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  1. Yes, as mentioned, this appeared to be a bug that was exclusive to 1.11 without DLCs. I installed both DLCs (it was a good nudge to get them, I suppose), and this immediately rectified the issue. Whether it was the Breaking Ground or Making History DLC that fixed the issue (Or either. Or both) I don't know. I do not use any mods at all, so cannot confirm whether your issue would be resolved if you removed the 'making less history' mod; but I'd suggest that would be a good place to start.
  2. A thing has been started. Welcome to a whole universe of things!
  3. I've taken a little break from KSP in recent months (had a little Valentina join the family)... but with this final KSP update, I felt I had to thank everyone involved with the Kerbal Space Program project for what has been, without a doubt, the best 'bang-for-buck' piece of software I've ever purchased. Many hundreds of hours have been spent in this incredible 'game', and the commitment to 10 years of updates, patches, fixes, and new content has been phenomenal. As has this wonderful community. Congratulations on a decade of Space Success! I've no doubt you've inspired an entire generation of people to pursue an interest in the universe. Here's to 10 more years!
  4. I (and I'm sure many others who started career mode) am sure my first craft was a Mk1 Command Pod, sat on top of a RT-5 Flea SRB, with a MK16 parachute on top. Maybe a goo cannister or two on either side. And most definitely incorrectly staged, so that the parachute deployed at the same time the rocket fired. You know you've done it.
  5. Update: I downloaded and installed both DLCs, and this has rectified the issue.
  6. I believe this bug is documented here: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/27162 In a nutshell, since 1.11.1, all pilots and probe cores have access to all SAS modes, from stability assist to manoeuvre pointing. It's across all saves, and I've tried a reinstall. Has anyone else encountered and been able to fix this bug? It somewhat cheapens the career experience.
  7. Methinks the surface sample report doth protest too much...
  8. I've just noticed that all of my Kerbals in my new career save, despite only have one star of experience, have access to all the perks of a 5 star experienced Kerbal. As do all of my early-tech probe cores. Could this have been caused by the 1.11.1 update? Or is this another bug?
  9. Technically, yes - but it would be hard to figure out how much your vessel cost - and how many funds you were able to recover after the mission.
  10. Welcome and congratulations @InfernoSD on your entry into Orbit Boot Camp. I'm not sure I've seen a console player take this challenge on yet, so you could well be the first! You'd be surprised how unique each entry is - I'm confident your design hasn't been done before! Well done also on completing a rescue mission as part of your entry, you're correct in that you're the first - though there isn't an additional adornment for that at present. Impressive nonetheless! Onto the honours. Your first vessel, '6PartBoot' earns you the Kerbin Crescent, adorned with Zircon Chevron and Amber Leaves. Your second vessel, 'tugboot' is awarded the Zircon Chevron, and after deliberation with the OBC committee, also earns you the Vermillion Heart, for creative use of using two Kerbals as part of the mission. Your final mission cost will not take into account the recovery of Hal's capsule, however. Your name and entries will be added to the Honour Roll. Congratulations! Feel free to use the OBC signature badge if you'd like to. --- Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing it!
  11. Welcome home! Let me know your review of BG - I've not gotten the expansions yet, so I'd be keen to hear your thoughts.
  12. UPDATE: With a few more entries recently, I've updated the Signature Patch to remove the white background, as the background colour of forum posts has changed. I'd recommend updating your link. --- @Popestar, thank you for providing a great name for your first entry into the Orbit Boot Camp challenge. Your rocket has a classic, timeless design - with the pointy bit at the top. That'll make the less unconventional of the OBC committee happy. Onto the honours! For your entry, 'Hot Buttered Aspirin', you successfully pass out of Orbit Boot Camp and are awarded the Kerbin Crescent. For keeping below Tech Level 4, you also earn the Onyx Eyes additional adornment. We're looking forward to reviewing future entries. Your name and vessel have been recorded on the Honour Roll. Congratulations! Feel free to use the Signature Patch if you wish. --- @camacju, On reviewing your entry, it appears that you've used some... let's say 'interesting' part clipping techniques in your entry. We're not sure what wizardry you've used with some of the undercarriage which doesn't appear to be attached to anything! If you're able to complete the challenge without the use of part clipping, the OBC committee will be happy to take another look.
  13. Mods that simply are visual enhancements are fine. Any mods that add parts, change gameplay, or enhance performance are not allowed. --- @Popestar - Great to see out 2020 with an exciting Boot Camp entry! Your entry certainly looks like it qualifies - would you like to name it before I add your name, vessel and adornments to the honour roll? --- @camacju - Congratulations on your entry, 'Sapphire' - it's always great to see an SSTO entry; while they often cost a bit more to create, they're great for recovering a good chunk of the funds. Bear in mind, you can recover up to 5,000 for the purposes of calculating the overall cost of your mission. Was the launch cost 8,229? Once confirmed, I'll get your entry added to the honour roll.
  14. Great ideas everyone. Thanks! I like the idea of having to really think about my designs to maximise efficiency. I think i'll take the idea onboard of not upgrading the VAB at all, to force a small number of parts. I'll see if that gets too frustrating too quickly. In line with the 'plant a flag on all the bodies', that's a good idea. But I think I'll also add that I'm only allowed to collect science from one biome per body. In my recent career, I only visited Mun, Minmus, Duna, Ike and landed a probe on Eve (with a flyby of Gilly). Most of my science actually came from about 20-30 landings to Mun and Minmus, so this'll force me to explore further afield! Challenge!
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