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  1. Recommended mods: Parts: All of Nertea's mods (Near Future, Station Parts, etc.), Restock and Restock+, Kerbal Planetary Base Systems. Gameplay: Extraplanetary Launchpads and Simple Construction, KAS, KIS, SCANsat. QoL: BetterBurnTime, BetterTimeWarp, Mechjeb, KER, Craft Manager, DockRotate, Easy Vessel Switch, For Science!, Trajectories, Waypoint Manager. You should get Breaking Ground, the surface features and robotics are great, but I wouldn't recommend Making History. I've never used the mission builder and most of the parts are included in Restock+.
  2. Granted, your laptop works but it runs at 1 fps. I wish time warp was real.
  3. There's a similar glitch with all engines where you can go above or below normal throttle limits with the KAL controller. You can make the curve go above or below the edges of the controller box by using the curve handles next to each point, resulting in extremely high or negative thrust.
  4. What little thing on the EVA pack?
  5. I made a Tensegrity table with KAS.
  6. Works fine for me on 1.9.1 with Sigma Dimensions, Alternis Kerbol, and Outer Planets Mod, except Kerbin's terrain is a lot brighter than normal.
  7. Banned because this thread is about banning, not locking.

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  9. Correct! Wait, I'm not Hanson. @RoninFrog
  10. Banned because the thread isn't locked.
  11. Kerbin with SciFi Visual Enhancements. Alternis Kerbol makes it look greener.
  12. 9.9/10 I see you EVERYWHERE.