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  1. @akron your attention to detail is what keeps me coming back. To me, ksp is more than just science, the visuals and the utility are just as important. Your mod will always be on my must have list. Thanks for all your hard work, it is most appreciated.
  2. @akron Hey man, I just wanted to say that I've been using your mod for a long time. Your aesthetics for things like batteries and texture choices are awesome. With the complete lack of issues not caused by another mod not playing nice, I can't believe you still classify this as a beta. Excellent work. Ok, back to collecting science. Thanks for all your work and effort.
  3. It actually looks like all of spacedock is currently down. I can confirm and can't even get onto the general spacedock site.
  4. Has anyone gotten the current version working? Or is it just broken for now?
  5. No, am dumb because my block of text was repeated. I am going to spend today trying to figure out if there is a permutation that works.
  6. I am having a very similar issue with a distinct lack of clouds. I have copied ONLY the textures folder from my AVP zip into the Ad-Astra folder so I have lots of textures present now, but EVE seems to be referencing missing files as others are experiencing. Is there a solution to this? I was also having difficulty finding an installation guide for Ad Astra. I also had some weird ground texture issues on Moho, but I can pick at that later. So far though? Every planet looks AMAZING other than a lack of clouds and such. I've been waiting a long time to have Kopernicus, and JNSQ be up to date eno
  7. Just found out JNSQ *AND* Kopernicus are updated for 1.8.x? So excite! Your hard work is most appreciated. My holy trinity of mods can finally be installed!
  8. Ok, didn't capture a screenshot, but holy moly. I was re entering into the sunset on Kerbin and that sunset looked REAL! Amazing work on this. For the simplicity of installation, this is a gorgeous mod. I LOVE the sunflare as well. Nice work.
  9. Are you sure about that user name? I can't seem to find it.
  10. Fascinating. I wish I wasn't so opposed to geforce products. I love my AMD. I should try reverting to stock and seeing if I have the same issue.
  11. Can you be more specific? I'm having a similar issue. I literally signed up to this forum to ask you this question.
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