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  1. Probably best to keep a common modset, at least if you intend to use Vessel Splicer to carry craft over.
  2. Personally, if I bothered with a naming convention like this, I wouldn't bother tacking on an N for the variant without fairing. Then again, I don't bother with naming like this so what do I know.
  3. Don't force yourself if you're not having fun with it.
  4. A few suggestions. 1. Spelling and grammar cleanup 2. Send out some spacecraft on a mission to report on, and tie the mission in with your storyline. 3. No more giant text. Caps lock is fine for yelling. Use bold text and caps lock for extra loud yelling. 4. Consider combining all the story posts. 5. Seriously, clean up the spelling and grammar. Lots of missing punctuation and misspelling here. The story shows some promise, but not enough spaceships yet. Keep at it, mate.
  5. Sammy will always be in their hearts heads.
  6. Is this thread for anyone to post their "short report"? Cause that's a pretty cool idea.
  7. 5 weeks playing and you're on Duna? I'm impressed, I've been playing a while and haven't made any crewed landings beyond Kerbin's moons. (Flybys are a different story, lots of swing and miss)
  8. If it looks stupid but it works, it ain't stupid. Just... Ablative lithobraking.
  9. Beautiful. Best book-to-movie port EVER as far as staying true to the origin.
  10. Ya had me panicking for a few there.
  11. Is that a microscopic view of a surface sample from Pol?
  12. Personally I'd circularize Indy Actual right on the edge of SoI. Just my opinion.
  13. Good read. Could maybe use some better formatting for the script-style sections. Think I might have to try this out myself.
  14. Mechjeb - Utilities - Differential throttle. Automatically manages individual engines to balance everything out perfectly.
  15. What you really need is Orbital Construction, or another mod that allows building in orbit.
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