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  1. Thanks for the suggestions - looks like it’ll have to be separate launches then. I like the idea of the docked vessel having some future use, such as providing relay capability for later missions. It will also contain some refuelling capability, to give me a reason to dock with it once the landing is complete. That means I won’t have to pack as much fuel on the lander.
  2. That’s what I feared. I half hoped landing would somehow ‘reset’ the flag. Alas!
  3. Hi friends, Ive finally got a contract to land Kerbals on another planet, namely Duna. But a component of the contract, along with planting a flag, is to dock two vessels in orbit. I was planning to do an Apollo style mission - where a lander will detach from the CSM, perform a landing, and then return to dock. But would that satisfy the contract? Or would the fact that the lander and CSM originated from the same vessel void that? The guys and gals standing by the drawing board sketched an alternative direct landing, with a stop off at an orbiting refuelling station that wo
  4. I finally got a contract to put Kerbal boots (and more importantly - flags) on the tantalising surface of another planet. I'm glad my first interplanetary Kerballed landing will be on Duna - it will conclude a program started back in April, and while recent missions have had me send probes around Eve and Gilly, I've always enjoyed missions out to Duna. My most recent trip, which successfully saw a crew return from a high orbit of the marvellous red planet, must have given the brass over at the World-FIrsts Record-Keeping Society the nudge to offer up the contract. They even bundled
  5. There is no in-game option to do this, outside of using mods. If you'd like to do the conversion yourself, temperature in Celsius is equal to the temperature in Kelvin minus 273.15.
  6. Tenacious I, commanded by Jebediah, finally arrived in the Duna system, and completed its orbital burn. This was the first manned orbit of another planet, and so it was quite the momentous occasion. As part of the program to land Kerbals on another planet, Tenacious I will remain in high Duna orbit until the next optimum transfer window to Kerbin. It will continue to orbit just outside of the SOI of Ike, to conduct science experiments, monitor the red planet, and observe the relationship between Ike and its host. Along with the Pioneer Program that completed in April, Tenacious I will pav
  7. Good luck! Let us know how you get on - if you're able to provide any visuals of your missions, that'd help us provide further advice. Have you unlocked manoeuvre nodes yet? This is done by upgrading the Tracking Station and Mission Control to level 2. It will also unlocked patched conics, which help considerably in planning manoeuvres and understanding your flight path. If not, you can still eyeball a burn to the Mun (I did my first time), but you won't know if you'll enter the Mun's sphere of influence until you actually enter it.
  8. Hi @Popestar, I appreciate that it can feel like others are being condescending and unhelpful. I don't think the majority of people intend to be, but some of these techniques and procedures become so bread and butter that it can be forgotten how daunting and tricky it was, and how some of what has become so part-and-parcel actually has to be learned. From your second question, it seems that you're attempting to get to the Mun directly from launch, which as you've pointed out means waiting for the Mun to be in the correct place relative to Kerbin. A more reliable method would be to ge
  9. Hahahaha. Besides; the view is so nice, why would anyone want to leave... that's how Eve gets you.
  10. I completed my first Eve landing today, to fulfil what I thought would be a extremely difficult contract to enter Eve's atmosphere, splash-down, and then make landfall. But thanks to some excellent suggestions and advice from the community, the mission was a success! I had the good fortune of splashing down just off the coast, meaning it was a mercifully short hop to shore. In reality, it was only luck that made this mission possible — any further and I would not have had the fuel to make the transition to shore. Watching the purple sunrise was an incredible moment. Eve is as beautiful a
  11. Thanks for all the advice and suggestions - it's given me lots to think about and test. I've settled on the design of a small 0.625m probe that has dual-configurations - able to land both on water and solid ground depending on which biome it comes in over, though solid ground would be preferable. As I only have one shot at this mission, I needed to ensure that regardless of the circumstance, the mission could proceed. Once touched down, it can perform a short hop with quad mounted 24-77s to the nearest ocean/land mass to complete the contract. It is a tiny probe, but packs in all of the r
  12. Thanks for the advice; though nothing is 'izi pizi' in these missions or me. I don't have reverts or quicksaves, so whatever I try has to work first time. I'm leaning more towards trying a splash-down, with some form of ability to then traverse the ocean towards land. I'm pretty confident that I will have to splash down first - as landing on ground, then being able to take off in order to splash down elsewhere would require a lot of energy and fuel. I'll keep you updated with my design!
  13. Thanks community, for helping me in the past with my explorations of Eve; your advice have helped me get to grips with interplanetary transfers and returns, completing some tricky contracts in the process, including returning from a fly-by and orbit of Eve. Both were a huge step up from the Mun and Minmus missions I was getting to grips with. But almost in mockery, KSP has once again launched the difficulty upwards, with a contract to: 'Enter the atmosphere, Splash-Down on, and make land contact with' Eve. In a single mission. Cracking my knuckles in confidence, I launched a probe fo
  14. Have you heard about those astronauts from Kerbin? They’ve got curved screens. Curved. Screens. To answer your question , I’ve never found the increased cost worth it - except for absurdly wide monitors.
  15. Looks great! Like something to make a super long range exploration flight in. Perhaps to a pole, packed with science equipment.
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