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  1. Landing bag confirmed! So after Mercury, are you planning on... eating a delicious steak? Filet mignon?
  2. You don't have to update, you know? You can have more than one KSP on your computer. Even if you use Steam.
  3. Generally speaking, if you installed with CKAN, go to the CKAN thread. I'd advise you install manually, which is veeeery simple. And then you can install the developmental builds currently going on and check out all the cool probes and early rockets! Perhaps even help catch bugs
  4. I decided I wanted a rover. Not just any rover, but a big boy rover. And after nearly having a heart attack from stuff falling over, we got one! Yes, there are RCS thrusters on the bottom to make it float.
  5. Adventures of Munlab continue. Munlab Cargo bot successfully landed. Next, Munlab Mission 1. 2 Kerbals go up to Mun, land on Mun, then eat space cheese in Munlab.
  6. Have some pics: So the WAC Corporal stage has very low thrust, and basically just falls after activating it. Was that on purpose?
  7. Once again, I must go to Mun. But this time... I hope the snacks inside the Munlab survived chilling and thawing.
  8. In the 1.7 dev branch, the LR 105 is missing the RS-56-OSA B9 subtype. Unless that's on purpose and I'm missing something else somewhere But thank you guys for all your hard work! Cobalt, get that nice juicy [food item]!
  9. Quick concern, the J2X engine has the stock upgrade module. Shouldn't it be switched to the B9partswitch method instead?
  10. Dang, sorry to see you go Beale :C But I can't blame you for probably wanting to take a break from KSP for awhile. You've done some great work with Tantares, and I loved waiting to see your progress pics and then weird things you and others do. But I'll be keeping an eye out for your stuff in the future. Remember Beale, w̷̯͝e̵̗͑'̶̟̓r̵̯̊e̴̝̽ ̵͖̀ẃ̵̖a̵͖̒t̸̗̀c̸̝͐ḧ̸̬́ĩ̴͙ṉ̷̊g̸̩̉
  11. I think I found a bug with the Upper stage thrust buff config. It has "bluedog_ablestarEngine|bluedog_ableEngine", which should be "bluedog_ablestar_Engine|bluedog_able_Engine". Unless ablestarEngine and ableEngine do exist. If not, don't forget your underscores Also case sensitive. shh, I did not find that out the hard way, I've always known.
  12. This is purely a texture appreciation post. <3 Not cheese, but still beautiful.
  13. Screenshot tax: Playing spaceball while watching Spaceballs. Additional: Did a Ranger lander and Explorer 1.
  14. First off, congrats on all the hard work! Bug report: The oceans are fragmenting while I'm at a 100km orbit. 2nd screenshot is of my gamedata directory. Link to my player.log folder (for 1.8, is this the only thing we need to give out?) With that said, time for some proper screenies: This purely me just enjoying the Mun texture and having fun with a ball :3
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