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  1. Part 5: A Complete Joke *inhales* Oh and Mun Explorer 1 returned too.
  2. KK as in Kerbal Konstructs? False! The user below me has never used RSS.
  3. 10,000 Perfectly Generic Objects. I guess I could make a giant pyramid out of them. Do I also get 10,000 pumpkins?
  4. It used to be not possible until it became possible to directly assign Kerbals to external chairs. It's probably a bug, but a cool one.
  5. Part 4: The First Kerbal in Space Soon is now now. Valentina Kerman has been selected as the first kerbal to go to space, and after the selection, no time was wasted in preparing the launch. Except, however, the time to launch a satellite for Maxo Construction Toys. After that brief intermission, we can get on with the main mission. The program's name has been decided as Frontier. Upon return, Valentina received some ribbons, the most notable one being the First Kerbal in Space ribbon. This historic mission will pave the way for several more manned missions, in addition to unmanned probes.
  6. HullCameraVDS works in 1.8, so it should work in 1.9 too. It adds several camera parts, docking port cameras, and first person EVA view.
  7. Banned for thinking they're trapped. They can easily break out. Banned because I replied to the "Don't Reply" thread.
  8. CORRECT! The user below has a dog.
  9. Take one Kerbal on EVA and use the [ and ] keys to switch vessels. Switch back to your craft and you can send the other Kerbal out on EVA. You can only control one kerbal at a time, though.
  10. Might as well make some progress towards seeing the other planets now. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 3: Testing and Testing Today's update will be short, since I'm away right now and writing this on mobile. Guess what? Kerbin World-Firsts wants another orbit, this time at the Mun. The pay isn't that good, but it's something. Because here, at the Alternis Space Program, we care about our kerbals unlike most space agencies, so we put our manned spacecraft through some tests to ensure kerbal safety. First up is the Pad Abort Test. Next up was the In Flight Abort and the Orbital Flight Test. To save costs, both will be done on the same mission. First, the in flight abort, a revert, then orbit. Everything went well, so the first kerbal will go to space soon!
  11. What's this? Two updates in one day? Insanity! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2: Laythe and some other stuff Laythe Explorer 1 has been completed and is ready to take off. Its goal is to orbit Laythe and return to Kerbin, while gathering a lot of science, of course. For now, LE1 will be left to coast through space. To pass the time, Mortimer decided to pad his wallet with extra funds from GAP contracts. What follows is a brief montage of 5 contracts, described purely through captions. Extra money stored away for the LE1 return party, a contract was accepted for a satellite in polar Bop orbit, and to scan Bop. At this point, assembling rockets was so fast that the builders got to keep their snack break this time. With another mission complete, it was time to finish Laythe Explorer 1's mission. Afterwards, several contracts were delivered to Gene's desk. One asked to do what LE1 did, but with the Mun. There were also four contracts to collect science from Laythe and the Mun. They're gonna need an army of probes to complete all of the contracts that keep flooding in. Additionally, command pod technology were researched, so testing will begin for manned missions to space.
  12. Thanks! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While I'm here, might as well post an update. Part 1: The (not so) Long Science Grind The adventure resumes with another contract on Gene's desk, asking for a probe to enter Jool's atmosphere. As usual, the snack breaks were cancelled to assemble the probe. In addition, a new strategy was started by the admins to hopefully get more science by keeping the unpaid interns for longer than normal. After this successful mission, another contract appeared to orbit Laythe and return. It promised to pay a lot, so it was accepted immediately after seeing the amount of funds it gives. Before they explored Laythe, the unpaid R&D workers voiced their concerns that the space center didn't have the required parts for such a mission. Surprisingly, the administrators agreed, and, in their desperation for science, built a cheap rover because someone online said that the KSC buildings are worth a lot of science. Bob was placed on top of this basic science rover. Science had been earned, but the KSC admins weren't satisfied. So they sent a probe to Bop, because why not. It could also serve as a relay, before they realized the Tracking Station was powerful enough to cover the Jool System. The Space Program's craft designers continued work on Laythe Explorer 1, with the launch slated for the next update posted here.
  13. After a while of lurking on the forums and replying to the occasional topic, I decided to make a mission report. This report will cover my journey in the Alternis Kerbol planet pack with Sigma Dimensions set to 2x scale, with the "best" spacecraft ever made. This will probably be pretty long, so this post will be updated with links to future pages. Mod list below: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 0: Everyone's gotta start somewhere, right? Introducing the Dawn program, an unoriginal way of naming the dawn of a new space program. Dawn 0, the first rocket: After that mission, the space program only had enough science for fuel tanks, but not engines. Dawn 1 was assembled to get that science. Afterwards, the engineers finally had enough science to build a real rocket. Introducing Dawn 2. Very creative, as always. Aviation parts and wings were unlocked, and the R&D department realized that it would be easier to use a plane to get some data. These new parts were quickly glued together in the SPH to get some science, and Jeb was the victim loyal test subject that was put in the pilot's seat. With more science, the space program was finally ready to reach the cosmos. The next mission would finally go to orbit. However, a camera malfunction (me forgetting to take screenshots) led to only one picture of this mission, of the tiny satellite in orbit. Dawn 4 is in orbit! As is the pattern, there is a drought of science. Dawn 5 was launched to escape Kerbin's sphere of influence and transmit data from Jool. No photos of this mission exist, but the probe looked similar to Dawn 4. In addition, the VAB was upgraded before the launch and the pesky 30 part limit was FINALLY gone. Dawn 6 was up next: That concludes the first part of this space program. Next up will be the start of the long science grind until better parts.
  14. For decouplers, staging can be disabled in the editor.