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  1. STS-63 February 3, 1995 STS-63 also known as the Near Mir mission and was the second mission of the Shuttle-Mir program and was the first mission where The Space Shuttle would rendezvous with Mir. STS-63 also featured the first female pilot of The Shuttle, Eileen Collins. Flown by Discovery, the objective was to test processes for the following Shuttle-Mir mission, STS-71 where a Shuttle would actually dock with Mir. In addition the Spartan 204 satellite would be deployed and recaptured by Discovery to observe the 'Shuttle Glow' phenomenon. Space Shuttle Discovery would launch from Pad
  2. I’ve been following this mods development for a little while. It looks beautiful! Can’t wait to try it out!
  3. Custom Made! Using TweakScale, the Breaking Ground DLC the Making History Tiles and Loads of Autostrut. This unfortunately may not be able to be used again until TweakScale is updated to 1.11.2. I don't want to risk the save being bricked. But I would rather loose a pretty thing than the whole save so it is what it is.
  4. STS-6 April 4, 1983 STS-6 was debut flight of Space Shuttle Challenger, and the first to carry an Inertial Upper Stage. STS-6 Carried TDRS-1, the first of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellites. STS-6 also was the final four person crew of the program until STS-135. STS-6 was also the first Space Shuttle mission to perform an EVA which saw the first use of the Extravehicular Mobility Unit or EMU . Though deployed from Challenger without Issue, TDRS-1 was sent to a low elliptical orbit after it's IUS lost control while burning for a GTO. After expending fuel from the satellite it was e
  5. STS-9 November 28, 1983 STS-9 was the first mission to carry the first foreign astronaut to space on via The Shuttle Ulf Merbold and the first mission to use the Spacelab laboratory module. Launching from Pad 39 A this would be the sixth launch of Colombia. After conducting her 10 day mission, Columbia returned to Earth landing at Runway 17 at Edwards Airforce Base. Columbia would then be temporarily removed from service to be renovated. STS-41-B would follow. I hope you guys are enjoying the series! I've been having a lot of fun making it so far. I hope to crank these out
  6. STS-1 April 12 1981 The maiden Space Shuttle launch is a fitting place to start for the series. Launching from Pad 39 A, Space Shuttle Columbia would have the honor of flying the first orbital shuttle mission. Onboard were Astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen. STS-1 Lifted off at 12:00 UTC (7:00 am Eastern) and would stay in orbit for two days. After landing at Edwards Airforce Base completing a successful first flight consisting of validating The Space Shuttle and her systems, Colombia would be flown to Kennedy Space Center, refurbished, and would fly again as STS-2.
  7. The Idea: Like many others I love The Space Shuttle, mods and Kerbal Space Program, what else could you do but mix all 3 ? That's what I'm doing. A while ago on the subreddit, I did something similar surrounding the ISS. I want to continue that but also expand into other reality based and fictional shuttle missions, adventures if you will. The goal of this whole thing is to use Kerbal Space Program and a large amount of fantastic mods from this community to give everyone a unique vantage point of The Space Shuttle, her missions, their payloads, and hopefully enjoy the wonders and beaut
  8. Very excited to use this mod, it looks fantastic! Have you considered making models and parts for the Copernicus, Kepler and Asimov Mars Transfer Vehicles? I feel like they’d fit with this mod quite well but I completely understand if you’d chosen not to make them.
  9. This is one of the most wonderful threads ever! The time and care you are putting in to those images are astounding! I really appreciate it!
  10. Beautiful pictures! Excited to use the mod! Where do you put the 43k cloud files?
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