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  1. Just wanted to chime in and say the Solar Trusses are still broken 1.10.1. I went ahead and got rid of the solar trusses I had on my station, and then I shipped 2 up and once the shuttle was docked, quit to main menu, then reloaded the save, and then went to the station with the 2 solar trusses, and they started floating away just like before. Here's my KSP.log.
  2. Comrade, please redact this entry from your post! This is top secret Soviet Technology not ready for reveal!
  3. Doesn't seem like Habtech2 is quite fixed yet. When I loaded up my save in both 1.9.1 and 1.10.1, the solar trusses started flying away, but I can right click them and get all of the options in the Part Action Window as if they were still attached. This Link Should be my KSP.log
  4. So the only problem I've had SO FAR from upgrading Habtech2 in my install with the most recent fixed version is that 3 of the ISS solar arrays on my ISS started floating away from the rest of the station, but were still "attached". I decided to detach them and throw them away and send up new solar panels. So far I've only sent up one ISS Solar array and attached it successfully, so we'll have to wait and see what happens! I'm on 1.9.1 by the way. I think all the mods I use are updated to 1.10.1, so I just need to take the effort installing them to my 1.10.1 game xP
  5. Which I bet is the reason the BDB team made their own jettison module. Dang it Squad.
  6. What limiting factor forced you to take it out? That last gif showed it was hopping around nicely on it's new explosive diet.
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