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  1. There's soon going to be one more such problem. I'll not put a spoiler here but expect it soon (~a month).
  2. OK. I tried to install it forcefully and it showed me what was wrong. It requires another mod which is not compatible yet.
  3. Hi Guys, This is one of my favorite mods. I was waiting to play with this one. I am trying to install it from CKAN, but it says this is not compatible with It is not listed as compatible mods but when I click on it, it says Max KSP version: 1.10.99. I'm wondering what is wrong here. Please help!
  4. I just put 3 CommSats in orbit to make a communication network. The satellites are in a nearly equilateral triangle arrangement. Next challenge is the Mun!
  5. Unkerballed is better than PBC. Kerbal Construction Time and Kerbalism are the things I'm going to try next, seems interesting. I'm switching back to Unkerballed. I had seen a video by Mike Aben. I didn't know he had so many. Thanks for pointing that out @Saturn5tony.
  6. I'm thinking of installing this mod and restarting the game: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/181013-ksp-181-probes-before-crew-pbc-version-28/ Do you know an any other mods besides this which work like Unkerballed?
  7. Yup it is. Especially because it was done with mods like FAR, remote tech, Unkerballed, etc.
  8. Finally achieved orbit! I made a plane and collected some science (Which was a struggle with FAR and a mediocre runway, landing still is a struggle). Then I researched nice reaction wheels in the tech tree and hauled a probe into orbit. It was fun! Looking forward to more... Thanks @Vanamonde, @James Kerman and @Saturn5tony for your welcome and suggestions!
  9. Hi guys, I'm new here. I had played this game in tha past with not much progress. I've started playing again with some difficult mods like Unkerballed start, remote tech, etc. I'm looking for ways to get into orbit in early game. I have unlocked the tech tree (which is modified by Unkerballed mod) till 4th level. Any ideas? Khanks!
  10. Hey Guys, I've installed these mods. I also have Making History and Breaking Ground expansions. The experimental storage unit is invisible and is just replaced by four lines. That empty box in not clickable so not useful in the game except automatically moving data from experiments there. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.
  11. I installed this mod: Grounded. It met my requirements. You can install it if you want to build a science buggy in the beginning.
  12. I'm playing this game after a long time. There used to be a way to build a buggy in some mod named "Unmammed Before Manned", using some kind of rover (I think it was stock rover). Is it possible to do that now? Is there a possibility of adding that feature since land vehicles were more common than rockets in early industrial age of humans?
  13. Does this mod work on latest 1.8.1 KSP? Title says it is for [1.8.x] but it is not appearing on CKAN.
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