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  1. I agree w/ Thaniel. Achievement free as long as possible. The great thing about KSP is that there are no rules or things you should do, its purely about exploration and doing anything your mind can fathom. The goal is to be an innovator (I think of this game a space race against all you fools on these forums ), so I usually make sure I can do what people do on here (gravity boost off mun to minmus, typically landings blah blah blah) but have also been trying to figure out some of my own new missions. I would not say enforce missions on the players, but maybe implement some sort of worldwide space race on kerbin. For instance, maybe your kerbal R&D team gets wind of kerbals from "the asian area of kerbin" deploying kerbals to the bottom of a crater and found a new element that supports fuel production....its not enforced that you "have" to go there, but obviuosly players would.....
  2. Now that\'s what i\'m talkin bout...that sounds fun. Totally taking ur idea. I think i\'m gunna try and get 2 ships orbitting really close to eachother which a ladder that acts as a bridge between the two... Actually got a question. DOES ANYBODY KNOW IF YOU CAN TAKE AN EMPTY CAPSULE AS AN ATTACHMENT TO YOUR SHUTTLE/SHIP? Like I\'ll use a 3 person pod that actually controls the ship but attach an empty single person capsule to be able to use for rescue n such?
  3. Well from the sounds of it nobody sounds like having any fun Im taking my kerbals up to a mountain on mun/minmus and checkin out how the ragdoll physics looks at low grav ;P
  4. Dani - thanks for the response! I\'m assuming you saw my post on your thread so i really appreciate you givin\' me the low down on how its done. And don\'t worry I won\'t ask about C#, I just graduated college for comp eng, i know C and C++, ill adjust just fine to the new syntax n such.
  5. What your looking for is how to align your orbital plane with minmus before getting there yea? you can search for that in the forums I found it a long time ago. what you do is burn in a direction that is perpendicular to where the orbital planes of your ship and minmus intersect. So say you shoot to minmus @ 90 degrees. then you can burn at about 180 or 0 degrees where the planes intersect and you will see the planes aligning.
  6. I\'ve been looking into mod making for a little while now and just can\'t seem to find a single reference that describes everything needed to make a new part. I\'m hoping everything can be found for free. PLEASE CORRECT MY UNDERSTANDING, but so far I think this is what is needed: 1) Blender - for the actual modelling/texture of the parts 2) Wordpad/text editor - for configuration file But I\'ve seen some people writing C#, but i believe this is just if you want to write code for plugins? <----_IS THIS CORRECT???? WHAT ELSE IS NEEDED IF THIS IS NOT EVERYTHING YOU NEED? I JUST GRADUATED SCHOOL AND HAVE MORE TIME ON MY HANDS, AND THIS SEEMS TOO COOL TO PASS UP. CAN SOMEONE DESCRIBE HOW TO GO FROM START TO FINISH ON A PROJECT (just which software is needed and a typical development cycle)
  7. Dani your projects are incredible. It is because you have this great skill............. that I challenge you..................... to make an animated space telescope 8) Lol just b/c it would obviously come out splendid. If ya get bored...
  8. I was able to use RCS on the small ship that attached to the mother ship in order to make it rotate, but compared to the main engine on my space station this wouldn\'t be able to actually change much of the orbit. The small ship made its approach purely on RCS at the final stage, so it doesn\'t even have an engine capable...
  9. Lol yup....like playing a big arcade crane game in space. Only there was 1 stuffed animal, which rotated constantly, and only had 2 places you could grab onto. ??? But once I closed the claw everything was nice and secure. The issue was that the calculations of the docked capsules trajectory was different than the 'mother' ships. So when I went to the tracking center and returned to the ship it had drifted away from the mother ship, only by a few meters tho... Regardless, it\'s still awesome practice for when they do implement docking, orbital rendezvous take a little getting used to. If you look closely at my pics you can see the funnel attachments. I was also trying to close the claw, insert it into a funnel decoupler, and open the claw, ie, docking. HOW ELSE HAS NEONE GONE ABOUT DOCKING THEIR SHIPS? (besides just flying ur little ship into a tube of space junk)
  10. Wow...I totally just ruined all my expeditions cuz I was so fed up with debris....I deleted the persistance file and now I bluescreen when i load kerbal....THIS POST SHOULD BE HIGHLIGHTED SOMEWHERE!
  11. So I was lucky enough to come across a claw download like 2 days ago n figured this had to be gold for docking...Needless to say I been getting my orbital maneuvers down packed the past 2 days n finally made the docking happen! But when you back out and resume the ship again it became disingaged > So I\'m challenging anyone who can officially dock to space stations to do so WITH PICTURES! Any mechanism will do, but it has to be an actual dock ~I used the claw obviously and a kosmos dock (supposed to be fucntional apparently but who knows with a adapter piece to make the connection snug...It worked exactly as docking should, except again, when i loaded another ship and returned.... BOOOO we want docking ;P
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