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  1. Ugh. I was remaining hopeful but this vague carrot dangling is tiresome. Today I now regret dropping my hard earned $50, that I can no longer refund at this point. First time EA and I feel like I got burned.
  2. I'll have to admit that I did not follow the progress of KSP2 as closely as you guys, I had hoped this would be an expansion of KSP in terms of science and exploration. Given how very little talk and hype has been communicated about science (and exploration) by those whom it matters to hear it from, I am feeling disheartened about what the end product will look like. If what you are describing in your post is the outcome of KSP2 then I'm going to be really disappointed (not that my disappointment matters). It sounds to me like the core of the game would revolve around resource extraction, and all other aspects of the game serve that purpose. Boring. I understand the need for colonies and some resources to make interstellar gameplay make sense, but this sounds way too far off from what excites me about KSP. This feels to me like going to a pizza joint for some pizza and they give me a hamburger...I love hamburgers but I came for pizza! If I wanted hamburgers I sure wouldn't have come here. Oh well, guess I'll just wait and see but I am firmly in the "not confident in the outlook here" camp.
  3. Science, exploration, and whatever iteration of a career mode they are coming with are the things I'm interested in. I would love to see new features soon, however this game is a slog. It's not fun. New features would just be unpolished turds right now.
  4. Hmmm, Kerbal MKUltra anyone? Maybe it's a feature!
  5. I get it, and I'm not ready to jump on the negative bandwagon here. We shall see what shakes loose in the future.
  6. I agree, I'm not a fan of a difficulty option simply because I feel it is a poor way to represent a real problem. I'm 100% on board with there being in game queues that indicate bad design, just not wobble because it in no way represents a real scenario for this particular instance in engineering and design. I understand that this is a game and cannot fully represent real life physics. However, I believe there are much better options which were shared in another thread that I will share here in case anyone wanted to read some more opinions on it. Some of the suggestions include increasingly loud noises, sheet metal and other bits starting to fly off the vessel and I think also adding shaking effects to the UI as the vessel is approaching a failure state are much better representations of what happens when a there are design flaws and a failure is about to occur. I also like these ideas better because they would add a lot of tension to the launch when things start to go bad.
  7. Scansat was one of my favorite mods in KSP 1. Unfortunately I can't help but think that based on what I have experienced in KSP 2, we will never see something like that from the development team. It's hard for me to comprehend, given the state the game is in plus the time and resources available to the team, that they have the ability to allocate resources to something like this without it being another liquid poor implementation just like instant scan, but I'm totally open to being wrong about that.
  8. Skyscrapers are engineered with earthquake and wind shear factors, they are designed to sway. Because they are anchored to the ground , earthquakes and wind shear create moments in the structural steel which need to be overcome buy designing the building to sway X number of feet/meters. Otherwise the buildings would crumble just like the rockets in the videos. A rocket is not anchored to the ground therefore it is not governed by the same design considerations. Also, rockets are pressure vessels and any areas where the metal becomes stressed, e.g. the point of flexure, a real risk of failure can occur just due to the pressure inside, not to mention the fact that a hollow cylindrical shape does not behave in this way. Any aluminum can will demonstrate this point abundantly. No flex, only failure.
  9. Noodle rockets are dumb, unfun, and unrealistic. IF starship launches tomorrow, at 394ft tall, who's willing to place bets that it doesn't fly up like a stupid wet noodle.
  10. I have zero interest in MP. Hopefully there will be no instances of content or opportunities lost due to not participating in MP like many other games do. If so I would be extremely disappointed.
  11. I'm having the exact same issue as you among other bugs unfortunately. At this point I am starting to wonder about this game. Still willing to give the benefit of the doubt but my confidence is waning.
  12. Mods or die BAYBEE!!! Seriously though, I love modding games and the few mods available for this one make it more bearable. Mods are really one of the things I look forward to most about the game. Don't get me wrong, I like the base game and the roadmap features ahead, but seeing the results of passionate people doing what they love by expanding their own visions of KSP through mods is a great experience.
  13. It would be nice to see some kind of "weld" feature implemented, maybe even a part that serves this specific purpose. The weld could just attach to the first part selected as far as the tree is concerned. With some tolerance value established for distance and alignment to another part, if part "A" with weld attached were within tolerance to part "B" then a "weld" could occur and simply establish a physics connection. Behavior could be like a docking port but obviously should be a rigid connection. It's not like we have no precedence for working around this problem because struts basically accomplish the same thing, just not a very elegant or complete solution. Honestly I fail to see how they can not implement some way of getting around this problem with colonies in pipes. This will be an obvious issue when constructing a colony that, unless the plan is to make colony construction parts generic and just big units that snap together, without solving the problem in an intuitive way will result in a lack of creative freedom. Rocket and vehicle design is one thing but a colony is a different beast.
  14. Wow, this mission bugged out so much on me but I fought through. Unfortunately the mission report does not capture the mission proper, I guess due to the docking/undocking. Here are some pics.
  15. Have you checked your fps while in VAB? I had a similar problem with another game. My gpu and cpu were running just fine but my psu was frying and tripping the ups. I saw in hardware info that my wattage was spiking due to excessive fps so I tried enabling vsync on this game (I think it was Tunic) to limit the frames. Problem solved. Otherwise I have not experienced that behavior in KSP2. I don't have vsync enabled in KSP 2 at the moment either.
  16. HaHa, I hear ya. I get satisfaction out of doing some calculations myself and seeing that translate into the game successfully but I also don't want to be too bogged down with stuff like that. Mod tools would be nice but I resist the idea pointing my cursor at a point and saying "land here mod". A mod tool that functioned like this spreadsheet in game would be very nice for me though because it would make me feel more invested in solving problems with space flight and such. It's a balance and subjective matter though. I hadn't considered the possibilities of unpowered vehicles so yeah, this wouldn't work here. I also failed to read carefully the OPs problem facing atmospheric deceleration, which this video does not address, sooooo...anyway this is still a powerful tool and maybe can still narrow down that entry point even further.
  17. Pressing F1 anytime brings up the modloader manager (not the one seen in main menu) and some of the mods can be toggled off among other settings adjusted. It would be up to the mod authors to add these functionalities into their mods but BepinX is already capable. If I remember correctly CKAN (available currently for original KSP) could manage toggling mods as well but CKAN wont be available for KSP 2 for sometime, probably not until V 1.0 is my guess.
  18. In a parked orbit ~80,000m when planning a maneuver for Mun intercept the trajectory path disappears when I hit 600dV using prograde grip. It continues to stay this way as dV increases to beyond fuel capacity. Trajectory path reappears when pulling retrograde grip back to ~400dV. When the path disappears, an new red path shows up that is truncated with a cross symbol on it. When trajectory path reappears this new red path goes away. Have rebooted quicksave, problem persists. Rebooted game loading up quicksave at which point ship exploded. reloaded quicksave and the maneuver planner problem persists. scrubbing mission and maybe reboot computer. will repost if this fixes the problem. If no repost, consider bug persistent. System: KSP 2 V1.1.0.21572 windows 10 V 21H2 i5 13600 RTX 3080 10GB 32 GB DDR5 MODS: log file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-3hDC5sECsT3yq-t5RBJKzHkL054xamH/view?usp=share_link
  19. @JoeSchmuckatelliWatch this. Not absolutely necessary but will help a great deal if you make a quick spreadsheet in excel with the info provided here, it will land you on whatever spot you want everytime. Otherwise you can just do the calcs as needed, not hard either. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38IYZUizX3E&list=PLYu7z3I8tdEmqpOkQZCl5SZB5t0vXuxE0&index=9
  20. Using TAB in flight mode switches to a mouse look camera. It has good rotation, no clicking and dragging. Until the devs tighten up this aspect of the game this is how I rotate camera easily. I haven't tried it in VAB or map mode though so I don't know if it functions there.
  21. Did the deed. Still buggy but it was fun and challenging. When it looks like this now, I can't wait to see it in a year or two.
  22. I've always shot from the hip on modding and rarely kept a back up of a game I'm adding mods to (and boy have I paid for that!). Since I am all the way in early access now expecting tons of game breaking patches, how do you typically handle keeping a fresh vanilla backup without having to recopy your original patched version and going through cleaning out all the mods?
  23. In flight mode pressing TAB will switch to a mouse rotate mode so that, without even clicking, whatever position you move your mouse to the camera rotates. Should work great for a track pad user. Hope that helps.
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