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  1. The other day I got Not a Number meters per second, altitude and eveything else... Now, the first "birthday" of Goat Engineering Inc. is coming, so I am planning a Laythe mission, but I need some tips. Do you have any?
  2. On a separate save destroyed the space continuum whatsowever, even worse than Danny2462, with KSPIE P.S= MUCH worse, the game did weird things... Well, who cares, right?
  3. My aptempt to go to laythe https://steamcommunity.com/broadcast/watch/76561199023469275/ hope you will watch
  4. Me too What a coincidence... Launched the Ares I station to Duna Started working on the VKK Korolev (Version 0.1 in screenshot) (version 0.3 in screenshot) Sent refueling mission to Ares I station Sent a military space station in orbit
  5. I guess so... I think I will send in ksp 1 some kind of exploration ship. But in ksp 2... it will be all a different story
  6. @DerekL1963, @Grogs thanks, it works
  7. And it was posted on 1 Gen 1970. And on Google Trend the first time Ksp was researched was on 1 Gen 2008. This is getting sinister
  8. So, i was searching the oldest thread in the forum but then I found a thread by Guest for the forum rules which wasn't from 2011. It was from 1970. I will now search it again and put a link here. Found it, it is in the last page of the announcements
  9. In this last two weeks: finished Von Braun Minmus Station, sent probe to Duna and Ike, sent manned lander to Duna, returned back, sent an experimental craft to change 3 of the four crew of Minmus Station that were there for nine years due to the Duna exploration program. Now planning Ares Duna Space Station and a base at Minmus with a launchpad made of MH structural panels, where Kerbals with KIS and KAS kits can build rockets from Minmus, using parts from a MK 3 cargo craft with parts inside. Any ideas for how can I build the launch pad? Where did you find the 1.10.1 version of kerbal
  10. I have The solution! Smash a Saturn V on the sensor itself at 3000 m/s! But if you are precise the sensor could be destroyed... But who cares!
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