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  1. Are those radiators on Frisbee supposed to unfold? I searched and not found any to unfold them
  2. Is there any hope of reciving Parallax Textures for this planet pack?
  3. Hello! Can you please clarify some things about mod usage? 1. How heavily modded my install can be? For example I really want to use Near Future Pack 2. I really enjoy Kerbalism Science but it slows down overall progress so will it earn additional points? 3. I use FAR for aerodynamics and this is quite hard. Can I use some kind of simulation mod to test rocket out before actuall flight?
  4. Actually there are some bugs with PT and FFT. I've found another bug that appear when PT is installed. The sound effects of the impulse engines play all the time. Without any synchronization with impulses. The report is already on PT github. How fast these will be fixed is fully dependant on @FreeThinker.
  5. That is already done. Make sure to download SystemHeat from the link published in the systemheat thread. In that zip will be an extras folder in which there are patches that enables support.
  6. This would apply to every engine in the mod. Not only to NSWR. Everything in this mod is so powerful that it obliterate evereything and everyone in the way. Reputation penalty is good but it is not enough to properly address problems with NSWR. The only possible solution I see except splitting it into a submod is to: 1. Develop some kind of radiation plugin like Kerballism does. 2 Add some heavy penalties for using highly energetic engines based on the plugin mentioned before so it would balance out positive sides. There are no other way. We can't simply put NSWR into a 100000 s
  7. I think that the best way to balance everything is to ignore NSWR. Also it can be split into separate submod which will be completely optional. Unfortunately this engine is both really popular to be must have in such mod like FFT and a terrible nightmare to balance against other engines. It does even more damage to any potential balance than to planetary biospheres in reality.
  8. A little request here. I think that ability to start/stop capacitor charge on fusion reactors should be added into SystemHeat control panel. Since fusion reactors could not be started without charged capacitors currently the only option on control panel we have is to turn it off.
  9. I've found some really nasty issue. Report is on the github.
  10. Hi. I wonder how good does Kerbalism science only works with Near Future suite. Last time I checked there were problems with reactors. How good is it now?
  11. Well. It was an attempt. New issue posted on github. This one is our favorite: gas gaint shadows! It seems that this big boss of bugs is ready for round 2!
  12. It looks like we should install persistent trust to fully utilize what FFT had to offer. BTW is that afterburning fission fragment engine is dusty plasma fission fragment engine or it is separate part? Cause I always thought that dusty plasma would had pretty big trust with high ISP which essentially makes it more viable than fusion engines.
  13. This version works! Thank you very much! At least it starts. The ksp companion can be left the same ?
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