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  1. Wouldn't the cheat option bypass this though? That is the part that sounds like it could be a potential bug.
  2. Heat Control is a useful mod but those radiators won't come close to cooling the crazier engines in this mod. Luckily FFT/HeatControl comes with really advanced radiators so you shouldn't need to worry about having the right parts for cooling these monsters.
  3. @Pappystein have you thought about setting up a blog or something? These articles you’ve been posting are really good and it would be a shame for them to get lost in the BDB dev thread.
  4. I actually find SystemHeat to be way more intuitive than Stock's heating system since SystemHeat provides a really nice GUI that lets you see what is producing heat, what is rejecting heat, and what the equilibrium temperature is. This makes it so much easier to plan how many radiators I need and what kind than what I was used to with the stock heating system. Really the only thing that could be a bit easier is knowing how much LH2 to pack for some of the after burning engines, it would be nice if there was something telling you how close to an optimal ratio of fuel types you are.
  5. Both of those are hard dependencies so this mod isn't functional without them. I'm not sure why you don't want them, System Heat makes it much easier to plan out your cooling systems and make sure they work in the VAB and Space Dust doesn't really impact you if you don't do ISRU.
  6. KSP's UI is just really bad once you got a large number of parts, heck even with just Nertea's mods it gets pretty crazy trying to find things and then with how many (incredibly high quality) parts BDB adds the problem gets even worse. I'm hoping that this is something that can be fixed in KSP 2.
  7. There should already be replacements, there might be something wrong with your install if they aren't showing up. Can you provide some screenshots of what you see when you search for "agena engine" in the VAB?
  8. I recently sent a crew of 8 to Duna and Ike using the X-20 Verne. I figured that y'all might be interested in my mission report and screenshots. It was really enjoyable to build and fly these parts, however the engine sounds for the X-20 are awful. It sounds like a really repetative popping noise, not pleasent at all to hear. Is this a bug?
  9. Using the Far Future Technologies mod I decided it was finally time to send Kerbals beyond Kerbin's SOI in my JNSQ TAC life support save. The obvoius choice was Duna as it is closer than Edna or Dres along with more science. Eve was also ruled out since I don't have the technology for a Eve surface return (yet! The Nuclear Salt Water engine might change that...) Blasting off with the core of the habbitable section of the K.E.V. Curiosity. Thanks to Waterfall for the beautiful plumes. Adding the lab and greenhouse modules that were launched seperately. The crew h
  10. Just an FYI, apparently this mod is pretty broken with the current Space Dust release.
  11. Are there any plans to add support for JNSQ? Since stock has such a laughably small scale these engines would be so much more useful in a larger scale system. I wouldn't mind doing it myself but I don't know how to place the bands and other resources realistically to try and keep the balance you have with the stock configs.
  12. SLS is a future rocket and out of scope for this mod, however there are other great SLS mods if you search for SLS in the add on forum.
  13. Pretty! Does it come with built in radiators like the Frisbee?
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