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  1. This will get me back into ksp. This is amazing linx! You will never be able to top THIS off.
  2. And found and posted to YouTube an old video
  3. Krakened the universe And built a cool spacecraft
  4. Actually no. You may not know me or remember me or though that I was dead. But here I am, I returned... to go away again I guess. @The Doodling Astronaut, will you answer?
  5. Happy ten years kerbonauts, this is not the end of KSP I, but the start of a new era for this game!
  6. @Aazard I got a question for you: in two sentences what does human stuff exactly do?
  7. Try and guess how I called my new cat!

    1. VoidCosmos
    2. Goaty1208


      Haha, no. I called him Kerbal lol

    3. VoidCosmos


      Cats are kerbals in disguise 

  8. It is done. The crew of Artemis I (laythe landing) has returned just in time for the 1rst anniversary of Goat Engineering Inc. Thank you all for the support. G.E.I CEO Goaty1208 Merry Christmas, I guess
  9. Tomorrow Artemis II, which laneded on Laythe, will return just in time gor Goat Engineering Inc's 1° anniversary
  10. Ok! got 15796 patches with module manager. No RO or RSS involved though.
  11. So, I wasn't the only to think about KTSB. Did you make a flag?
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