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  1. It's worth a try. However, I did a flip with Lunakhod last night and landed perfectly, and that was really neat.
  2. If you add B9 Part Switch, I'd say welcome to family. Probably most modded installs have B9 part switch now, so you would be joining a wonderful world of possibilities!
  3. For anyone that is building or has built the ISS or something similar in 1.11.1: How have the Solar arrays behaved? I'm guessing no one has encountered the floating-away-solar-arrays of doom?
  4. I went ahead and reinstalled everything into 1.11.1, so here's my Gamedata and computer specs:
  5. So wait, the Habtech2 Solar trusses floating away problem has been fixed? Note: It happened when I put new trusses up on my station. Also I haven't tried 1.11 with Habtech2.
  6. I'm trying to get Vanguard 1 into orbit in JNSQ and KSP 1.11, and no matter what I do, Vanguard refuses to orbit. I've tried the Mechjeb PVG guide from Friznit, and I can get suborbital, but always run out of fuel in the third stage. I have the third stage solid on the 2nd option as Friznit's guide suggests. So did 1.11 break something, or am I doing something wrong? If anyone has a Vanguard trajectory guide, I'd appreciate it!
  7. Cause by default Tresors sets an expire date xD Here is a new link.
  8. Just wanted to chime in and say the Solar Trusses are still broken 1.10.1. I went ahead and got rid of the solar trusses I had on my station, and then I shipped 2 up and once the shuttle was docked, quit to main menu, then reloaded the save, and then went to the station with the 2 solar trusses, and they started floating away just like before. Here's my KSP.log.
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