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  1. The KAL-1000 controller can be used to create sequences with robotic parts, assuming you have Breaking Ground. It probably works differently if you're using IR. Step-by-step guide: 1. Place a controller and some robotic parts on your craft. 2. Go to the Actions menu and select the controller on the left side. 3. Click the robotic part on your craft and select Target Angle on the left. 4. Repeat Step 3 until all robotic parts you want are in the KAL's control. 5. Open the KAL's UI and set up how you want the hinges to move. 6. (optional) Assign "Play Sequence" for the KAl to an action group. If done right, when the controller is played, the sequence will play out.
  2. Press ` to go back to your craft. Edit: Tab to switch between objects.
  3. Part 9: Space Home This update will be longer than normal, as I've been falling behind. You wish has been granted. Pol Explorer 1 is launching right now. While MEx1 and PE1 are waiting for nodes, the contract satellite industry is booming. All the space program can do now is wait. To distract everyone from the extreme boredom, Bop Expedition 1 was launched. The plan is that Bop landings become a normal way to train crew members. Bill and Natabin Kerman are on this mission. All in all, the mission was a success, and killed enough time for CS4 to reach Laythe. Another contract slip-up, this time a contract for science data from the surface was accepted. Unlike last time, this time Gene thought they already had a surface probe. As a result, they improvised. There was now enough science to unlock the Mobile Processing lab, among a lot of other parts. With this, a space station started construction. Next time, MEx1 and PE1 will execute their maneuvers, and the first crew will be launched to Risk.
  4. Lazard tripped while walking to the fridge. Gusbree Kerman - challenging Jeb to a race.
  5. BG Kerbal/storage container inventories are in the PAW (right click window). To deploy, first place the object in a Kerbal's inventory, mouse over the deployable device, and click the small icon in the top right corner. To transfer between inventories, take something out of the inventory of the part that has it, move your mouse onto the destination part/Kerbal, and the PAW will open automatically.
  6. Next update will be a Pol mission! The only problem with Pol is the transfer windows take a long time, and it's inclined.
  7. Part 8: Two Landings It's another rote at the KSC, and this update starts with a launch because what else is there? The launch in question is Laythe Explorer 2, designed to fly around Laythe and gather valuable science. Next up is... wait, why did you accept that contract? Next time, Pol Explorer 1 and several other satellites will be launched.
  8. My kerbals live as long as the save file lives, with some deaths on doomed timelines (before quickloading).
  9. Part 7: The Science Grind is Back This updates starts out with probes being built to explore the other moons, starting with Minmus. While Minmus Explorer 1 is drifting through space, Mun Explorer 2, a rover, was launched. It'll take a while for the two probes to arrive, so two rescue contracts were accepted to pass the time. Mun Explorer 2's node was performed, followed by Minmus Explorer 1 reaching its target. Next up, even more probes will be launched, because we need more science.
  10. Used some of Matt Lowne's crafts to try to learn KSP, looking back I would've been better off building my own. Other than that, I don't use KerbalX because of the time it takes to add the craft, and I use a mod that replaces the stock craft browser so I don't see Steam Workshop craft that much. However, I've published several craft to the Workshop, and even got featured on the KSP twitter account twice.
  11. Banned for having an explosive profile pic.
  12. Part 6: Milestones! Two big milestones for the space program today, landing on Bop and the first tourist in orbit. Afterwards, two-seater pod technology was researched, so the space program thought about what they could do with multiple kerbals in orbit. One of the mission planners remembered that during part 4, Val said: Gene made an announcement that the space program would allow civilians to go to space with Jeb or Val, but for a price. Many people doubted it and didn't sign up, until billionaire Tito Kerman stepped up and paid to go in one of the new pods and spend a few hours in orbit. Soon enough, Frontier 4 was rolled out to the launchpad. Tito's flight showed that tourism was safe, so more tourists slowly started to apply for tourism. Also, the Woomerang Launch Site was lined up with the orbit of a contract orbit for a polar satellite, so that was launched too.
  13. Only problem with that is when you're landing heavy things and/or in high gravity like Kerbin, the robotic parts get very flimsy.
  14. Inventories do not exist unless you have KIS or Breaking Ground. However, Breaking Ground's inventory is only for deployed science experiments, and is in the PAW.
  15. Part 5: A Complete Joke *inhales* Oh and Mun Explorer 1 returned too.
  16. KK as in Kerbal Konstructs? False! The user below me has never used RSS.
  17. 10,000 Perfectly Generic Objects. I guess I could make a giant pyramid out of them. Do I also get 10,000 pumpkins?
  18. It used to be not possible until it became possible to directly assign Kerbals to external chairs. It's probably a bug, but a cool one.
  19. Part 4: The First Kerbal in Space Soon is now now. Valentina Kerman has been selected as the first kerbal to go to space, and after the selection, no time was wasted in preparing the launch. Except, however, the time to launch a satellite for Maxo Construction Toys. After that brief intermission, we can get on with the main mission. The program's name has been decided as Frontier. Upon return, Valentina received some ribbons, the most notable one being the First Kerbal in Space ribbon. This historic mission will pave the way for several more manned missions, in addition to unmanned probes.
  20. HullCameraVDS works in 1.8, so it should work in 1.9 too. It adds several camera parts, docking port cameras, and first person EVA view.
  21. Banned for thinking they're trapped. They can easily break out. Banned because I replied to the "Don't Reply" thread.
  22. CORRECT! The user below has a dog.
  23. Take one Kerbal on EVA and use the [ and ] keys to switch vessels. Switch back to your craft and you can send the other Kerbal out on EVA. You can only control one kerbal at a time, though.
  24. Banned for being confusing.