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  1. You might try a separate install of KSP without mods other than HTRobotics and whatever it requires and see if the problem persists. My bet is a strange mod interaction causing the issue.
  2. Looking nice! Question about the Robotic Arms: Have you found a technique to reduce excess wobble of the whole craft (Like the shuttle with Canada Arm) when moving something around?
  3. Resistance is futile. We will add your aerodynamic and technological distinctiveness to our own.
  4. Welcome to the forum! In the future, reading through the last 2, maybe 3 pages of posts might help out! Anyway, here's the link https://gitlab.com/ksrss/KSRSS Still Work In Production, and @ballisticfox0 is currently working on adding the volumetric clouds from the Patreon Eve demo. For Parallax support: Install Parallax 2.0 - and Parallax Stock Textures, Parallax Stock Scatter Textures Delete "GameData/Parallax_StockTextures/_Configs" Delete "GameData/Parallax_StockTextures/_Scatters/Configs"
  5. Adventures of the Dream! Parts from ColdWarAerospace with Procedural Wings. Warranty void upon wing separation.
  6. KSRSS has Parallax suport. First quote has instructions on how to get it to work.
  7. Don't mind me, just living the Dream
  8. Decided to give this a try, very nice modeling! I built a fake C5 from the ColdWarAerospace parts, however the shuttle does not like nosing up when it's jet engines are active. Was a fun experiment though! Can't wait to see further development!
  9. Go ahead and post some pics of what you're seeing. But some important questions: Did you download KSRSS Reborn from Git Lab? If so, did you make sure it was on the Reborn branch? What version of Scatterer are you on? Since you're a new member, I'd assume the latest which should be correct, but if you have the version number that could help. And of course you should be using a recent version of Kopernicus to even get the planets, so don't think that's an issue. Are you putting everything into the GameData folder in the Kerbal Space Program folder on your computer? Oh, and are you using CKAN to install everything/some things? A CKAN user will have to assist you with that. That should be all the questions for now.
  10. Welcome to the forum! We ask you to try and read through the posts on the last couple of pages of any thread you want to ask a question in. (ctrl + F to bring up the find tool in your browser to search through the page for the terms you're looking for) As BallisticFox has stated, "Please be patient though, like Adiri said I'm going through quite a bit right now and funny space man game is not the number one priority atm. "
  11. So Benjee, am I to assume when you get to updating SOCK, the shuttle size will be increasing? Cause the engines from Artemis are bigger now.
  12. False Alarm. Spacedock version is older than Github version
  13. I'm getting rogue plume effects from BDB solid rocket parts even though they aren't activated.: KSP Log: https://web.tresorit.com/l/NnRh4#ZEfvrx_BFdkMJbQrh0_wBQ
  14. How is your frame rate? I remember the last time I made an ISS, my FPS would dip pretty noticeably around the station. Any tips to maximize Frames?
  15. I'm getting a strange second atmosphere with Earth starting at 35km, and then it disappears after 60km Link to my KSP.Log for the session: https://web.tresorit.com/l/JJSVR#eyaKjtKUESgHiMLBEnD0BA Latest KSRSS Reborn from GitLab Scatterer .0837 Kopernicus 139 KSP 1.12.3 EVE redux KSP community Fixes 1.20.0 Harmony
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