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  1. I do hope explosions in vacuum will behave properly, to be consistent with the details put into rocket exhaust. The nuclear pulse drive (aka. Orion, but see also Medusa) in particular has very fiery explosions in one of the early KSP 2 videos, which could be a placeholder, but basically no type of explosion looks like that in space. This video of Orion makes an example of how the plasma may appear impacting the pressure surface, though it's missing the bright white flash of the detonation itself. Such flashes would be very hard on the eyes, but I think the contrast they produce could be c
  2. Interesting. It's nice to see uses for the ore resource explored more. For a point of comparison, the Stockalike Mining Extension mod has mass drivers that rapidly shoot small particles of ore at high velocity, consuming quite a lot of electrical power to give thrust and Isp somewhere between the nuclear and ion engines. Heat production values over about 450 will eventually make an engine explode from prolonged running in vacuum. A value of 6000 is a bit extreme I think, but should still be manageable with stock radiators, which would probably already be installed on an ore-carr
  3. Can anyone provide a link to the original unedited release of v0.41? The link in the OP has been removed as 'questionable' (what? why?), but getting the URL from a web archive shows the file is no longer available anyway.
  4. With my Munar expedition rover unable to obtain sufficient solar power from its mostly broken panels as it travels toward the north pole, I devised an upgrade package to switch it over to fuel cells and give it better lighting. But I haven't played for quite a while, and put a heavier variant of a rocket under a lighter than normal crew craft. Space is closed for the night.
  5. An idea for the asteroid habitat: unique science experiment that can only be done once it is expanded inside an asteroid, based on observations about the interior structure of the asteroid. Of course it might not be so simple to implement detection of the part actually intersecting with an asteroid for this purpose, and adding new science might be against the stockalike ethos of the mod, so it's not something I expect to be added, just a thought. The Jaw from Asteroid Recycling Technologies does this, but that's a USI mod that does a lot of its own things (including making aster
  6. Nertea's comment isn't about the presence of foil, rather the inconsistent visual style it has across all of Squad's parts.
  7. People always rate things in extremes. Look at reviews on any site with star ratings — they're usually either 1, 4 or 5 stars. If you aggregate all the ratings for some things, say a list of movies, you can basically dismiss anything under 4 stars out of hand as total crap.
  8. Moho itself was actually like this in really old versions of KSP. It had an atmosphere very close to the ground (5-10km tall?) which was extremely hot. Some planet mods also have ones like this.
  9. Sounds good, but regarding those tugs, make sure that 5.1 km/s is your laden capability for the payload capacity you're designing for. Something with 5.1 km/s on its own might have less than 2 km/s left over when docked to another craft of similar mass to its own, and your description of them having monopropellant engines implies you've made them quite small. For comparison, my own 'tug' designs are large 80+ tonne (wet mass) craft inspired by the NSFD Shuttle and have over 12 km/s unladen. Given that these tugs are reusable and just trundle back and forth between celestial bodies and sta
  10. Mainly a set of variously-sized expendable chemical rockets rated for certain tonnages to a 125x125 km orbit. Lower stages may be either entirely liquid-fuelled or entirely solid-fuelled. They usually each have a heavy variant with two common core boosters (same diameter/length/engine as the central lower stage). There may also be a semi-heavy variant with two medium-large SRBs different from the core. Superheavy variants with four CC boosters have them placed along the same axis as the first two boosters, giving the vehicle the shape of a hand with its middle finger raised. The reason fo
  11. Thanks for the warning. Is it known if vessel loss was due to a bug in the plugin or only the game's poor handling of EC usage and heat during timewarp and on unloaded vessels? I'm only intent on using the nuclear salt water and fisson fragment rockets, which don't seem to have properties the game can't handle in testing, but if there are issues outside of that... It could be that empty space is a cheap way to introduce extra spacing between tanks and reduce the risk of a fission event. Each tank itself already has many internal divisions to prevent fission, but if many of
  12. Do you know where this was available? In Nertea's development thread?
  13. Can't find a direct changelog note or news post about it from Squad, but it was discussed at the time as a result of whatever they did officially say. https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/4na407/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/220200/discussions/0/412448158152361720/ From sal_vager's link: In KSP's case, vessels probably aren't entirely offloaded to other threads/cores, but some component of the physics is done separately.
  14. Since version 1.1, multiple vessels within physics range will be run on separate CPU cores. At least I think so. So few people remember and use this feature that it's hard to believe it's real anymore. To be fair it's not practical to have things like fleets (though there is a mod called Burn Together that helps facilitate this) but it can be good to bear in mind for bases (ie. don't actually connect the modules together).
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