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  1. Good to know! Though I'm not sure how well it would have worked. The latest flight was a little too ambitious I think. But lessons learned!
  2. I've updated the Wayfarer Program with the latest flight. An attempt to reach Kerbin's pole with an ambitious space plane launched while on a suborbital flight.
  3. I've posted an update! The Wayfarer II mission used a longer range version of the Peregrine S1. Thanks @fulgur for the advice.
  4. Thanks - I wasn't sure whether to get the DLCs - perhaps when I've advanced in my career a ways. Are they worth it? I'll take a look at making a long range version of the Peregrine S1. No fuel lines yet, but perhaps I can simply add more fuel to the Juno engines.
  5. Thanks for the advice - I've not achieved orbit yet - perhaps that will be a prerequisite to this type of mission. I think I'll try an entirely unmanned probe first for some of the more local Biomes, and then look at 'Option 1' once I've been able to achieve orbit.
  6. Hi - I'm considering these forums part of my R&D Dept for my career - so any advice would be appreciated! Part of the current Wayfarer Program seeks to unlock more technology and complete contracts to build both funds and science. Having just unlocked the SC-9001 Science Jr, I can see potential to gain a good amount of Science from various biomes on Kerbin - if I can get it there. At present, my aircraft is limited to a short range survey plane, the Peregrine S1. But to reach some of the more distant biomes - perhaps even the poles - I'd like to construct an unmanned science probe that can transmit data back to KSC. My only unmanned command module options are limited to the Probodobodyne Stayputnik - which lacks SAS - which could be a challenge to keep steady. I'm stood infront of the drawing board with a few ideas: A manned rocket launches to roughly 80,000m with a sub-orbital return trajectory into the required biome. Probe detaches, re-enters, parachutes slow the craft and it lands safely and transmits data. Unmanned rocket flies on a straight trajectory into the required biome, detaching a probe that lands with parachutes - could be tricky without SAS. Develop a manned aircraft that is launched above the atmosphere, re-enters above the required Biome, and then flies down to a safe landing. Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas would be appreciated before I start building and testing a design!
  7. Wayfarer Program Objective: To develop the technology and financial sustainability to support a more ambitious space program The success of the Pioneer program resulted in a great deal of interest from private companies seeking to utilise our space program. From the scientific community wanting to understand more about Kerbin, to tourists keen to experience a space flight. It is imperative to secure these private contracts, in order to finance our more ambitious programs, and develop new technologies that will propel our space program. Status: Ongoing Wayfarer I: Wayfarer II Wayfarer III
  8. Alright - I was trying to keep each program tidy and self contained, but if it makes it easier to follow, I can make a new post for each mission. Alternatively, is it against forum rules to create a post as a notification of an update? I've just updated the Pioneer Program post with Pioneer IV.
  9. Thanks @Kerbalstar, I've been working on building something with a little more 'oomph' to carry Jeb into the upper atmosphere. At the moment, the tension is between balancing TWR of the first SRB stage, with stacking enough fuel in the upper stage. Going to look at the RT-10 'Hammer' as a first stage - but don't want to create something with too much power that's going to flip out and pancake into the KSC. Update soon!
  10. Pioneer Program Objective: To send a Kerbal outside of Kerbin's atmosphere, and return them safely The first program of our space agency looks at taking our first steps into - and eventually outside of - our atmosphere. The lessons learned from these first flights will help develop new techniques, methods and technologies to go higher, faster and further in our pursuit of space. Status: Complete Pioneer I: Pioneer II: Pioneer III: Pioneer IV
  11. “If we are to send people, it must be for a very good reason - and with a realistic understanding that almost certainly we will lose lives. Astronauts and Cosmonauts have always understood this. Nevertheless, there has been and will be no shortage of volunteers.”― Carl Sagan Welcome to this mission log series. I'll be blunt - I'm pretty new to this. But despite my inexperience, and perhaps my naivety, I have bold dreams for this small group of Kerbals under my command. I've completed the tutorials, and had a brief play around in sandbox - and I'm ready to begin a career. There will be failures. There will be sacrifice. But perhaps, just maybe, we will touch the stars. A few details: Quicksaves and Reverts are switched off. Kerbals do not respawn Researching parts costs money All other settings are as 'Normal' The game contains no mods and is vanilla Despite being a new player, I found that being unable to go back in time to fix mistakes, or even test designs without consequence, leads to a complacency I didn't enjoy. Knowing that every test carries a cost, every mistake carries a risk, and every launch is final, makes successes so much sweeter, and failures that much harder. While I might be setting myself up for a lot of frustration, I think I'd like to try throwing myself in at the deep end. I'll continue to update as my career progresses. This first post will serve as a contents page. Mission Logs 1. Pioneer Program: 'to send a Kerbal outside of Kerbin's atmosphere, and return them safely' 2. Wayfarer Program: 'to develop the technology and financial sustainability to support a more ambitious space program'
  12. Well we'll see how long it lasts! Definitely feel like no reverts, quicksaves or respawning Kerbals makes me care a bit more about each design and launch! Thanks for your welcome.
  13. Hi folks, Reporting in from Down Under! As a space buff and astronomy fan, my love of the universe extends to rocket engineering - and therefore KSP! I'm fairly new to the game, and have chucked myself in the deep end by removing quicksaves and reverts... let's see how long my career lasts! I'll hopefully find a space to write some missions diaries, documenting the apoapsides and periapsides of my space program. Currently, I'm working on getting a Kerbal into orbit (preferably inside a spaceship), paving the way for future missions to the Mun.