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  1. 1.10 is too buggy at this moment (fairings not working, not loading certain parts, etc.) so general advice is just skip 1.10 till 1.10.1 is available.
  2. Github Dev version. Do not use this mod in 1.10. Squad tried to fix something, so now things are broke.
  3. Instructions unclear; kerbals caught in ceiling fan and then ceiling fan caught in a bigger ceiling fan.
  4. known bug with 1.10. Please read posts above yours.
  5. And we'll probably never see a fix because squad/private division's list of bugs is so big! :'D
  6. So I've been experiencing a slight visual bug with JNSQ (not sure if JNSQ fault or something else D:) Basically when the sun rises over the horizon, Solar panels behave as if sunlight is hitting them and you can see the shine of that beautiful sun, but the actual light doesn't hit your vessel till a few seconds after the sun can already be seen. I'll put some screenshots in spoilers:
  7. Huh, I wonder what that thing on top of the VA's retro engine tower is?
  8. Can't wait for next summer! Strange bug with the latest update: When the wing is switched to right orientation, I can't select it anymore.
  9. No Mr. Bond, I expect you to assemble an ISS for the 50th time!