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  1. Gotta keep your crew fed, after all.
  2. That's like exactly opposite my approach. Several of my probes have been named some variant of Rock or Brick because I decided to just fling them up there in the right general direction.
  3. So a funny thing happened on the way to a solar relay net. I'm deploying my first proper relay network because I haven't quite figured out long term life support logistics. KAC is indispensable for this. I've been using it to note times and swap relays as the maneuver nodes arrive. I go for another swap and suddenly I'm staring at a rock. Which, y'know, space rocks are a lot cooler than regular rocks, and this is the first time I've positively identified an asteroid, so cool, right? I head to the tracking station to read up on it. Turns out there are three key facts that put me in a bit of a panic. 1. The object is a class E. 2. It will pass through Kerbin's SoI, with a periapsis of about 15 thousand km. 3. I grabbed contracts for it before realizing: I have no idea WHAT I'M DOING! My very first rock and it's the largest class. I've created a first draft of a vehicle that may be able to capture it, siphon ore, and process it. I'll be crewing it with the rockstars of Kerbal astronautry (or whatever the word is,) the First Four, Jeb, Val, Bill and Bob. I'll need to make provisions for agroponics. Fortunately ISRU technology can synthesize fertilizer. The real trick will be to make sure the farms grow fast enough to replace the supplies consumed, with at least a small surplus. And then I'll have to catch the darn thing. I'll pause for some suggestions and update this thread when the mission itself is executed. This could have gone under the Pathfinder Files, but the act of rendezvous and capture were well outside the scope of that project, especially considering the LSV's would be tuned for efficiency instead of hard thrust. I will be adding entries to Pathfinder Files if I capture the bugger, because I'll definitely turn that rock into an LSV if I catch it. Big if. halp
  4. LSV4a has been decommissioned due to inadequate life support reserves. LSV4b was short-lived as well, with only a scant 1500 ∆v once it had been joined by an ISRU refinery, despite using the largest 2.5m tank and four of the largest 1.875m tanks. 4c is being brainstormed, likely going back to a smaller form factor for all parts, even the refinery despite the hit to efficiency. I have definitively settled on excluding the research lab and trimming the crew to four, two pilots and one each in science and engineering specializations.
  5. LSV4a is go! This marks the first LSV I've designed with the REMEMBER modpack (although I left out KCT because *fart noise*.) Obligatory glamour shot Better details Stats and other technical details There's a "Pier" station core beneath all that, crewed by two pilots for the probe control goodness. I've included storage for all three resources added through USI-LS, a small greenhouse and two recyclers. The engines are, as you may have guessed, good old Poodles. There's a central FL-T800 and two outboard, as well as two outboard tank adapters going from 1.25m to 1.875m. There's a midsize docking port on the central tank as well.
  6. I find it fitting that an engineer is the first to move in. Who better to work the kinks out?
  7. Because I have a new computer, Pathfinder is now generation 4.
  8. Great news: got my new computer! Not so great news: loaded all the mods and the mk16 chute doesn't show up in staging and there's no deploy button in the right click menu. What the hell. Also, this construction time bull excrements is just... Nah. I want no part of it.
  9. I'll post some screenshots later, but Pathfinder 3a's command/propulsion module has been launched. 3a is an attempt to fill the same roles with simpler technology. This model utilizes fixed small solar panels, jr-sized docking ports, and perhaps the biggest difference lies in the fuel tanking and mounting. Other LSVs have utilized the spaced decouplers and 2.5m fuel tanks. This version has side mounted FL-T800 tanks and a central 1.875 half-tank. The downsizing has led me to consider other methods of cutting down on mass and cost. Generation 3 will explore the use of a four-kerb crew and will also forgo adding a research lab to the vessel, as well as swapping to the lighter refinery once unlocked. More research will be devoted to communication so that experimental data can be transmitted back home and the crew can immediately rerun the experiment to store the results in "hardcopy."
  10. Whilst unlocking a few nodes of research, I've found a part provided by Stockalike Stations that provides a probe control point, in Advanced Flight Control. This would provide the first step of Pathfinder 3a, with the next being to unlock docking nodes through Miniaturization. It's likely I will also wait for Heavy Rocketry and Fuel Systems before deploying the first section.
  11. *long exasperated drawn out sigh* Another save has suffered the damned "Value cannot be null" death. Therefore, this post marks a transition to generation 3 and perhaps a bit of a hiatus for the Pathfinder Files.