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  1. Well, because email is often checked once in ever I would like for it to be an in-site feature like with the "Mods that you follow that were recently updated" feature and make it opt-out because I think that not every user with a lot of mods that they follow would like to see their email cluttered with the redundant messages .
  2. @Sirius K Relative rotation mode makes you spin relative to the object you selected, not face it. For example when you orbit Kerbin and select the Sun as relative rotation object and you face prograde, you will face that direction at all times relative to the Sun's surface. But if you set it to Kerbin, you will make your craft spin prograde relative to Kerbin's surface
  3. rip me, i have like what, 100+ mods? ngl this makes me want to destroy my mac Edit: actually i just need to remove duplicates, right?
  4. OS: MacOS Mojave KSP version: 1.10.1 TweakScale version: 2.4.3 build 21 (at least that's what i got from TweakScale.version file under VERSION) Problem: Hello, i have Houston, we have a problem message that says that i got 167 fatal errors File: KSP.log
  5. @Lisias Are you planning to add Breaking Ground robotic parts support for Tweakscale?
  6. I forgot to delete RealPlume stock, now i deleted it. Thanks for help
  7. After i deleted RealPlume i don't have any plumes on all of stock engines, what should i do?
  8. seems like my laptop is playing with me, but i'm sure that this file is truly correct http://www.mediafire.com/file/sjh73rq4uhvuigw/KSPTrue.log/file
  9. strange, but anyway here's true modded file http://www.mediafire.com/file/hmebo7i9ljy44j6/KSP.log/file
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