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  1. On the Alternis Kerbol release thread, there's a graph of all of the planets and a description of all their changes. I'll get a picture of the Tracking Station view next time I get on KSP. For now, here's the basic changes: Moho is closer to the sun. Eve is mostly unchanged. Jool is where Kerbin was, with 5 moons. Minmus orbits very close Laythe further our Mun even more Kerbin is where Tylo used to be, with Bop in orbit. Pol is very far out, similar to where it is in stock. Tylo is past Jool near where Duna was and much bigger than stock. Dres and Duna now orbit Tylo There's a large gap between Tylo and Eeloo Vall now orbits Eeloo There are two comets, Gillan's comet (Gilly) and Issac's comet (Ike) Gilly has a very inclined orbit that goes very close to the sun Ike has less inclination, but takes much longer to orbit. All planets have some inclination.
  2. Part 14: More Station Shenanigans KSS Risk, while a great station, was starting to experience some glitches. After some consideration, ASC management made the decision to deorbit it. Pol SCANsat 2 was launched to complete the SCANsat series across the Jool system. The first interplanetary craft, Eve Explorer 1 lifted off to become the first interplanetary craft. (DSR 1 doesn't count since it doesn't have a destination. The crew at MSB The Engineer weren't done yet. Another sat contact was accepted for a satellite around the Mun, so it was built at the Mun to save time and money. RING RING RING! Pol SCANsat 1 has arrived. Additionally, Eve Explorer 1 has reached its ejection burn. Next, a base will be launched to Minmus to provide another launchpad for colonization of the Jool system. Other than that, I'm not sure of what to do next. Suggestions are welcome.
  3. They only try to eat Minmus' surface because it looks like mint ice cream. If it looked like a rock, they probably wouldn't eat it.
  4. I got it to land on the Mun, thanks for the help. Had to get some quick science for a 5m fairing. Also, these are my mods:
  5. Part 13: Laythe and Another Space Home Today's update starts with a brief test of a helicopter to be used on Eve. Enough with the future, why not focus on something happening now? Laythe Expedition 1 has arrived. Because of tight DeltaV margins, the decision was made to aerobrake at Laythe to save fuel. In preparation for interplanetary missions, the first of several Deep Space Relays (DSRs) were launched. The design is a modified SCANsat which removes the scanning equipment in favor of more antennas. With new base building parts and the installation of Extraplanetary Launchpads, the decision was made to build a space base. The destination? The Mun. Future plans exist for using MSB The Engineer (because trust me, I'm an engineer!) as a new primary launchsite for craft because of its lower gravity making it much easier to launch craft, and the limitless ore from the Mun meaning it doesn't cost the space center a single Kerbuck to launch crafts.
  6. Thanks for the answers. I'll try the brute-force method with the base folded up using BG, then unfold and dock the base on the surface.
  7. Any idea on how I can launch this base to The Mun?
  8. If you have Breaking Ground, you can put the docking port on a piston, and use the rotate and offset tools to put it intentionally too low. Then, you can use the piston to fine-tune the height.
  9. I've already had several successful Bop missions. It's really easy in the planet pack I'm using. TUBM wants their Tylo mission to succeed.
  10. I think Forgotten Space Program started it.
  11. Thanks! I'll keep doing more. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 12: The SCANsat Army and Another Expedition The previous Minmus mission unlocked a lot of tech, including all of the SCANsat parts. The SCANsat agency saw an opportunity to scan some moons. All Mortimer saw was money. While the above SCANsat launches were happening, the ASC's eyes were turned towards Laythe. Specifically, landing there and returning. The actual mission itself was cleared for launch. Jebediah and new scientist Jeswell are on the mission. Launching contract sats, a great way to pass time. Next time, LEx1 will land, and another ContractSat will launch. Some transfer windows to Tylo and Eve were coming up in a few Rotes, so ASC management was looking at potential interplanetary explorers in the future.
  12. Part 11: Minmus Expedition 1 No, I haven't abandoned this mission report just yet. This mission will be very similar to Mun Expedition 1, but better. Similar to it, the lander was launched separately. Once the lander was in orbit, the crew launched. Valentina and Haruki, as well as two tourists, were in the rocket. The combined craft drifted off to- RING RING RING! Back to MiEx1 Welcome to Minmus! Population: You and one probe. The lander had a ton of fuel left, so they decided to biome hop before returning to the tourists.
  13. Banned for trying to ban multiple people.
  14. 5213: The Doodling Astronaut steals back his Pringles and leaves.
  15. Perfectly generic object pyramid is assembled into a hammer, and is then used to destroy Dres.
  16. Part 10: Station Shenanigans First, what's a station without a crew? To solve this? the STV(Station Transport Vehicle) was created. Valentina and Herzon Kerman were selected to crew the station. Next up is- *RING RING RING* MEx1's alarm is going off! That rude interruption did get one good thing - better command pods. The STV instantly became obsolete and was replaced by the STVB(B representing the second generation). The station wasn't complete in one launch, though. An airlock and docking node were launched shortly after, in the spirit of doing things really quickly at the ASC. Another Kerbal has been stranded in space! Duna Ore, the primary contractor for Risk, wanted the station's crew rotated, even though they had spent barely any time there. A craft filled with several parts for the station, including new docking ports to replace the Jr. size ports, was launched. Admin Kerman went on EVA from the airlock to install the new parts. Next up, Minmus Expedition 1 will be launched to get a lot of science from the tiny red rock orbiting near Jool.
  17. All docking mode really does is allow you to use WASDQE for translation instead or rotation. If you're good with the normal translation keys, it's unnecessary. The square with the orange crosshair is the pitch/yaw/roll bars in the staging screen, but for translation instead.
  18. Station shenanigans, featuring some tourists.
  19. 5208: You find a floor that has nothing but fresh chocolate bars.