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  1. 3 hours ago, jimmymcgoochie said:

    I've had plenty of issues with rovers ending up underground after using Bon Voyage to drive them somewhere. The solution seems to be turning the terrain detail settings (not the graphics!) to the highest setting, which actually changes the shape of the terrain. Bon Voyage apparently only uses the high detail terrain maps so if your setting is lower, you can end up at a point where it's above ground on high detail, but below it on lower settings to the explosive detriment of your rovers.

    Oh, this makes sense. I used to have this problem aplenty, so much so that I got used to just editing the save file and slightly changing the rover's position so it wouldn't be underground and explode on load.

  2. 6 minutes ago, tater said:

    These are average numbers, of course. It could STILL be worse than flu, even with mortality roughly the same. Why? Median IC stay for a flu patient that ends up in the ICU is ~5 days, it's nearly 3X that for this. So easy to run out of beds—then care declines, and mortality rises. Also, a higher % could require hospitalization short of the unit. Strain resources.

    This is the problem I've been hearing about from the health professionals I talk to. It's not that the virus or its mortality rate is that bad on itself, but it's highly contagious and there are no resources for everyone. So even people with other conditions and problems will end up dying because ICU is overflowing with Corona patients. 

  3. Heya. I think I'll hitch hike on the stream of posts to ask a question, too: 

    Is it normal that KSTS doesn't maintain staging information? Every time I deploy a vessel, all stages set on VAB are gone and everything is lumped into one single stage. Can be annoying with larger stuff, especially with lots of parachutes for return trip etc.  Plus, when activating an engine, they apparently get thrown out of symmetry - meaning that for large vessels with lots of engines it could become a small chore to start them up one by one.


  4. Hi there,

    So, the request is for the ability to write down a "log" (a simple text) that will be linked to a particular vessel.

    Explaining: in my current save I'm often dealing with flights that I have launched months ago (real life time). While juggling several vessels and flights at once, I often completely forget what my intentions for a particular ship were. 

    In this sense, it would be nice if we could write stuff down in a simple text field that would be attached to that vessel so it could be opened, read and edited at any time. There one could write the vessel's destination/plan, the purpose of the latest maneuver, difficulties (e.g., watch out, low on fuel), that kind of thing. Plus the potential for RP I guess.

    If such a mod exists, I'm thankful for being pointed to it :wub:


  5. Just now, linuxgurugamer said:

    So I would imagine thar a reference vessel has to be in range of the selected mission profile

    So would I. But much to my surprise, some times a vessel totally out of range would show up on the list - even asteroids at times. I supposed it was a feature. :lol:

    If one could at least deploy with the same inclination to the reference vessel (even if obviously not the same altitude), that'd be grand.

    I now don't recall if I actually tried using these vessels outside range as a reference for deployment at the time. Something in the back of my mind says I did, but I'm not certain at all.

  6. @linuxgurugamer: you, Sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

    May I ask one completely unrelated question? What are the criteria for a "reference vessel", under the "complex orbits" tab? Some times I have only one or two show up, some times even asteroids do.

    Alternatively, where could I find all the orbit parameters so I can make a deployment match a vessel or body "by hand"? I've tried looking around, or on the save file, but I can't seem to distinguish heads from tails.


  7. 18 minutes ago, linuxgurugamer said:

    Thanks, I can now replicate the issue with your save.  A big help

    Good stuff. 

    Still need the video? I've recorded some, but I'm prolix and my computer is slow, so it has 5+ minutes. :confused:  Currently uploading to wetransfer, but if you can replicate it now you have probably seen what we meant anyway.

  8. 4 hours ago, linuxgurugamer said:


    Can you please generate another log file with the only change being using  There are a lot of exceptions in the Player.log, I want to be sure they are not related.


    4 hours ago, linuxgurugamer said:


    Also, I need the entire save directory ina zip

    Sure thing. I've played this afternoon with so it should be enough?

    I'll try to get around to doing the video thing asap.

    Thanks for looking into it.

  9. Roughly after the 1.9.0 update I started having this issue. I'm not sure it was exactly as it updated (don't remember); roughly at the same time I have deployed a ship using KSTS - which may also have caused it. The ship/flight is called "Asteroid chaser v3" on the save.

    The behaviour is very odd: a "ghost" ship appears in every scene of the game, close or on top of any ship I load. This even happens on a "new" ship on the launchpad and on the VAB. Upon loading any ship, I get immense lag (usually it locks at 1fps) and sometimes the "ghost" ship teleports around a few meters here and there until it collides with the actual loaded ship and they explode. On the VAB I can't get rid of the "ghost" ship (cannot edit or delete it, but can right click on the parts), and every ship I load keeps being added to the scene as another ghost on top of everything else.

    I've spent a few days debugging this and found KSTS to be the culprit. If I load the game (and the save) with all the other mods I use but KSTS, I can play normally. Put KSTS in the mix, or by itself, and this issue is present.

    I have tested loading several crafts whether on VAB or launch pad. The issue is always present no matter how simple the loaded craft so it's not a problem with the craft being loaded.

    I'm not providing screenshots as it'd just appear as two ships, either closely apart or colliding. I could make a video with my phone I guess. 

    The "ghost" ship is always the same, and not one I was working on or using recently. I don't know if it's just randomly picking a ship from the save file. If I load the game without KIS/KAS, the ship changed (as the original ghost has KAS parts), but otherwise it is always the same ship.

    As is, the game is unplayable (unless I load without KSTS), as I cannot use the VAB or load any flights at all. Very weird.

    Anyway, here are the logs and save file. These were generated with the following mods (all latest, at least according to CKAN right now): Clickthroughblocker, Toolbar (and control), KSTS and Module Manager.

    This is my original save, before removing all the mods. Loading without KAS has removed quite a few flights and crafts from the save: complete save file. As stated, behaviour is the same really.


  10. 45 minutes ago, Fierce Wolf said:

    Alternatives, from most pro to most kerbal:


    1) Attack a carefully planned rover un the bottom of your lander vehicle, make room for the legs!

    2) Bring a KIS container with everything you need, an engineer and tools. Make the rover on site.

    3) Put wheels in the lander (BEST VALUE)

    I may do it even more Kerbal: my rovers are basically rockets with wheels on the "belly". I land, then use a couple of RCS thrusters placed near the nose for a (semi)controlled tumble to the (hopefully right) side. Some rolling mid-tumble might be needed to avoid landing with the wheels up or to the side. :sticktongue:

    Same goes for small bases.

    Works 100% of the time most of the time.

  11. I've been fiddling with the mode for the past few days and have noticed one small annoyance in its interaction with Mechjeb (I´m running KSP 1.8.1, KSTS and MechJeb2 2.9.1)

    So, Mechjeb has, under "utilities", the possibility of auto deploying solar panels. I have this option turned on and it usually works well. 

    Now, if I "deploy" a vessel with KSTS, when I load said vessel the solar panels will be stuck in "extending" - but they will never actually extend. The only way to get them extended is to move focus away (switch vessels or go to tracking station) and then come back to focusing the deployed vessel - in which case the solar panels will immediately extend as expected.

    On a side note: wouldn't it be possible to record and later "deploy" an SSTO? From everything I've read and tested, then only way to deploy is through decouplers/docking/etc. I was wondering why not record a vessel profile so that it "launches itself", if I'm making myself clear, just putting it into orbit with the same fuel/deltaV it had when the recorded launch was saved.

    Thanks a whole lot!

  12. 10 hours ago, Starman4308 said:

    Are you warping through any SOI transitions? That could cause issues if you are at high timewarp while passing into a new SOI; I'm not sure the patched conics solver handles that properly. I advise using KAC to set SOI crossing alarms and keep timewarp at a crawl for the transition.

    In my case, no. In fact the game slows down by itself to a 50x warp when transitioning between SOI, doesn't it?

    All my cases were within Kerbin's SOI. And it seems like pressing the ">>" button to warp to next maneuver node when said maneuver is a bit far away is very risky to say the least. It immediately warps hard and one's orbit changes quite significantly. 

  13. I had this just yesterday. Was going to keep the quicksave but ended up overwriting it.

    I had burned to intercept an Asteroid and ended up with <1km intercept. I hit quicksave and warped ahead only to find I missed the asteroid entirely. I thought I had done something wrong so I loaded the quicksave and there it was, an intercept path. Ok, warp again (10kx I think) and, again, miss it entirely. 

    Ok, at this point I thought the mun could be getting on the way and pulling my craft somehow so I quick loaded again and this time I warped slower so I could keep an eye on where exactly it was deviating. I think I must have warped to 100x or so? Lo and behold, perfect <1km intercept just like it was showing from the beginning. 

    As said I was going to keep the quicksave and post about it but my reflexes to hit F5 after it finally went right got in the way. :confused:

    It was not the first time I experienced this, but it was the first time I noticed - because I had the perfect quicksave - it had nothing to do with my flying and it only seems to happen in higher (10kx+) warps.

  14. Olá, 

    Eu não sei exatamente o termo em português, mas tens um módulo de comando (ou controle) também no ônibus? 

    Para cada parte que queres controlar, tens que ter um comando (como um pod com tripulação, um HECS, OKTO, etc.). Se uma parte se separa e não tem controle, vira debris (lixo?). 

  15. Fantastic! Thank you very much. CKAN says it's incompatible but I see it's been updated to 1.8? I'm running 1.8.9 but I suppose I can give it a try with manual installation.

    It seems to be quite close to what I had imagined, barring the ability to delete the vessel. Sure, I can just terminate them through the Tracking Station... but this doesn't seem to work for asteroids. :unsure:

    Thanks again!

  16. Hi,

    I've been playing KSP on a potato computer (please don't judge :sticktongue: ). Mods are only basics like MechJeb, KER, KIS/KAS, Alarm Clock and Science!. I used to run Stage Recovery too, but I had to remove it for performance (it had a big impact for some reason).

    I like playing on career mode, and I like RP a bit in terms of time management - that is, I don't just fast forward for months, but I keep advancing other projects while I wait a particular long one to complete. I like that aspect of project management. But now that space is getting a little bit more populated with vessels things are starting to bog down rather quickly in map view (normal view is fine, even for large ships, but once I go to map view it's bad).

    I suspect asteroids are playing a big role in this performance problem and "terminating" them from Tracking Station doesn't work (they're still there). so first question: I'm aware of KML, can I just delete the asteroids from my save file without inducing future problems? How do I do that correctly: the vessel folder in the KML tree tab, or delete it straight on the vessel tab?

    On top of that, I find fiddling with maneuver nodes and such a bit of a pain while there are several other ships, bases, stations, rovers etc. in the vicinity. Some of them (like some landed rovers or orbiting refueling stations) are idle for most of the time and I won't need them in the near future. 

    So second question: is there a feasible way in which I could remove them from the game (through removing from the save file) but copy the data so I could just reinsert them at a later date should I want to?

    Example: I have a moon rover doing nothing for the moment. I want to remove it from the save game so it doesn't clutter my map view or bog performance down by just being there. But I'd like to reinsert the vehicle back into a later save file should I ever want to use it again. 

    Ideally, a mod that did that would be grand. Basically "hibernating" crafts (i.e. not simulating them at all for a [potentially long] while). 

    Thank you for any tips!