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  1. STS-115 - Delivery of the P3/P4 Truss Segment - September 9th, 2006 Following STS-121, ISS construction could resume for the first time since the Columbia disaster. Intitally scheduled for 2003, Space Shuttle Atlantis was rolled out to Launch Pad 39B three years later on August 2nd, after a two day wait due to weather constraints preventing rollout. While Atlantis was at the pad, NASA was in discussion with the Flight Readiness Review on August 15th and 16th at which a problem was brought to light with the Ku-band antenna which was allegedly improperly installed. NASA management decided to proceed with a planned launch date on the 27th. Despite this apparent vote of confidence NASA elected to replace the Ku-band antenna while Atlantis was on the pad. Furhter delays manifested in the form of Tropical Storm Ernesto. It was decided that Space Shuttle Atlantis should be rolled back to the Vehicle Assembly Building on August 29th, but as the day progressed, it was decided that Atlantis couold sustain the storm, resulting in a return to Pad 39B, marking the first time a shuttle had been returned to the pad mid rollback. Eventually a new launch date would be set to the 8th of September. Approxiomatly 30 minutes from scheduled liftoff, the external tank engine cut-off sensors had failed resulting in a scrub. The launch was attempted again the following day with the crew of six strapping in Atlantis for the eventual liftoff at 10:14:55 AM EDT. After 8 minutes, Atlantis shut down its main engines and coasted to Apoapsis at which point the OMS would complete orbital insertion. The payload baydoors opened to reveal the P3/P4 truss segment. The P3/P4 truss segment was the second of four major solar installations to the station. The P3/P4 segment had two fold out solar array wings and supplimental batteries, a fold out radiator and the Solar Alpha Rotarty Joint or SARJ . The whole installation was massive enough for the crew count to be reduced to six instead of seven. Commanding STS-115 was Brent Jett, with Chris Ferguson as Pilot and Steve Maclean, Daniel Burbank, Joseph Tanner, and Heidemarie Martha Stefanyshyn-Piper as Mission Specialists. While proceeding with rendezvous manuvers and procedures, the crew conducted a survey of Atlantis's heat shield with the OBSS. After two days, in a rendezvous orbit, Atlantis arrived at the International Space Station and was positioned for analysis by the crew aboard Expedition 13. At this point my installation broke. When I went ahead and rebuilt it I switched to KSRSS Reborn thus a pretty durastic terrain atmosphere and cloud change occurs. Still setteling in on the atmosphere settings, I am trying to recreate the shading I had before the switch! Anyway, back to the mission! After the Rendezvous Pitch Manuever, Atlantis was repositioned and brought in to dock to PMA-2 connecting at 10:46 UTC on September 11th 2006. After docking, the crew immediatly began to prepare to extract the P3/P4 segment from the payload bay. This maneuver would be very complex and difficult, requiring the first of several Canadarm hand off maneuvers throughout the ISS assembly plan. Canadarm 1 would first clasp and extract the P3/P4 segment from the payload bay and bring it to a position for Canadarm 2 to clasp on and bring to the assembly sitew after Canadarm 1 had released it. WHile this occured, Tanner and Stefanyshyn-Piper began the campout preperations for the space walk on Flight Day 4. After being attahced to the P1 truss segment, Tanner and Stefanyshyn-Piper begin their space walk at 10:17 UTC. The EVA is primarly focused on making the proliminary connections and removing launch restraints on the P3/P4 segment allowing for its eventual deployment. Major releases occured on the twin beta gimbal array units which connect the sollar array wings to the main body of the truss. The EVA was completed after 6 hours and 26 minutes at 15:43 UTC. After the EVA Dan Burbank and Steve MacLean prepared for the next EVA on Flight Day 5 by beginning camp out procedures in the Quest Airlock. EVA 2 began at 9:05 AM UTC on Septembert 13th with the primary purpose of activating the Solar Alpha Rotary Joint. After 7 hours and 11 minutes, the EVA finished at 16:16 UTC. The crew on the ground and on the station began to prepare for the solar array deployment process. This would be proceeded by the SARJ being tested. During its activation the SARJ encountered technical issues resulting in a several hour delay. These would eventually compound pushing the solar array deployyment from Flight Day 5 to 6. While the solar arrays slowly unfurled, Tanner and Stefanyshyn-Piper prepared for the third and final EVA. Taking place on Flight Day 3 on September 15th, the EVA began at10:00 UTC. The primary objectives of the EVA were to install a radiator to cool the newly installed truss segment. After 6 hours and 42 minutes outside the station, the EVA completed at 16:42 UTC. In addition to the radiator installation several get ahead tasks we completed. The newly installed radiator was then finally extended. On Flight Day 9, September 17th, 2006, STS-115 closed the hatches between the ISS and undocked at 12:50 UTC, ending the 6 days 2 hours and 4 minutes attached to the orbital outpost. Atlantis slowly backed away from the station conducitng a 360 degree fly around. After the flyaround Atlantis seperated from the station and spent the next several days preparing for landing, investigating a co-orbiting object, and reaffirming the integrity of Atlanti's heat shield through use of the Orbital Boom Sensor System. Eventually Atlantis was cleared to land by mission control and on Flight Day 13, Atlantis fired the OMS for the deorbit burn. After reentry, Space Shuttle Atlantis descended through the heading alignment cone for Shuttle Landing Facility Runway 33 at the Kenedy Space Center. At 5:21:30 AM EDT, Space Shuttle Atlantis landed at Runway 33 of the Kenedy Space Center on September 21st, 2006, marking the return of the ISS assembly missions. Atlantis would be recovered refurbished and prepared for the launch of P3/P4's sister truss S3/S4. In the meantime Russia would prepare the launch of the next crew rotation flight. Soyuz TMA-9 Coming Soon!
  2. Our Next Odyssey - Artemis 1 Coming SoonTM! I also plan to an SLS overview at some point like I did for Constellation!
  3. Sorry for the late responce, I've been rather busy as of late. I practice the movements for a given mission in the VAB, figuring out the start and end position of each servo. Then I take screensehots of said positions with actual value of the position on screen and recreate them in flight. It speeds up the process a bunch! Hope this helps you out! Expect STS-115 soon folks! I just fixed a couple problems with my install and hopefully I'll have it up within this week.
  4. The breaking ground components can be a real life saver but you’ve gotta play ball with them so to speak. They’re very jumpy so you’ve gotta turn down the traverse rate all the way down to 1 or 2 and be very patient as they move. No physics warp! No physics warp. no physics warp . . . It’s a pain but that’s what the arm needs. Also I use mechjeb kill rotation I think that behaves better than SAS when trying to hold an orbiter either on its own or attached to a station still. I’ve had this too in the past. I remember sending a picture to Lemon at some point with some MS paint around the SGANT on the Z1. I do not remember what I did to mitigate that (or if I just side stepped it) but the only thing I could recommend you do is minimize the amount of time you reload your craft. Maybe try autostrutting every part in the craft as well. Hope this was helpful. Can’t wait to see STS-9!
  5. What I did was replace only the LC-39 files and kept the KSC terrain. I forget the actual file name for the KSC terrain but avoid replacing that. You do need to add the files that go along the line of Cape_bits or something like that to make the new pads work correctly. Not too difficult just requires a bit of file moving. In regards to the alternate history configuration, I think the pads are to compliment that as the water tower is gone and there are more fuel spheres than usual but at the end of the day it still looks good! Lastly I’d like to say thank you for posting your missions! I’ve been very busy as of late and I seldom find time to play KSP. I’m really happy to find this thread still healthy thanks to these wonderful missions! Sorry for the lack of activity on my part hopefully I’ll be able to post some missions in the next couple of weeks, but time will tell…
  6. Well some mods have their developmental versions on GitHub before anywhere else, chiefly Bluedog design bureau. Sometimes there will be a new part for a mod up on GitHub before it’s talked about on the forum or in a main release so sometimes when I’ve got some time on my hands I’ll go through and quickly check to see if any new changes have been uploaded to a given GitHub page. I hope this made sense!
  7. Thank You For Flying With NASA Shuttle-Cassini should work! This was only a test so now I've got plan the assist chain needed for this! Bonus! Been playing with a new Katniss pad: I may or may not be stalking the github, so this is probably work in progress but I quite like it! Perhaps I'll play around with more stuff from the github. There is a terrain cutout that has LC-39C (not the tiny one inside of 39B but the real LC-39C)!!!!
  8. You knocked it out of the park with this one! I loved every bit of it! Can’t wait to see what’s next!
  9. After reading your advice surrounding my computer with various candles to please the voodoo kerbal visual modding gods, watching scatterer inexplicably change the color of my atmosphere to green and inputting the reccomended settings, I would say it was a resounding success! I'd point specifically to the detail of the SAWs on Atlantis' wing and fuselage. Thank you everyone for your help. These shots always had the lower res shadows so I often tried to avoid them despite being so epic but now I can go wild with them. I am sitting at my desk with a goofy smile plastered across my face because of how spectacular this looks !!! I cannot thank you guys enough!
  10. That is a normal KSP flag decal part thingy. A while ago squad added these. Lemon Cup actually had the idea to use them like that and it works really well! I should also note there are some conformal decals as well on the PMAs to add closer, more contained wiring but the more free wires are the default ksp flag parts. Those flags are quite useful. We plan on using them to make Zarya’s partially folded solar arrays.
  11. Thank you very much! I use a modified version of Katniss Cape Canaveral for KSRSS Reborn. As for the planet overalI am using KSRSS Reborn with the 64K planet textures.
  12. Expedition 13 EVA-2 - August 3rd, 2006 - What's That?! Occupying one of the harshest enviornment known to man, the International Space Station is subject to wear and tear as well as serving as a wonderful testbed for experimenting in said harsh enviornment. The now fully staffed Expedition 13 crew now can expriment faster than they did a man down, but as always the station needs to be serviced requiring regular space walks. Expedition 13's second and final EVA would see a healthy mix of both repair and scientific exprimintation. Beginning on August 3rd at 14:04 UTC, Astronauts Jeffery Williams of NASA and Thomas Reiter of ESA stepped outsuide the Quest Airlock with a plethora of objectives including but not limited to: Retrival of a ball stack on PMA-1 for inspection Installation of MISSE's (Materials International Space Station Experiment) 3 and 4 Installation of the Floating Potential Measurement Unit Repair of a Thermal Rotary Joint on the S1 Truss Segment And Inspection and Documention of a scratch on the Quest Airlock EVA-2 of Expedition 13 ended at 19:58 UTC, wrapping up the 5 hour 54 minute EVA as well as the final EVA for Expedition 13. With buisness outside the Station in order, the crew of Expedition 13 could now return to their normal duties as well as prepare for the arrival of Space Shuttle Atlantis. STS-115 Featuring the P3/P4 Truss Segment Coming Soon! P.S. As the ISS gets bigger and I want to show more of it off in one picture I have began to notice a problem with shadow sharpness as I zoom out. The shadows lose a lot of detail, An Example: *Note the right truss segment (P1) and the nice shadow cast by the radiator and antenna * *Now the shadow is blurry and soft in regards to the radiator based shadow and the antenna shadow is now a blob* I want to see more of the station while not losing the crisp sharp shadows. Is there a setting or mod that can fix this (is this even a bug or an intended behavior?) or increase the distance at which these shadows are cast? I am aware that I could increase my FOV and zoom in to get more of the station but I personally perfer the low FOV shots more, they look more organic. Any guidance as to what I should do or who I should ask would be appreciated!
  13. These Parts are Fantastic! I've been on a bit of a delta blue craze! Then some classic Orange SOFI: Magnificent work!
  14. We were robbed of the Blue SOFI reality And Some Blue Delta IV for good measure:
  15. What a serendipitous surprise! Was just checking out the thread earlier today wondering if it had died and it seems that my question has been answered! Can’t wait to see the following updates!
  16. Here we go again! Had the steam up on the other monitor and they just scrubbed, then got up and got something to eat. Better Safe than sorry! After 11 or so years whats a couple more days ! In addition to SLS in the near future I'll be posting the Skylab Power Module delivery in my Skylab mini series. And Eventually I want to do a mission launching a Shuttle-Centaur mission, I'm thining an alternat history where Cassini launched on a shuttle so I can play with the Shuttle Payload Delivery Systems.
  17. ! When I saw this I knew when I got to the computer I'd go and fix it as well as a couple other things. I had also missed the JEM robotic arm, DEXTRE (I do not have a clue on how I am going to make it by the way) (also novuh I think what you are talking about is the Mobile Base System and that's a kitbashed part by Lemon_Cup so not really available to the world) Prichal the European Robotic Arm an SGANT antenna, the International Docking Adapters and lastly the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. Dextre is still missing because I've got to sit down and actually make it but apart from that I'd say I got nearly all of it! Still some detailing here and there, so the saga never really stops
  18. They are largely made out of Tantares but have parts from other mods and custom part welded detail components made by Lemon_Cup. Also here are some nice beauty shots from the full ISS:
  19. Thank you very much! The first picture is from Photon Corp. They are the standard 4 Segment Space Shuttle SRBs with the texture switched to the black casings to mimic the carbon composite cased boosters that were developed but never flown. The second and third pictures are kitbashed LRBs using Bluedog Design Bureaus Large Diameter Core Titan tanks with the SOFI texture setting (some of the best tanks in all of the KSP modding scene in my opinion ). Then the LRBs have RS-25s from Rocket Motor Menagerie. Hopefully this is helpful!
  20. Shaders Are Something Else my goodness are those panels beautiful! I plan on working on STS-115 soon but I cant promise it is completed quickly as I need to learn how to do a Shuttle Arm to Station Arm hand off! Once that's done it should hopefully be smooth sailing. But like many things easier said than done
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