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  1. Haha yes It's ELA-1 in the Ariane era, but I will also do this one for Vega c: Well I can't really explain how I make these, it's somehow complicated because you have to model them and adapt them to the game but I do: - SketchUp for modeling - Blender for corrections (mergings faces, normals, rename faces according to textures names) - Unity (using Part Tools) - and then do the .cfg
  2. 1.1.1: Kodiak Update - Add the ability to disable lights from ELA-3 launchpad Download: Aurora Space Center 1.1.zip NB: Next Aurora Space Center update is planned in some weeks, more details coming soon. (lot of great stuff!)
  3. @Jacktical Hi guys, thanks you for your report! I updated the ELA3 launchpad with the possibility to remove the lights https://github.com/Zoeille/Aurora-Space-Center/blob/master/GameData/AuroraSpaceCenter/Pads/ELA3/ELA3.cfg You just have to edit your launchpad and select "Without Lights" variant:
  4. Do you use a shader mod ? You should check your KS3P/TUFX settings.. I don't think I added lights on ELA-3
  5. Hi ! Today I worked on a "hors serie" of the next update: Delta IV SLC-37B! This will be the only launchpad that is not from VAFB to me featured in the next update including SLC-37A & SLC-37B (Apollo era)
  6. Really cool! Thanks for using Aurora Space Center
  7. hi! Would it be possible for kRPC to support Gridfins from Kerbal Reusability Expansion ? It didn't work on krpc, but work well on kOS (I think it's an issue with moveable wings in general)
  8. Thanks! I'm very busy right now but I think I will try to release it in the coming months Aurora Space Center 1.3 here my progress about this update: - SLC-6 (Delta IV variant) is done - SLC-2 (Delta II variant) is mostly done - SLC-3 not started yet - SLC-4 SpaceX HIF is done
  9. I made the Astra rocket using Procedural Parts, Procedural Fairing and Generic Engines in RSS, also when you place the static, you have a popup and a option with "Model Scale" Thanks!
  10. Wow, thanks for using Aurora Space Center on this extension!
  11. Uhhh i'm using Dylan's version and have no issues with it
  12. You should use Dylan Semrau version https://github.com/DylanSemrau/Space-Shuttle-System
  13. Hmmmm I don't think it's optimal, for now you have 2 direction one is static "CAA_right" and static "CAA_left"
  14. It's time to start the next era of Aurora Space Center! If you want to see the progress of the next update about Vandenberg, follow my twitter account! For the SLC-6 you will be able to select 3 variants of it: Space Shuttle, Delta IV, Hydrogen Aerospace(more bigger)
  15. Sorry if the question was asked before, but do you plan to add collider on road and terrain ?
  16. Yup you can use it with Tundra and Omega to get a beautiful space center ! By the way i'm working on a update that fix the lights and some other things
  17. uhhhhh, that's really weird, i don't know where the lags can from for you, I thinking about the lights but the new LC-20 didn't have lights, it's also not the animation ELA-2 and LC-20 didn't have animations. I don't know what can I do to be honest, lot of people tested it and you are the only one to have this fps issue it's really weird Thanks you !
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