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  1. Alright, I'll try it today and see if it works.
  2. Today I have got out KSP, reduced settings to minimum so I can play lag-free etc etc. I built a cool *ish* SSTO which I am in the process of flying into orbit. I activated Phys-warp so I could speed up the journey a bit, but (as it was a new save) the notification came up saying that warping can affect big ships. I pressed the button several times, even pressing lots of other buttons on my keyboard (That went well :P). It looked like it had pressed the button, but nothing happened. I also noticed a similar issue almost anywhere I had to press a button. Help me x( Note: I have just restarted my computer and I am now trying to open KSP again.
  3. I literally just saw this. Before, I thought KSP 2 would be rubbish. I was wrong, very very wrong... I just can't wait to see this high tech "torch rider" thingy-ma-jig
  4. I actually haven't played KSP today, I need to start playing it again
  5. Yep. Hopefully we get more updates on the game, I mean it's not easy to make a SANDBOX SPACEFLIGHT MULTIPLAYER PLANET-EXPLORING game, eh?
  6. Now that's one way to *catapult* into the new decade! Also, congrats to @ManEatingApe
  7. Calling 911 (or 999 as we call it in the uk) as I need the toilet DESPERATELY!
  8. Same, I used to have mods but for some reason I preferred to have KSP vanilla... don’t ask why...
  9. Is this still going? If so, can I change my name to Legolover cuz it’s very annoying that I added the 2019
  10. @Lapis Thanks! I’ve been watching lots of youtubers for a long time. Plus, I play on sandbox most of the time anyway cuz I can’t be bothered to spend time getting funds and science I spend most of my time down on the ground, trying out planes and rovers. When I do go to space, I usually shove a satellite in hornet or go to the mun. I set a station up around the mun, but I’m probably the worst docker ever so usually it just floats around in space. My first mun mission (beginning of this year-ish) was terrible, I just slapped some boosters on a pod, shoved some Kerbals inside and crashed it all the way to the mun, then landed on my side... so even though I’ve been playing KSP for a while, I still act like a noob to it. Maybe that’s because literally no one I know in real life plays KSP, and when I mention it they go all WoBbLY aNd wEirD... I mean, seriously, it’s not rocket science...
  11. This is terrible, I love Danny (I voted for him) shadowzone, Scott, matt, and hazard-ish I want to vote for them all...
  12. Not with a rover, but I used to get this thing on the mun and minmus when Kerbal would slide down the surface (in ragdoll mode) and I couldn’t make them get up until they stopped sliding, which either took a LONG time or they “popped” on the way down... :’(