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  1. How is your frame rate? I remember the last time I made an ISS, my FPS would dip pretty noticeably around the station. Any tips to maximize Frames?
  2. I'm getting a strange second atmosphere with Earth starting at 35km, and then it disappears after 60km Link to my KSP.Log for the session: https://web.tresorit.com/l/JJSVR#eyaKjtKUESgHiMLBEnD0BA Latest KSRSS Reborn from GitLab Scatterer .0837 Kopernicus 139 KSP 1.12.3 EVE redux KSP community Fixes 1.20.0 Harmony
  3. Fill it with beets! Comrade Luna 2 landing on Moon Comrade Lunokhod looking for Luna 2:
  4. And now KSRSS reborn is on GitLab: https://gitlab.com/ksrss/KSRSS/-/tree/reborn
  5. Hmm.. is that the heat shield? I wonder what's under the heat shield...
  6. Beale made a version of the APAS 75 for Tantares. They have existed for a long time now. InvaderChaos recently made a version of the APAS 75 for BDB. The Apollo version exists in BDB, but the Soyuz version does not exist in any mod. That's what I'm hearing anyway.
  7. What images are you basing your Space Station Enterpise textures from?
  8. Don't use KJR with robotic parts. We (the community) recommend using the default auto struts provided by stock. Also don't leave robotic parts autostruted, I found that out the hard way.
  9. We don't fly by in this house: Before anyone gets too excited, I cheated this all into orbit to make sure it even works. Did some undocking of the ORBs to make sure they can keep cool on their own, and now I can see about getting all the parts onto various Saturn rockets. The ORBs will need Saturn V for the diameter alone... ah, Gnome Child.
  10. Decided I would fool around with nuclear and the new system heat changes. While I didn't use a BDB tank, the mission got an extension... At first, I had some boil off, something like .12 u/s. But after going out into interplanetary space... the boil off stabilized! My thoughts during this: "Well, we're beyond Kerbin, that's great I guess. Hey, let's try going to a planet. Ah heck, Mars will take 2 years for a good intercept. Maybe Venus? Ah, 1 year. Let's check boil off.... STABLE?! NANI?! Screw it, Venus it is!" I ended up putting 8 Hokulani PMBP-RDT radiators on it with 8 Hokulani eROSA panels. I also have RTGS on near the nuke, but will experiment with taking them off. The Great Nuclear ORB!
  11. Just highlighting a recent change to the Saturn S2 Interstage: switcherDescription = Bits? switcherDescriptionPlural = Bitses? Cobalt Pls. Welcome to page 1078!
  12. Okay! 1. I think this may have been reported before, but the Hokulani MDA Multiple Docking Adapter does not have a 0.9375 option for the end cap. And if you use the Hokulani MSA 1.875 Structural Adapter for it's 0.9375 Option, the docking port is shoved into the truss: 2. And sticking with the Hokulani MDA, how about a blank spot on the second docking port area and a .9375 Radial Attachment Point so we can stick the bigger docking ports there? 3. And I remember this was reported some pages ago: We don't have a proper 1.5m to .9375 adapter for the Aardvarks. "Noot Noot"
  13. Neither am I, wheels are turning normally. Anyway, got around to actually testing the LRV out: No problems that I can see in steering and handling. When constructing, I unfolded the LRV, then detached it, and it went rolling away cause there's no power to engage the breaks. Luckily it wasn't going fast so a Kerbal caught it and brought it back. I guess I was constructing it wrong, need to add power before detaching from the MLEM. Other than the KSP Community Fix Robotic Drift fix incompatibility, things seem fine so far!
  14. LRV bug report time. Question: Are you guys using KSP Community Fixes? I have that installed and the robotics drift fix active. Bug: Everytime I lock an LRV robotic part. Things explode, or just spin around. And then explode. KSP Log: https://web.tresorit.com/l/uMs2i#DJVWWXgpTKHdizPo4rEeqw Further testing: Turned off the Robotic drift fix, and no more explodium is present when locking hinges.
  15. I created an album of going through the atmosphere : https://imgur.com/a/xJbobfS using that atmo.cfg and latest version of everything, Kerbin starts with this nice blue halo around it as you ascend. But then right around 55 km, the blue halo just disappears in an instant! And descending back down on the same flight, the blue halo never returns. Also everyone survived the flight!
  16. Question about the Nuclear engines: is the reason development on them stopped in real life because whatever performance gain you got was offset by the weight of the engines? I ask because in game, I'm not seeing a deltaV gain by using them on the SIVB of an Apollo 11 stack. And yes, I'm switching the fuel tank to pure LH2. I am getting the DeltaV calculation through Mechjeb, so I hope that's working properly. The only engine that has a Dv gain is the Lumber Gust II in LH2/LOX mode.
  17. Might this be affecting other celestial bodies? I landed on the Mun and this is what I'm seeing: Is it possible the Mun dust is getting ready to take off and invade Kerbin?! It's a neat affect though, just want to know if this is intentional behavior or Mun Dust Conspiracy!
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