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  1. Hence I said "not meaning to detract from the need for automation when you have a dozen colonies", which is to say I agree automation should be a thing. I was just commenting on the idea that other games offer a better 'space trucking' experience.
  2. I think the idea is that some people have really poor personal control and need that restriction to be imposed on them by an outside force for them to actually adhere to it. It's also like the prestige of 'all stock' craft designs perceived by some people; if it's an official feature of the game then ironman is given some hard-to-define sense of extra validation in the eyes of some proportion of the playerbase.
  3. Yeah, it wouldn't necessarily be simple to do comprehensively, but I'd be happy with (indeed prefer) a simple implementation of it: just show the EC usage for the antenna that the game would've picked at the moment the science result window appears. That's the EC/s and total EC requirement to fully transmit that single result — not accounting for anything else.
  4. Endless Sky and Naev are open source spiritual successors. Both even have their own versions of the Kestrel.
  5. This blocky kind of distortion is due to sharp changes in height between two neighbouring points of the terrain mesh. It isn't one of the polar 'pinching' distortions and may occur anywhere, but may be exacerbated by them. It can be produced in many other games with editors that allow terrain deformation. In the case of ice caps in KSP I think it's intended to resemble the 'ice wall' seen at Antarctica.
  6. Something super dry like 'Station, Mun, Low Orbit' will do. When you've got some 70 vessels 'in flight' you may appreciate a standardised naming scheme to sort the tracking station list.
  7. Seems like a relatively straightforward 'should be stock already' addition to the UI.
  8. @DMagic The Sr. flexo port has messed up lighting. It's actually been this way for years, but I saw it recently in a screenshot of a newer version so apparently it's still like this. Pictured below: Various angles. Standard Sr. port for reference. Sunlight is from directly overhead (midday).
  9. You might find this to be of value:
  10. Top left: APU stands for auxiliary power unit. Presumably if the switch does anything it would turn the craft's fuel cells on/off. Top right: Hydraulic circuit pump.
  11. If you use Procedural Fairings, you could make the body of your craft out of these: Heat Shields
  12. There's a .psd file in the agencies folder. This is just an extraneous Photoshop project version of the .png, right?
  13. It would be nice to have it always set to Free so the relevant celestial body is always down.
  14. Since it's next to the default timewarp controls ( < and > ) I often find it easier to press right alt (which is Alt Gr on various languages' keyboards) when adjusting physwarp levels, but this also changes the throttle. In the settings nothing is specified about this key affecting throttle. Trying to bind it to any commands ingame shows it as LeftControl, and since that's the default throttle 'down control' it appears the game actually interprets Alt Gr as this. Perhaps there is something that can be done in settings.cfg to force it to work?
  15. Is it possible to specify a light colour based on the mode an engine is in? Also, is it a known issue that engines don't produce light when activated via RMB menu instead of staging? (Asking here because this is the version of EL I'm using.)