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  1. @Aazard I got a question for you: in two sentences what does human stuff exactly do?
  2. Try and guess how I called my new cat!

    1. VoidCosmos
    2. Goaty1208


      Haha, no. I called him Kerbal lol

    3. VoidCosmos


      Cats are kerbals in disguise 

  3. It is done. The crew of Artemis I (laythe landing) has returned just in time for the 1rst anniversary of Goat Engineering Inc. Thank you all for the support. G.E.I CEO Goaty1208 Merry Christmas, I guess
  4. Tomorrow Artemis II, which laneded on Laythe, will return just in time gor Goat Engineering Inc's 1° anniversary
  5. Ok! got 15796 patches with module manager. No RO or RSS involved though.
  6. So, I wasn't the only to think about KTSB. Did you make a flag?
  7. Oh ok, could you post a non edited screenshot please? I like this mod setup
  8. what graphical mods did you use apart from parallax (and astronomer's visual pack I suppose)? Planning to start a career save
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