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  1. yes i know about the log, just forgot about it, it's uploading currently https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FqOnTPzgTxYhIKRRI_7I6l00EVc_9HXZ/view?usp=sharing here it is
  2. hello! i'm encountering this issue with Tweak scale that prevents me from using the autostrut properly
  3. hello! can someone please help, when i try to use this mod in 1.11 (with the appropriate version of Kopernicus, and EVE and scatterer installed) it gives me this: and of course here's the log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ewWMeX6Pqw6CbtJ1SSrkYn7ldXDCfvC2/view?usp=sharing
  4. @Citizen247 hey, the patches sadly don't work, i was using the slant landing gear and have ksp wheel installed
  5. this mod keeps crashing my game, it says something about the handrail not being found
  6. hey, lisias? the scale factor sill didn't work with the typos cleared out here's the code:
  7. i have KIS/KAS, and i do have some experiance with kerbalisim, ultimatly ended up going with snacks cause i like the freedom in this playthrough 3 months later, the core module of the Liberty station stands on the launchpad, sitting atop it's very own Artemis rocket, booster sep
  8. the scaling worked, but not the scalefactors, what did i do wrong this time?
  9. i've done my research and started working, right now i managed to do the soyuz capsule, also i am going to adding the same scales as BDB (0.9375, 1.5, 3.125, etc) cause 1) tantares uses some of them and 2) most of the people who tantares installed also have BDB and it would be nice to have some combatibility enjoy this for now, the top one is the stock scale
  10. 2 months later, the Munar rocket Artemis, is standing on the launchpad, ready for a test launch, as stated it will launch the upper stage of a Libra rocket, Libra IIA and the Arcturo capsule into LKO after which the Libra IIA would complete the Trans-munar injection burn. today however, the rocket was only equipped with a dummy Libra IIA and a boiler plate of the capsule. dummy payload released, the Artemis has proved it's viability as Munar rocket. the first launch will be the core module of the Liberity Munar station
  11. even when done as such : @PART[tantares_crew_s1_1]:NEEDS[Tantares,TweakScale]:FOR[TweakScale, Tantares] // Tantares 12-A "Vingleboks" Crew Capsule the patch does not work
  12. deleting the second part's config made it as if i deleted the entire config
  13. apparently i did something wrong, cause applying the patch gives the houston we have a problem screen, but the parts work fine. here's the patch i just reread your earlier post and saw the stack_square, is that what i should always put for non surface attached parts, or just stack, or does it depend on something else?
  14. i have one more question, BDB adds various of it's own sizes (1.5, 3.125, 0.9375) how can i add them as well?
  15. my main stumble block was what was free_square, i am using the NF companion as an example, or is there a better one? anyway for scale exponents, does it do that automaticly? if it were a pod, what would i do?
  16. Chapter 1: some lore for those who want it: the Arcturu Block 1was about to launch on it's first orbital flight, a high orbital unmanned test of the capsule. -- Arcturu 1A sitting on top of the Libra 1 rocket booster sep t the second stage of the Libra 1 is intended to also be capable of serving as a kick stage on future long range missions the Arcturu fired it's engine for 1 minute and 49 seconds to place it into a 5,000,000 by 300,000 km orbit, the reason for the eccentric orbit is to simulate a mun return as on the later missions. the parachutes malfunctioned on landing any feedback is apreciated!
  17. Heracles Space Program Hey y'all! i need some motivation, so i made this post to help detail my new save instead of dong whatever, this program is intended to be the first duna landing in JNSQ, but first we'll start with the Mun, with a station and a long term stay, then we can move onto phase 2: exploration of duna and the outer system Question should i use some life support mods? I have some experience with kerbalisim, but i kind of want to try out snacks! which do you prefer?
  18. yep btw does anyone know what the free square is? should i change it or what? %MODULE[TweakScale] { type = free_square } (this is from the tweakscale companion to neaer future tech)
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