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  1. Copy-paste and reply to the thread, or ask a mod, I guess.
  2. Would probably be better if you merged this with your previous report thread.
  3. I use a mod that changes the default "auto-hibernate in warp" setting to on. I suspect it wouldn't count as a mod for challenge purposes, since you can also just do it manually (unless you forget like I always do.)
  4. So you're at least mildly insane.
  5. Any relation to the mountain Salamandastron from the Redwall series?
  6. This is why I always tick on "Kerbals level up immediately."
  7. It is a mission report. Just... Very memed upon. BOAT
  8. I've the sudden urge to create Badger, Mushroom, and Snake probes.
  9. I seem to remember that name from a worship song. Sure you wanna name that thing after God?
  10. "All callsigns, this is Green Cross Recovery Vessel Vagrant. We are on route to a crash, please check targets. Green Cross is a civilian rescue operation, we mean you no harm." The message played over standard radio frequencies, repeating every few minutes. The grizzled Kerbal riding in an external seat aboard a simple passenger rover had tuned it out a while ago, the radio active only to listen for replies. "Their radio's probably shot to Moho," he grumbled to the wind, not for the first time. The only sounds around were still just the breeze flapping at the simple flag flying beside him, a green cross on white. It had been a few days since he set off from his home rover in this little run-about, roughly headed to the smoldering column he'd spied a ways off. He ducked instinctively as another blast sounded off, prompting him to pull a megaphone out to bellow, "Oi, stop shooting each other on my property, 's bad manners ya know!" as he crested the hill.
  11. Your mission reports are remarkably lean on details. The pictures are pretty enough.
  12. Well, I for one think that is bloody fantastic. Good on you for that, and good on Squad for recognizing your talent.
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