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  1. But the Soyuz is capable to fly unmanned to save the crew? Is not like I'm based on trust, but I don't think Starship fails...
  2. So, I wanted to know what you guys think about the NASA SLS... Will it ever work? Will it be a good replacement for the STS? Do you guys think its better than the Falcon Heavy (It probably sounds crazy compare these two, but I've heard several people comparing them and I wanted to have the KSP community's opinion on this).
  3. Sorry for the long time to reply, but I disagree with you there. Yes, the whole Apollo program was triggered by a political rivalry, definitively not by science, or the quest for knowledge (and definitively not to get funds back), but it helped in many other ways, like increasing our knowledge of manned space travel. Same with the Shuttle and ISS, their whole point was, help us study how human-beings can adapt to long times living in space, and that helps us planning the future interplanetary missions. That's their whole point, they didn't achieved too much on their own, but they were the necessary first-step towards something bigger.
  4. I thought the NASA wanted to do just that... Using the Moon as a base to get cheaper to Mars?
  5. I do agree with you on something: Our home is Earth, and we must take care of her. On another space forum, a guy asked me if I prefer to live here on Earth or move to Kerbin... So I answered him: I'll stick with Earth. If Earth is dying, overpopulated, and heating is only because of us, humans. We must stay here and fix the mess we've created, on our own planet. Not just move to another planet and do there the same we've done here. That would make us a parasite civilization... But going back on your point, when I said cheaper I meant in terms of deltaV, not money. You're probably right, there will probably never be a true demand for a mission to the outer planets unless the cold war breaks out again or Earth is dying on the short-term, so anyway, screw the idea of launch from Mars, but still, a mission to Ceres will be easier than a mission to a Jovian moon. A Venus balloon-lander seems feasible too.
  6. We've already been on the Moon, it won't be much different than what you saw on the 60-70's, only higher technology and resolution. A Mars mission is something I truly want to see, cause, with NASA budget dropping each year, a mission to the Outer planets is very unlikely to happen.
  7. Honestly, I've always thought that if Mars is colonized, and we can produce fuel on it, the Asteroid Belt will be our next destination, so I vote for Ceres and Vesta. It's far cheaper to get there from Mars, than from Earth.
  8. Oh, gracias. Pero desafortunadamente, estoy en la Demo, no puedo instalar mods, quisiera saber que pueden hacer aqui en la Demo?
  9. Hola, soy nuevo jugando KSP, y queria si es posible que me dijeran cual es la funcion dentro del juego de cada tipo de astronauta (piloto, ingeniero o cientifico) y que puede hacer cada uno. Lo unico que se es que los cientificos pueden resetear los instrumentos de la nave, eso es todo. Gracias.