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  1. In one hour I'll launch a probe for scanning kerbin's land features. P.S: the target is a baobab at ten Km. from the KSC: I tried ten times with planes but I failed!!!! P.S.S: that probe will be used on Duna or Eve in the future! Naaaa I use that suits with tons of kerbals, and I always see the sliders... I love that suits anyway! Actually I use them for extreme works ( Egs. paragliding inside a box launched at sound speed by a jet ( I actually did that... Jeb and Val had great entertainment with that) How did the science junior got destroyed?
  2. Paint kerbin with red paint and the Kerbol space system will have two Duna
  3. Also for me the best player is Matt Lowne: he does things of a certain level.
  4. Nothing for now but in like 20 mins I will design a Mun rocket! I am also planning to change my profile photo of the forum. This screenshot is so cool!
  5. I am triyng to build a U-Boat... the problem is making it reach water! Tips?
  6. Posted as error My "u boat" program started... one week and I'll update you.
  7. They should add submarine update on ksp 1.9... (it is still not out on xbox)
  8. Bof io oggi in sandbox ho creato una stzione spaziale su Kerbin... poi se volete vi aggiorno sulla situazione P.s stava già per disintegrarsi per colpa di un rotore impazzito(ci ha messo 1 ora fermarsi XP) Stazione
  9. @Mikenike because you already jelped me... could you help me now too?
  10. @KerikBalm well so my mission is to seek scannable things in the desert! But probably I won't find anything.
  11. So I just deployed my new science van, which has deployable science and a scanning arm, in Kerbin's desert. Do you guys think I'll find something there?