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  1. Returning to the Earth like the Return of this Thread! Hopefully the thread wont crash and burn like the Progress will) H-2 2005 Missions Coming Next Week! P.S. Go Starliner!
  2. I've collected my decals and put them into a folder and uploaded them! Enjoy! An image with Columbia's gold Tail Service Port from a little while back (You can tell cause I'm using the non RMM SSME's)
  3. This is very a very exciting prospect. I've found in the packs I've been using recently some clouds look fantastic and some look how should I say this, exceptionally angular , from what I've gathered from what you've said this would potentially eliminate this as you could use the full texture on the smaller cloud systems which would be joined by other smaller systems to form the major cloud systems. This questions is based in my lack of understanding on the subject but would this eliminate the texture seams from traditional cube maps? Overall I think this would be a fantastic avenue to peruse. I would guess you're working on the cutting edge of what EVE can do as I've never seen this before. I'm not a modder so I don't really know if I fully understand the meaning of the paragraph but I don't need to be one to think it sounds very exciting!
  4. A House Warming Gift - STS-9B These are a couple screenshots from a Space Shuttle Mission depicting the delivery of the Skylab Nodal Module, based off of the planned Shuttle Based Skylab revitalization plans using the wonderful new Skylab Parts! You can see the mission in its entirety here: Thank you for these wonderful parts! The mission wouldn't have been nearly as good without these beautiful models.
  5. Nope, I just adjusted the Waterfall Config manually and tweakscaled them down. That does lower the thrust so where ever you see an SSME you actually see 2 clipped into each other . A appropriately kerbal if you ask me !
  6. Never Has The Flamey End Looked So Good! Fantastic work on these models!
  7. Have you found a solution for the bricked Titan and Venusian Atmospheres? I sat around and tried messing with the config files but I never found any solution. Lastly but most importantly your pictures look great!
  8. I spent a day in Paint 3D a while back and with at wonderful PDF with all the Shuttle Exterior Markings for each mission. Literally just as I went go find it on google to link in this post I found another wonderful PDF for the SRBs and ET! So with the shuttle marking guide I sat down and made a bunch of flags that looked similar to the various markings to get closer and closer to realism. Subsequently I realized that I needed those gold umbilicals.I made them as flags from screenshot of the side of the aft fuselage part. I personally plan on releasing them but I have to sit down and make an American flag at the correct aspect ratio at some point so I don’t need to keep carefully clipping two flag conformal decals together. I might also make some more decals but who knows !
  9. Watching this mod being developed has been fantastic. I really appreciate the frequent updates! The work you've been putting out has truly been stunning! I do have a couple questions though, Are you designing this with KSRSS at 2.5x Kerbal Scale or normal Kerbal Scale? What are the clouds looking like at lower orbits? I curious because, generally fool around in LEO at 300 kilometers above the surface with the Shuttle and ISS so this would be the regime where I would hang out the most. Is this going to be like the wild texture overhauls in PRVE like this or a more scaled down less intensive version? I've prefer the nutso realistic texture but completely understand if you bias toward performance. I'm not a modder and my lack of understanding of making a mods, makes watching this mod come alive all the more impressive. Can't wait to eventually play with this!
  10. STS-9B - Expand The Lab - June 1980 Authors Note: This will be a modified version of NASA's plan to revitalize Skylab for the Shuttle Program. This is Episode 2 of 4 As I 've already conducted Skylab Reboost. Perhaps I'll expand on the idea of Shuttle Skylab, but I want to first conduct the missions NASA had planned, the delivery of the Nodal Module, dedicated refurbishment missions, and the power module. I personally plan to deliver the power module and then conduct refurbishment missions as to allow Skylab to be at full power. Bottom line, real -ish Mission, modified for artistic liberty . Enjoy! After a resounding success with STS-2A, and the Teleoperated Retrieval System, Skylab was now safely in a higher orbit and NASA had a station with nearly 12,500 cubic feet of pressurized volume and a reusable space truck at their disposal. It isn't all good news however. Skylab has been in orbit for more than 9 years and it solar panels have degraded significantly. Compounded with the fact that Skylab lost its port solar array, Skylab had a serious lack of power preventing it from being simply reactivated. The solution was to add an additional power module with two massive solar array wings. Preceding this addition, Skylab would first be outfitted with a Nodal Module, proving both adequate clearance and compatible docking hardware for the Space Shuttle. Now far a beyond traditional probe and drogue port of the Apollo Era, the Space Shuttle sports the new Androgynous Peripheral Attachment System or APAS-75 docking port created jointly by the Soviet Union and the US for the Apollo Soyuz Test Project. 5 days prior to launch. Houston released the latches and allowed the TRS to undock from the forward port of Skylab. After backing off from the station, Skylab was ready for the guests. Flown by Challenger STS-9B tucked away in the payload bay sits the Skylab Docking Module, featuring 1 Male Apollo Docking Mechanism to attach to Skylab's forward port and then 1 APAS-75 docking port 1 facing forward. Radially 4 APAS-L ports (This is not a real port just one I "invented” for the sake of the design) A stripped down version of APAS 75 strictly for berthing components. In addition is a Spacelab Pallet, carrying four docking adapters each featuring APAS-75 and APAS-L ports. With a crew of 6, mission control stood by for the liftoff in the evening. With a target inclination of 50 degrees, Space Shuttle Challenger is in the" heads down wings level" position on the launch azimuth, next phase being booster separation 2 minutes 7 seconds into flight, after which for 6 minutes it will use the 3 main engines to coast the rest of the way to orbit. After reaching orbit, the STS-9B crew conducted burns to perfect the rendezvous course with Skylab. After completing maneuvers the crew situated themselves to retrieve the SDM from Challengers payload bay. After berthing the SDM to the Shuttle Docking System, the crew can begin attaching the docking adapters to the radial ports. Now the the SDM was completely outfitted with its docking adapters, the crew now coasted until they met up with Skylab. After two days in a rendezvous orbit, Challenger's crew could clearly see Skylab through the windows and now began approach and docking procedures. Lets listen in. Houston. we are 75 meters out. Rodger, Challenger. Proceed past the hold point. Houston, Proceeding past the hold point. 50 Meters out Houston, 10 meters out, holding. Challenger, remain holding for a moment, you will be entering a brief blackout period. Rodger, Houston. See you on the other side. ~143 Seconds Later Challenger, this is Houston, you may resume your final approach. Rodger, Houston. Resuming Approach Houston, Soft Capture Confirmed. Challenger, prepare for Probe Retract and Hard Capture. Welcome to Skylab. After Skylab 4's departure in February of 1974 STS-9B is the first manned Spacecraft to dock to Skylab in 6 years. However, due to Skylab's power deficit, the crew will not be entering station as Life Support systems have been long deactivated. The crew however will demonstrate pressurizing the intermediate space between the APAS-75 ahead of actually entering the SDM on future mission. The next scheduled mission to Skylab, STS-16C will enter the SDM but not enter Skylab itself, saving the grand reveal for STS-21D. However, the crew of STS-9B does get one nice surprise. A 1 man EVA to establish connections between the SDM, docking adapters, and forward Skylab port. Lastly, the crew of STS-9B will verify joint control between Skylab and Space Shuttle Challenger, affirming the ability for possible reboots using the Space Shuttle Orbiter itself. No longer compatible with the current TRS stationed in orbit, a mission will be launched with the express purpose of replacing the current TRS with a new model with an APAS-75 port, then recover the old TRS for refurbishment. After exhibiting complete control authority over Skylab, Challenger repositions Skylab in its normal orientation and prepares to undock. Challenger and the crew after backing away reorient for an OMS burn to lower the orbit for reentry preparations over a two day period. After closing the Payload Bay doors, Challenger prepared for it entry burn to land at the KSC, in an hour's time. Challenger landed after spending 9 days in orbit, landed at Kennedy Space Center's Runway 33. Challenger would be refurbished and see several missions before its next flight to Skylab in early 1982. Hope you liked this installation of Shuttle Adventures! I plan on covering the Shuttle-Skylab more especially with the focus on the Skylab IVA by Zorg! The next mission I conduct will be presented in a less worded format, only having a brief introduction and conclusion section. I'm thinking a Shuttle Mir mission, its been too long since I've flown to Mir . Until then, So long!
  11. STATIONS STATIONS STATIONS!!!!! Space Stations are going to be a focus of the next couple missions! I'll be working on Shuttle Skylab Missions, Shuttle Mir Missions and a Shuttle Salyut mission in the near future. I'd like to thank you for responding to the poll! It's good insight that people do in fact like the more information based missions They are my preferred mission type to make as I love reading about the details myself but I there is a significant amount of votes for more imaged based works is important. The way I'm probably going to proceed is do a Shuttle-Skylab mission which was only proposed and not actually flown in a more image based way, and then conduct a Shuttle-Mir mission which did happen in an information based way. Afterwards depending on how I feel I'll probably bias to one way or the other. I'll probably stick to more information based both due to poll results and my preference but who knows! I am willing to accept any feedback you'd like to offer in fact if you do have any ideas or suggestions please do speak up! Anyways life permitting, I hope to have more missions coming soon! Until then, so long!
  12. Revitalization of an Oasis Among The Stars: Featuring Space Shuttle Challenger Can't wait to fully conduct the Shuttle Skylab missions with these wonderful parts! The question is, do the Shuttles take the classic shuttle stack or a Saturn-Shuttle to orbit?
  13. Modular Skylab I think its beautifully cursed! Can't wait to send the Shuttles to Skylab with that bad boy! Those parts are beautiful! Fantastic work as always!
  14. Seldom do I find myself as excited for a mod than I am for this! I played with Ad Astra prior to moving to KSRSS a little over a year ago and I always missed the legendary visuals I had left behind. I cannot wait to play with this!
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