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  1. No. Also totally not a stolen design: There were no clipping issues, not at all. Also the MLEM did not almost tip over. All is good Comrade.
  2. Request for the wetlabs: Can we get an LH2 only option for the fuel load? For Nuclear reasons of course >:)
  3. So I had a chance to play around with KSPTOT last night, and I was able to calculate an Eve flyby in the special flyby module, but how do I go from KSPTOT to maneuver nodes in KSP?
  4. This does not happen to the Centaur D. Also found out that you can just load craft on the pad, jettison shielding, go back to space center, then back to craft on the pad, and shielding on the workshop is back on with no option to jettison.
  5. Happens when every I reload. Quicksave and quickload, and the station has it's shielding back. Can't jettison them again, so had to launch a couple of skylabs to make sure. Link to my KSP Log I just made.
  6. More Sealab Skylab and Gemini! Also experimenting with Gemini Ferry: Bug Report time: Launched the Skylab, and jettisoned the fairings around the workshop to show the gold. I went back to launch a GemFerry, and upon arrival to the station, the fairings were back on. No beautiful gold KSP Verison 1.12.2 with JNSQ, textures unlimited also installed for that glorious gold.
  7. In this image, the covers for the Jamestown engines. I downloaded NF (Near Future) Aeronautics, and the only thing double related is the dual engine pod, which looks nothing like those covers.
  8. Are those changes currently accessible on github (for testing purposes of course), or are there changes that haven't made it to GH yet?
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