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  1. Ah, Stone Blue, you are marvelous and magnificent. May delicious things gently descend upon you. Thank you.
  2. Hello, hello. Thank you very much for all of the effort put into keeping this mod alive and stable. I have what seems to be some very obvious questions, for anybody that wishes to answer, really. But, which having read the comment thread, I have not come up with satisfactory answers for myself. So, let's imagine that I am somewhat of a technotard. Also, let us move on the assumption that my general anxiety around making a mistake is greatly eased if I receive clear, simple and precise answers. Think: How can I teach an ADHD toddler with Generalized Anxiety Disorder to tie his shoes? (Except that the whole bunny thing only confused me). Also, I have the latest version of KSP (1.8.+) and I have NEVER installed OPT. So, with that preamble, here are my three very direct questions: 1. As far as I can tell, there are three files in question. The original OPT, OPT Legacy and OPT Reconfig. If I have never installed OPT before and I am running the latest KSP, which of these three files do I need to download? 2. In what order do I install them? 3. Are there any special or exceptional instructions for installing any of the required files, other than the usual for game mods? Yes, I have seen and installed the three required mods that were clearly stated in the original post of this thread (B9 Part Switch, WBI Pathfinder, Community Resource Pack). Thank you very much.