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  1. Well, for my big surprise this mod works in KSP 1.6. The problem is that most parts, like the inflatable modules, don’t have any animation and the gravity rings don’t work, which is a shame. But that is natural when you’re not playing the game version the mod is designed for. Still, an AWESOME mod. Great job to the person/persons who made it. I really recommend it.
  2. I did read the title of the thread. I just thought the [1.1] thing meant it is specifically designed for KSP 1.1. That’s why I was asking. So basically means it will work beyond 1.1?
  3. Does this mod still works? Is it compatible with the newer versions?
  4. I think not. The Olympus Mons is enormous compared to Mars, and when you look at Duna you don’t see any mountain that worth mentioning.
  5. is a hard target, but I wouldn’t say is impossible to bring those 3 kerbals back home. You need an efficient rocket and maybe a space plane or shuttle, since is the most efficient way to leave Laythe. Landing next to them might be a problem, so you might need a separate ship, like a rover, or a ship to bring them to where your return mission landed. Dont give up, just try again
  6. Well, it works, thanks! I’ll check this one too. Thanks.
  7. Hey there, I hope this thread is in the right section. If not, feel free to move it. So, I’ve been wanting to explore Eve for so long, and one of the best ways to do it is with aircrafts. Unfortunately, the only stock engines that work there (Vector, Aerospike and Mammoth) are rocket engines, so they are not very efficient. So I searched for some propulsion mods and found Firespitter, that adds electric propellers to the game, and I’ve made a couple of electric propelled planes that work fine, but they are very VERY slow, because of the immense drag caused by the propellers... S
  8. Hi, I’ve been playing KSP for a while, and I’ve made some very functional mk.1 and mk.2 jets and spaceplanes (both SSTO and shuttles) however whenever I use the Mk.3 fuselage, I literally ALWAYS go into a stall on every single turn or simply by pitching up or down a minimal angle it just stalls, or does a full 360 degrees turn then stall. I do have some knowledge on aviation and I know about CoM, CoL and CoThrust. I also kinda know how to use the angle of attack of the wings to make the aircraft fly better at either low speeds or high speeds, however I just can’t find the problem and lit
  9. I think you can put the structure where the wheels are going to be in some sort of support that you can detach once the rover is finished. You know like the hydraulic elevators used to raise and repair cars
  10. I kinda have a similar problem: many (not all) of my planes pitch up very aggressively when I press S, and just do a full cobra, a stall, and you know the rest. I’ve tried reducing the authority of the pitching elevons, engine gimballing, and still seems to happen randomly. Could be related to the reaction wheels I have inside?
  11. Well, is definitely not cheating. That’s for sure. Some of my first spaceplanes dropped fuel tanks too, at least until I learned to make proper SSTOs. Right now I have one that weights only 18 tons and can go to Minmus and back, however it can only carry one Kerbal, so it might not be what your looking for.
  12. Thank you guys for all your replies and suggestions! Looks like I have to send another fleet of relays, lol. This time, with a proper relay antenna, not the 88.
  13. So, I wanted to build a Relay Network for a Jool mission. So I sent several satellites there. The problem is that the satellites are not communicating with each other, making the network impossible. Any idea what could be happening? oh, BTW. I’m using a single core, the HECS2 for the satellites, as well as a single Communotron 88-88 antenna.
  14. What do you mean you can see it? Okay, thanks. I’ll try that tomorrow. To be honest, stability is not the problem anymore. I’ve had several working prototypes. They can fly in the atmosphere of Duna and even takeoff, but they run out of power before reaching orbit...
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