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  1. I've the sudden urge to create Badger, Mushroom, and Snake probes.
  2. I seem to remember that name from a worship song. Sure you wanna name that thing after God?
  3. "All callsigns, this is Green Cross Recovery Vessel Vagrant. We are on route to a crash, please check targets. Green Cross is a civilian rescue operation, we mean you no harm." The message played over standard radio frequencies, repeating every few minutes. The grizzled Kerbal riding in an external seat aboard a simple passenger rover had tuned it out a while ago, the radio active only to listen for replies. "Their radio's probably shot to Moho," he grumbled to the wind, not for the first time. The only sounds around were still just the breeze flapping at the simple flag flying beside him, a green cross on white. It had been a few days since he set off from his home rover in this little run-about, roughly headed to the smoldering column he'd spied a ways off. He ducked instinctively as another blast sounded off, prompting him to pull a megaphone out to bellow, "Oi, stop shooting each other on my property, 's bad manners ya know!" as he crested the hill.
  4. Your mission reports are remarkably lean on details. The pictures are pretty enough.
  5. Well, I for one think that is bloody fantastic. Good on you for that, and good on Squad for recognizing your talent.
  6. That seems more like a name for a Kerbin science expedition, how did your Jool vessel end up with that name?
  7. Simplicity has its own beauty, especially when coupled with ingenuity.
  8. Sounds promising! Might I suggest a further evolution of the concept, adding a centrifuge section to spin up and provide pseudogravity to the living quarter modules? A crossbar section and an additional Saki expansion for counterbalance would do the trick, perhaps.
  9. This ain't a scene space race, it's a gd arms race.
  10. I recently reread it all actually. Well worth it.
  11. Some constructive criticism: there seems to be a lot of "Forgotten Space Program" influence here. This is not a bad thing, and don't be afraid to draw from it, but do your own thing at the same time, which you've got a good start on already. Proposal: LES engineered to allow the crew capsule an abort to orbit.
  12. Are the expansion modules left in orbit or torched by reentry? EDIT: If they were left in orbit, they could be reused and maybe even gathered and docked to a hub.
  13. Probably best to keep a common modset, at least if you intend to use Vessel Splicer to carry craft over.
  14. Personally, if I bothered with a naming convention like this, I wouldn't bother tacking on an N for the variant without fairing. Then again, I don't bother with naming like this so what do I know.
  15. Don't force yourself if you're not having fun with it.
  16. A few suggestions. 1. Spelling and grammar cleanup 2. Send out some spacecraft on a mission to report on, and tie the mission in with your storyline. 3. No more giant text. Caps lock is fine for yelling. Use bold text and caps lock for extra loud yelling. 4. Consider combining all the story posts. 5. Seriously, clean up the spelling and grammar. Lots of missing punctuation and misspelling here. The story shows some promise, but not enough spaceships yet. Keep at it, mate.
  17. Sammy will always be in their hearts heads.
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