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  1. A quick question. How do you plan to launch kibo and exposed facility? On two seperate M02s or in stack on H03? If on separate launches will exposed facility recive OMS or will there be a tug to deliver it? Also it was not quite clear to me how do you moved z00 truss from challenger front port to the top of the module?
  2. Well thay said that there was a lot of placeholder art so maybe they just used what was on hand for testing puprposes? (I hope)
  3. Just please make sure we don't need ReStock 2 to fix ksp2's art style after release…
  4. Well let's hope they show us some designs in their diaries more offen.
  5. Well I know about an NDA but i'm not asking about anything that can actually be forbidden to tell just about overrall feeling of developing an entire GAME it's not just mods you know it's whole next level! Yeah having Nert as a team member is both a really wonderful news and a safeguard from having awthul artstyle).
  6. Wow Is this big thing supposed to be new 1.875m thingy? This shroud somehow gives me wierd disturbing feeling like it hides something terrible inside. BTW are loc files already on git?
  7. Never wanted to offend anyone. Please forget about what I said.
  8. @Nertea Are these reactors going to have slow response like the ones we currently have?
  9. Amazing as always. But right now I don't understand why to use a rtg instead of reactors from gameplay perspective. One thing in which an rtg is better is not requiring any external cooling. But that's all?
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