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  1. Fun story, as someone forked and recompiled kopernicus to 1.9.1 I finally updated KSP and now the terrain errors on laythe and your minor planets are all gone
  2. Huh, so at least its not just me. For what it's worth, I started a new game on the same install and Vant had textures (but still was fading out as I was zooming away). Unfortunately there is no quick way for me to land something on Laythes dunes to confirm (Im not that good a player), but I assume the textures are there. So now the question is how to get the textures back into my save file... EDIT: Nah, Laythe is missing its dune texture on a new save aswell. I uninstalled all graphical mods (AVP, scatter, EVE etc) and checked again, but still missing... super weird.
  3. Hey. So I did try this method and unfortunately it didnt work but I just landed on laythe and have the same thing happening to the ground belonging to the dunes biome (I assume you used those for vant?) SOOO I guess something is wrong with my install and not your mod. But thanks (and thanks madbi36) for trying to help me out!
  4. Hey, still enjoy your mod tremendously (on a mission to Zore and just entered oribt around Vant), but Vant is invisible for me, onfortunately. It only becomes visible when I zoom out (and it is visible in map view), which makes landing a probe on it difficult. I assume LOD shenanigans. Any idea what I could change in the settings to make things reappear? I do play with scatterer, AVP and EVE.
  5. This has instantly become one of my favourite mods! I've always been fascinated by the lesser known and smaller bodies of our Solar System, which is a much more crowded space if you include them!
  6. What do I have to do to get the ChemCam to actually work? When I press the open camera button, nothing happens. The space telescopes function normally though.
  7. Just when I started to wonder if there is anyone bringing the OPM mod to even a remotely similar level as AVP is, you come out with this update. Just excellent!
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