens no matter how many node attached parts are between the radially attached part and the engine plate. I first noticed this issue with the 1.875m radial attachment node from the upcoming station parts update but it happens with every surface attached part:
  3. Would you store fuel in bags like that? I think if the bags being storage is going to be modelled in game it would be best as extra inventory slots and space. Life support would probably be the best option but since that isn't part of stock it will be up to users/life support mod authors to patch in the resource storage.
  4. I decided to try out the new 1.875m parts with a Mir/ISS inspired Munar Gateway: These parts are just amazing and somehow look even better in game in crafts then they did in the WIP screenshots. Awsome work @Nertea!
  5. @Nerteaare you OK with us posting screenshots now? Personally I think the parts look great, having realistic looking greebles has been a real weakness of the stock parts. There are also the plain crew tubes for attaching stuff like solar panels and radiators.
  6. Hope my Kerbals are OK with just 1.875m habs because those are so gorgeous I don't think I'll use the larger ones again any time soon
  7. Would it be possible to just include Deployable Engines with the BDB download? Since you are already distributing a modified older version it shouldn’t cause licensing issues and I would think it would be easier than trying to merge the newer code into the BDB plugin.
  8. Man these look so much better than what you had before for the inflatables and they already were pretty good.
  9. I feel like the radiators won’t actually do anything, in real life those radiators would only be useful for radiating the heat produced by the crew inside. However it probably wouldn’t be that hard to create a patch to make them a system heat radiator if you really wanted. Also, absolutely stunning work @Nertea ! I can’t wait to be able to use these in game, I love 1.875m scale and it’s always great to have more options in that size.
  10. You could just get NFLV/Cryoengines and have the modern engines without everything else. On the other hand, this mod looks a lot more modern than BDB stuff is so maybe it would just fit better in your other save?
  11. The only overheating problems I’ve had with (re)stock parts are the spherical making history pods, even with their built in ablator they get really toasty and tend to burn up when coming in from beyond LKO.
  12. Well there are also lots of people that like to use parts from BDB/Tanteres/Knes to kitbash their own rockets and aren't really interested in only flying recreation missions. Making the parts balanced against stock parts means that people that want to kittbash with the parts can do that as well as allow the people who want to do recreations to do those, they just need a 2.5x rescale mod. If you are just recreating the rockets you won't really need to be an advanced player to use BDB in 2.5x scale since your recreations will have the performance you need to do the missions you want. Also, as so
  13. The reason you can take a BDB Mercury capsule to the Mun in stock scale is because otherwise the BDB rockets would be massively underpowered compared to the stock parts. Other than trying to recreate a specific mission there would be no other reason to use the massively weaker BDB parts instead of stock parts at the same size. And to be fair, stock's version of the Mercury capsule (the Mk1 capsule) and the Redstone rocket (the early game 1.25m parts) can easily go to the Mun as well so unless you want to say that stock parts are also game breaking you can't say that BDB is either. As for why
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