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  1. So I've decided to try my best in recreating Skylab. But after Skylab 4 i thought just deorbiting it is kinda lame and decided to do shuttle Skylab proposal. So there is the teleoperator retrieval tug which is supposed to be used for reboosting the station. Is there a way to do it as authentically as possible without any tweakscale (i hate it)?
  2. Hey guys. So I decided to recreate Voyager I & II flight in KSRSS but are there any Voyager parts in this pack? If no is there eny plans to make them? It's quite an iconic spacecraft.
  3. Wow this looks amazing. To me the main problem of those older parts were not the model itself but their texture. It was too (i don't know the proper word) reflectively metallic. And those warning stripes. They look outdated for at least 5 years.
  4. Hi @RoverDude so it seems that KonFabricator is broken in all languages except English. It is caused by using hardcoded "engineer" string in if statement. Instead of this it would be much wiser to get that string from loc file There is a temporary solution just to switch game language but i hate it because it defeats all my hard work localising all the mods i use. So please maybe a hotfix can be quickly made.
  5. So how much ec it produces and at how big thermal output?
  6. Sooo if crew launch for some reason had been cancelled the Pegasus deorbits itself? Does things such this ever happend in ETS? But 6 Rl-10 design is amazing. Something i've done in ksp myself to provide MOAR thrust.) BTW I think you made a little mistake. Webb sits in L2 point of Sun-Earth system which is approx 1.5 million km away while the moon is only 384k km. So Apollo should wait in L2 point of Earth-Moon system to provide adequate conditions for such a mission.
  7. Wow this is crazy! So pegasus is somehow cryogenicaly cooled or they are launched like gemini agena target vehicle? So how does this stack is supposed to look like? Aren't thrust vector will be retrograde relative to crew like in nasa's saturn venus mission proposal?
  8. So Apollo block V looks very similar to orion capsule while the mission profile is essentially our world artemis just without lop-g. So I assume that crewed missions will be launched atop Saturn H003?
  9. Hi @Nertea. Is there any exposed funcions to check if cooling is enabled or disabled in this plugin? And if so then is it possible to easily switch cooling on or off codewise? I've decided to write a bridge between this and SystemHeat like a fun side project 'cause you know there aren't any radiators on those tanks so heat should go somewere…
  10. Same here. It's summer session time for all students across the world so good luck and don't catch too many retakes!)
  11. Thank you for this truly amazing series. It was my gateway into the amazing world of ETS and made me love this amazing game and community even more. Your timely return with the series also helped me to get back in the game after almost half a year hiatus. Looking forward to Artemis!
  12. Well this stuff is mostly perfect. Everything has been mostly ironed out when systemheat was in active development.
  13. Thanks for an answer! But I have another question!) For docking between Freedom modules APAS is used correct? So why are they continue to use Apollo docking system between mission module and capsule?
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