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  1. Cool video, but what happened to the ground at launch?
  2. Could you upload some screenshots because not many people will try it without seeing what it is first .
  3. In my experience, if it runs well, no damage apart from couple of scratches and little dints and insurance is cheap its worth a look. Any paint missing or rust can be fixed with a little extra cash .
  4. I have had so many Kerbals stranded on Mun and I just end the flight most of the time, but now I might just give this a go
  5. That's pretty cool, with help I think they could do it but I can imagine it being an extremely complicated project to achieve
  6. That's cool, I liked how you added that little "Oops" on the landing
  7. It's a terrible shame but even the greatest of people have to die some day unfortunately, he will have died a proud man.
  8. I think Fraps is your best bet but It is really just down to personal preference so you should test the trial versions and see which you prefer
  9. Welcome to the community Ya your module has torque from gyroscopes inside the module.
  10. I think your best option in the current version is to use mods, but If you are too heavy but want to use the vanilla parts why don't you try the Orbital Construction mod.
  11. Every small ship I have made with the 3 man crew fails, but you seemed to master it
  12. Hmm I never really thought about that Didn't realise how big it was.
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