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  1. I knew posting this question was the way to go! This is exactly the type of help I've been looking for. Thank you! I've avoided any kind of mod so far, but this is an obvious needed mod to keep the game interesting! Thanks again for keeping my 'addiction?' going ;-)
  2. I'll say one thing for the pandemic. It allowed me the time to gain an amazing appreciation for Orbital Mechanics - through dozens and dozens of hours in KSP! I have 1.9.1 and the expansions. I play totally un-modded, career mode and am down to 12 items remaining in the tech-tree. Things are going great! Labs on the Mun and Minmus (no mining yet) Flybys and unmanned lander on Duna. Penetrated Eve (oooh.. not the best word choice..) but didn't survive to the surface. LKO Station built and (due to KSP bugs) I want to build it over again. My dilemma:
  3. Hmmm... yes, you're right. This is a clipping issue. In order to decouple, the Kerbal seems to have to get on the ATV. That's when the top quarter of his helmet clips through the top of the Service Bay. If I mount the ATV to the decoupler and the decoupler to a flat construction sheet - the decouple at a force of one is perfect. Thanks!
  4. I have a couple 1-kerbal ATVs that are only 0.3T each. They're all loaded into a 2.5 Service Bay and dropped to the surface (Duna). The best I can think of is to attach these vehicles to the floor of the service bay with the smallest (.6?) decoupler. However, even with the force set to 1, the vehicle gets shot around the inside of the bay or sometimes even bounces out and lands in places that make it impossible to 'board' - down a cliff, under the ship, etc.. - I'm completely "mod free", and would probably prefer to stay that way. - Clamp-o-Tron Jr docking ports are way too bu
  5. Oh this is an even better response than I was crossing my fingers for. This AGU is definitely something I want. I haven't moved through the research tree far enough to have the AGU available. Now I'm really looking forward to getting one. It make the 'science grinding' a little more tolerable. Thanks for the quick replies!!
  6. I did do a search for this topic, but didn't see it asked anywhere. However, I'm kinda still new. (landed at Mun and returned) Is it possible in 1.8 (without mods) to build a ship that could essentially retrieve debris from previous missions? When I say retrieve, I mean - go get it. secure it onboard (I guess?), return to Kerbin with it. And bonus - get credit for the part when tallied up -OR- what do you think about rendezvous with debris, tow it to low orbit (where it will get sucked down), let go, get the hell out of there! Yes, I know there's no practical r
  7. I'm a newbie - Orbited Mun but not landed yet.. I really want to use the R121 - and the hints here are encouraging.. Even though this thread is old, I'm hoping someone can point me to a tutorial (for dummies) on get this engine to even WORK. Everything I do just has the engine sit there on the runway and nothing happens. I read about changing the throttle assignment and blade pitch, but I guess I'm confused where to do that? I guess I just need a step-by-step Thanks!
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