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  1. I constructed a supersonic cargo plane, I put 4 commercial airplane engines on the wings, and put 2 jet engines to make the mission quick and smooth. it took me about 50 or so minutes to go from the KSP base all the way to the north pole, I landed my cargo plane on the surface of the snow and slowed down, sadly, the rover I attached to the base got stuck in the plane, also when i was taking off after setting the base down, my tail hit the base and made it go sideways, luckily nothing was damaged. as the sky was getting red and black with the last few lights of the sun, I set up electronic equi
  2. Theres a guy on youtube called "How big is the map" and he is walking from the south pole of kerbin to the north pole! so far its in 3 parts and is not completed, i think in the 3rd part i pointed out a timestamp of a mountain appearing
  3. I need some technical support, Before I got the breaking ground DLC I had airplane mods installed. I forgot the name of the mod but it is a very popular mod, I also had Steam workshop vehicles. I dont want to uninstall and reinstall KSP cause I have some great vehicles, Im also slightly worried about deleting the stuff and validating steam files after. Please help
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