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  1. I saw a 2015 post about this but i'm wondering if perhaps stuff changed between now and then. so... how do you pronounce Laythe? I pronounce it as Lay-thee, as it sounds more alien and exotic, but I have heard youtubers say "Lathe", and most of the people from the 2015 post did so too. so, how do you pronounce it?
  2. So I downloaded Procedural parts, however I have come across an issue. lets use the fuel tank for example. it has a default size of 1 meter. I can barely get it to fit the most basic, early-game parts, and therefore it's not very flexible. it seems to cap out around 1.15 meters maximum, and that same 1-meter-wide width you start with at a minimum. it's also very inflexible length-wise, barely able to change length as well. i'll attach pictures of the minimum and maximum fuel tanks, to give you a better Idea what i'm talking about. I have tested this on career and sandbox modes, and with other
  3. playing KSP. I should note that I am playing version 1.9.1 due to other mods. I also have no other mods that modify the visuals of the planet. I also do not have Transfer Window Planner, which I need to mention as it was causing problems for people in other threads with similar issues. so, I sent a spaceplane to Laythe, only the wings got ripped off somehow in the decent, leading to the plane crashing in the sea. I was able to save what remained of the plane with some parachutes I put on for landing. when on the water surface, I noticed that, when the water is looked at from s
  4. looks like I tried to post this about a mod, but for whatever reason it went to the normal KSP forums instead of the one about the mod. sorry, still new to this website. anyways, I resolved the issue with the mod in question. the mod was Scatterer, and it seemed the file that I installed was corrupted. I fixed it by simply re-installing it
  5. I'm having an issue with unzipping the file. My PC is claiming that the file is empty and refuses to unzip it.
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