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  1. How is your frame rate? I remember the last time I made an ISS, my FPS would dip pretty noticeably around the station. Any tips to maximize Frames?
  2. I'm getting a strange second atmosphere with Earth starting at 35km, and then it disappears after 60km Link to my KSP.Log for the session: https://web.tresorit.com/l/JJSVR#eyaKjtKUESgHiMLBEnD0BA Latest KSRSS Reborn from GitLab Scatterer .0837 Kopernicus 139 KSP 1.12.3 EVE redux KSP community Fixes 1.20.0 Harmony
  3. Fill it with beets! Comrade Luna 2 landing on Moon Comrade Lunokhod looking for Luna 2:
  4. And now KSRSS reborn is on GitLab: https://gitlab.com/ksrss/KSRSS/-/tree/reborn
  5. Hmm.. is that the heat shield? I wonder what's under the heat shield...
  6. Beale made a version of the APAS 75 for Tantares. They have existed for a long time now. InvaderChaos recently made a version of the APAS 75 for BDB. The Apollo version exists in BDB, but the Soyuz version does not exist in any mod. That's what I'm hearing anyway.
  7. What images are you basing your Space Station Enterpise textures from?
  8. Don't use KJR with robotic parts. We (the community) recommend using the default auto struts provided by stock. Also don't leave robotic parts autostruted, I found that out the hard way.
  9. We don't fly by in this house: Before anyone gets too excited, I cheated this all into orbit to make sure it even works. Did some undocking of the ORBs to make sure they can keep cool on their own, and now I can see about getting all the parts onto various Saturn rockets. The ORBs will need Saturn V for the diameter alone... ah, Gnome Child.
  10. Decided I would fool around with nuclear and the new system heat changes. While I didn't use a BDB tank, the mission got an extension... At first, I had some boil off, something like .12 u/s. But after going out into interplanetary space... the boil off stabilized! My thoughts during this: "Well, we're beyond Kerbin, that's great I guess. Hey, let's try going to a planet. Ah heck, Mars will take 2 years for a good intercept. Maybe Venus? Ah, 1 year. Let's check boil off.... STABLE?! NANI?! Screw it, Venus it is!" I ended up putting 8 Hokulani PMBP-RDT radiators on it with 8 Hokulani eROSA panels. I also have RTGS on near the nuke, but will experiment with taking them off. The Great Nuclear ORB!
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