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  1. Will this thingy is going to act like 2 engines in one, like its supposed to be in reality?
  2. So i've tried this mod on 1.9.1 and managed to pinpoint the exact problem of this logspam. It is not incompatible version. The problem is caused by latest version of Scatterer. Please see: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rjEPjLuptMQCc7bo6anTQyyA546uaTiG?usp=sharing
  3. I've been testing this mod on1.11 and got logspam with EVE installed. EVE itself without GEP works fine. Logspam starts only with GEP installed. log:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rjEPjLuptMQCc7bo6anTQyyA546uaTiG?usp=sharing
  4. But the problem exists. This node is very far from the beginning. I know only one mod that uses nodes that are so far. And it is KSPI-E. Such change should not wreck havoc around mods. It is not that significant. After all this change would fit into "unified field theory"
  5. So I've been thinking about science mode balance and I can say that there are some problems around it. The main problem is that Hammertong is on the same tech level as the torch drives and there is absoultely no point on using it. The only reason to pick fusion over Unified Field is Ouroborous. I think it can be partially fixed by allowing to unlock unified field only when both previous nodes are researched not one of them
  6. [insert original reduced scope joke here]. Do not worry about it. I really enjoy these fancy futuristic engines. They are one of my favorite topics! The biggest problem in translating this stuff to russian is words length. Primary example (just count letters): термоядерный синтез means fusion in russian. So I try to replace words with abbreviations or paraphrase something to make it shorter. Hardest part so far was Axial flow z-pinch. There are simply no russian language analouges for this thing so I had to come up with something to properly convey the meaning of this in russian. And th
  7. Ehh. More stuff to translate. I have some kind of love-hate relationship with those new parts due to the fact that with each new part there is more and more work for me. I really would like to see this mod to be fully translated from the release so it is some kind of awkward race for me to push new localization before the next release. And there are NFE NFLV and RestockPlus still waiting for localization. Hopefully I translated RestockPlus almost completely this September. But with that amount of text it is really hard to catch all of the typos. Ehh. I really need some kind of
  8. I feel myself really stupid now. Sorry for those questions. Check out space dust bunnies by JadeOfMaar. It has JNSQ support.
  9. Oh. I thought that AIM drive is impulse thrust type not continious type. So essentialy that is a fusion drive in which fusion assisted by a little amount of antimatter? It is going to use hydrogen as propellant?
  10. I may sound stupid but I don't understand what is this. Antimatter Micro Fusion engine should look diffirent so it is not an AIM engine. So what is this? BTW is there a possibility to add Deuterium from water extraction recipe to the stock ISRU? Deuterium is a very useful resource and that would allow to properly refill fusion-powered craft on planets surface. Water is already in CRP so why not?
  11. I think that it will be a good idea to add water to deuterium recipe into the isru. Water already present in CRP while deuterium has so many uses in the mod.
  12. This new engine is awesome! But I think that new tech tree node for fusion drives should be added. Right now the Cascade is on the same node as the Ouroboros and Hammertong, and this totaly breaks balance, at least in science mode. Is this engine going to be smaller, more powerful Casaba? What science node is it going to occupy? I think that I've found localization strings for Highly-Enriched NSWR in the file. Was it the original plan to add it insted of something else?
  13. This thing really stands out from the rest of the lineup. It looks like it is from some kind of colonisation or factory mod.
  14. This most likely caused by PersistentThrust. I've encountered this issue. It is already on PT Github.
  15. There are a lot of mods that fill this niche. There are a few new aerospikes in Kerbal Atomics and Near Future Aeronautics. Near Future Launch Vehicles also have some engines that both futuristic and realistic. 6.25m is not very popular size. What the point of making a mod with size that is being used by only a few people? If you REALLY want such unpopular sizes then you should install TweakScale. SeaDragon and Boeing LMLV are near future parts, not Far Future. If you want those specific rockets, then install mods that add those specific rockets. Far Future stuff is Antimatter engine
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