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  1. I saw in the "what did you do in ksp today" thread people talking about attaching a parachute to an asteroid to land it on Kerbin. My question is, how do you attach it? I thought you were only able to do stuff like that in the VAB. Is there a mod for stuff like that?
  2. Ohh. That is probably the issue! I do have it but have not enabled anything at all. Where would that option be at?
  3. Hey guys. I've just come back to KSP after around a five year hiatus. I thought I had read somewhere awhile back that with REMOTE Tech that it would connect to multiple different launch sites around Kerbin and not just the KSC. HOWEVER. I don't see any of the other launch centers and I only have connection to KSC. WHAT do I need to do to be able to view these other launch sites? I'm playing in Sandbox BTW.
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