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  1. I prefer the default font because I'm too lazy to change it. TUBM hates Comic Sans.
  2. Probably not. Now @The Dressian Exploder will reply.
  3. Part 20: Thinking with Portals Today's update starts with some M700 SCANsats. At the ASC, the staff were busy planning a Sarnus kolonization mission. RING RING RING! A contract appeared for a SENTINEL telescope to scan asteroids passing near Jool. It was pretty much free money, so the contract was accepted. While thinking of ways to get the station to Sarnus, the Extra-Kerbin Space Technology Research Agency's Superluminal Logicstics Division magically started existing and created warp beacons, which the ASC took interest in, and bought several. The new plan was to only launch the already-launched SCANsats and a warp beacon to Sarnus, and teleport the rest from Kerbin orbit. The only problem was the beacons ran on Karborundum, a very expensive and rare resource. While waiting for the Pol transfer window, a janitor got a brilliant idea of building a craft with a lot of RTGs at one of the bases and sending it to Kerbin to sell the RTGs to make millions. A senior scientist in RnD heard the idea and stole all the credit. Kerbal Alarm Clock is a life saver when you have a lot of maneuvers and craft. Now that that's done, we can start mining Karborundum. Next time, time will start moving much faster to get to the interesting stuff, like TPA shenanigans and Sarnus launches.
  4. Floor -57: You go back up to make sure you didn't miss anything on that floor.
  5. Floor -56: The floors magically become un-obsolete. You're not sure how it happened.
  6. No picture right now but I designed a space station that I'll put in orbit of Ovok. Getting it there is a different story. Edit: Here's the picture.
  7. 184 MB in my main screenshot file, and 163 MB in a separate folder for screenshots that go in my mission report. Total size is 347 MB.
  8. Floor -51: You see an elevator door. You press the button to call the elevator. A screen says that the elevator is on floor 5217, so you decide to continue heading down instead of waiting.
  9. 1. To pick up stones, stand next to them and right-click on the kerbal. There should be a button that says something along the lines of Pick up Mun Stone. 2. A RoveMate probe core, modular girders, or structural plates are good for rover bodies. The RoveMate is in the pods category, and the structural plates are in the structural category. 3. In the bottom left, look for the small icon that has a circle around a point. Click it so the circles changes to a hexagon, which will make parts snap to angles. 4. To make rendezvous easy, make sure the target's orbit is noticeably higher or lower than your orbit. Make a maneuver to transfer to the target like you would to get to the Mun. To slow down, I recommend installing BetterBurnTime, it has an indicator telling you when to burn to slow down.
  10. Banned for posting twice in a row.
  11. Part 19: It's Back Again Welcome back to Alternis Space Program, home of the most inconsistent update schedule ever! except i just received news that this is NOT the most inconsistent mission report, although it is still inconsistent Today's update starts with the Tylo Probe Army. With the Tylo Probe "Army" heading to... well... Tylo, the second DSR was thrown into deep space. With nothing to do, Gene activated time warp until he had something to do. After a few rotes of drifting in space, EE1 is arriving at Eve. Next time, Werhner will reveal a project "that will actually be an army." Updates will also be more consistent.
  12. Floor -48: You find a break room with plenty of snacks and good internet connection.
  13. Sadly true. TUBM has posted a topic in Mission Reports.
  14. You can install Kerbal Construction Time to do this.
  15. Loaded up my save file for the first time in a few weeks and landed on Eve.
  16. Part 18: Minmus 4 Journey Today's update starts with tourists. A lot of them. A contract appeared on Gene's desk for the "Minmus 4 Journey". The contract was accepted because it paid nearly a million funds. While the first part of the Minmus 4 Journey was happening, the StarShuttle returned. Werhner was looking through his telescope when he noticed some new things in the sky. He immediately started the more powerful telescopes and was shocked when he saw some new planets! Back to Minmus 4. Next time, the Tylo Probe Army will take off.
  17. There are a few monoliths on each body in the Kerbin system. Use the KerbNet display in orbit (or SCANsat if installed) and look for a white ? icon. Set a waypoint there and fly to it.
  18. Dr. Kendall discovered the first Koronavirus kase while working as a doctor in Khina, and died after catching it. The disease quickly started to spread. Mitcott Kerman - Koronavirus
  19. Unmanned missions are [Planet] Explorer #, and manned missions are [Planet] Expedition # For example, Mun Expedition 1 for the first crewed Mun mission. Stations are [First letter of planet name]SS, then a one-two word name, and bases are the same as stations but SB. For example, KSS Resort for a Kerbin station.
  20. Launched some tourists to my space hotel.
  21. Part 17: Station Shenanigans Round 4 Today's update starts with the launch of the KSS Resort Observation Deck. Tourists will be able to look down at Kerbin and enjoy snacks in this module. While the ASC staff were building Resort, MSB The Engineer started work on new modules to boost production rates, starting with a drill module. Speaking of Pol Expedition 1, it's about to return to Kerbin. With new parts unlocked, ASC management launched two almost identical centrifuge modules. One has a restaurant with a kale greenhouse, and the other has an interactive science module for tourists to experiment in microgravity, under the supervision of a scientist. Resort had one problem, though. There was no way to get the large amount of kerbals buying tickets up to the station! To fix this, work immediately started on a vehicle that could transport large numbers of kerbals. Next time, tourists will be launched to the new space station, and the ASP will have to buy several new wallets.