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  1. Hi guys, I need to launch a weather ballon but hold it at 13,000 feet altitude with a rope and not let it go, we are studying local atmospheric phenomena. The problem i am facing, is that at 12k feet, the wind gusts can go up to 50 knots in certain places and because i am holding the ballon with a tope in a fixed length, it can't get the extra leash to climb up, i think when i reach 12,000 feet and i get a wind gust of 50 knots, my balloon will just be forced down to 7000 feet or something where there is less wind. I came up with a solution, use a host material, which will occupy 3 of 4000 gram balloons, so i just have brut force, this way maybe it can be more absorbing. What host material should i use for the 3 balloons? has this been done before?