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  1. Is this a career save? If so, this is all normal in a career save. Non pilot Kerbals don't have any piloting abilities. For pilot Kerbals, extra abilities like target hold are gained as the pilot gains "experience". You need a level 3 pilot for maneuver and target hold. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Pilot There is a game setting in the advanced section "enable Kerbal experience" that will disable this feature. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Specialization#No_experience_specialization_override
  2. Hi @herbal space program, It is a known bug :- https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/27222 There are steps outlined in the bug report to enable the contract to be completed or you can just use the cheats menu (alt+F12) to complete the contract.
  3. Unfortunately, placing multiple identical deployed science units into different biomes on the Mun (or any other body) wont get you 100% returned science from each experiment. The combined total from all the identical units will only give you up to 100% Also make sure that you have a reliable connection back to KSC otherwise if you lose connection when the experiment reaches 100% it wont send the last bit of data.
  4. This is what I get :- HECS Wet = 0.1T Dry = 0.1T Stratus V Roundified x 3 Wet = 0.3T Dry = 0.06T Placeanywhere RCS x 3 Wet=0.06T Dry=0.06T OX-4L 1x6 Photovoltaic x 3 Wet=0.0525T Dry=0.0525T Z-200 Battery Wet=0.01T Dry=0.01T RA-2 Relay antenna Wet=0.15T Dry=0.15T Totals Wet=0.6725T Dry=0.4325T 0.6725/0.4325=1.555 ln(1.555)=0.4415 240(ISP vac) x 9.81 x 0.4415 = 1039.5 m/s
  5. In addition to all of the above, the centre of mass is going to move down towards the engines as fuel and oxidiser is consumed making it more flippy as you climb higher. If you have advanced tweakables enabled, you can modify the fuel priority of the lower tanks higher so they are the ones emptied first to keep the mass higher up the rocket.
  6. Hi @linuxgurugamer I seem to have an issue with CTB in that it doesn't seem to be working. I am running KSP V1.10.1.2939 with mods Kebal alarm clock, Kerbal joint reinforcement - next, Precise Node, Toolbar controller, Zero MiniAVC and Click Through Blocker. If I have Precise Node open with a target selected, left mouse clicking say to increase prograde ect, if I click too fast the target is un-selected. Link to the player.log - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Wpm2DZ94sp-MfiNZldG6AAGYgluLnPQ7?usp=sharing Thanks, Glenn.
  7. I rotate in the VAB to use the pitch up key - S. If I need an inclined orbit other than 90 degrees, I roll the craft to the orientation that I only need to use the S key.
  8. Hey all, Having a problem with a contract to capture a class A asteroid. My craft has a mass of 5.46 tonnes and the asteroid has a mass of 2.5 tonnes but when I capture it, my craft mass goes up to 154 tonnes. What am I missing here? Thanks.
  9. Ok, yes! I think you are correct. For each type of experiment, both add up to 100% (or just over). I've got the same situation on the Mun and the results are the same for those experiments as well. Ok, thank you for explaining that. I was under the assumption that a relay antenna was for just relay traffic and a direct antenna was needed for science/crew reports. I learn something new with this game every day! The "Power Units Produced" and "Power Units Required" on the PAW is there on all the deployed science units (controller, experiments, solar and RTG units). I just didn't include the solar panels in the screen shot. The "Power Units Produced" for the controller and experiment modules is a bit of unnecessary information as these don't produce power and will always be 0. The same goes for the Solar and RTG units for "Power Units Required"
  10. Hi @AHHans, thanks for your welcome and reply. The times that this occurred was usually when I was time warping focused on another craft to a manoeuvre node so I couldn't switch back fast enough to check. I've done what you have suggested and couldn't see any times when the comms link was broken but I have modified my network slightly since this was occuring. I am a little confused about this. In the parts information box, it states that the RA-2 consumes 68.6 EC per second when transmitting. Under what conditions will it be doing this? Thanks.
  11. @RoninFrog I have the Difficulty stetting on Medium and have Enable other ground stations checked. The Relays have a RA-2 and a Communotron 16. All signal strengths are near 100%.
  12. Hi there. I have the following scenario in a career save on Minmus - 2 deployed science stations with Goo, Ion, and Seismic experiments with a controller and enough solar units to power it all A relay network around Minmus with RA-2 antennas comprising of 3 in a geostationary triangle orbit and 1 in a polar orbit The problem is that I have been getting the "unable to report science due to no connection" messages. Given the relay setup that I have established, I though that I would have continuous coverage back to Kerbin. A possible reason for this may be due to the amount of EC that I have put on my relay satellites (some only have 200 units of EC). Given that the RA-2 antenna uses 68.6 EC per second which would only give about 3 seconds of transmission, perhaps my relays are running out of EC to complete the transmissions. However to prove this, I need to know what is the data size of each deployed science report is and I am unable to find this. Is this known anywhere? Cheers, Glenn.
  13. Hi, This has happened to me as well. Seems to be a weight issue when using the RoveMax S2 wheels as Joker58th has observed. Had it happen on a rover I made using a RoveMate core with the light scanning arm similar to the rover that Tim_AZ has above. Issue disappears if I use the medium or large scanning arms (heavier arms) . A work around that I use with the lightweight rovers that are doing this is to go to the console (Alt F12), go to the cheats menu and tick on "Hack Gravity". Move the slider up to 10 or so and leave for a second, slide it back to 1 (reset) and untick "Hack Gravity" and then it will work ok then. You'll need to do this every time you go the space centre and return back to the rover though.
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